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El's Quest

rated 2.32 / 5 stars
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Mar 16, 2010 | 6:59 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is my first submission ever and I hope to learn a lot about indie game developing from this. Please feel free to critique my game.

Left and Right arrow keys to move.
X to shoot bombs with your TRI-BEAM!
Z to burn circles with your TRIANGULAR FIRE!

It looks like the game is called El's Quest, but it's actually called point collecting. Burn a circle trying to squash your attempt at triumph? Get points. Use your tri-beam to shoot a falling bomb? Get points. Catch a gem falling from the sky? Oh yeah you get points. Are you still alive as death approaches towards you from every corner at a gradually increasing pace? Yeah you're so accumulating points. This game is very much made in the spirit of old Gameboy games, their lack of color, and beeps for music. But unlike those old games rather then telling your friends about your awesome score and them not believing you... we have leaderboards! Not only can you prove your score but show just how much better you are at a video game. Thats what really matters.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

El's Quest is a point collecting game. Graphics need to be colorful instead of just black and white. Controls are nice and can be mastered quickly. Adding more musical track and sounds effects would be a nice addition.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Limited by graphics and gameplay

Sorry, but I think that you can do so much more with this piece - the game is what I've come to expect from lesser known people making pieces around 100k in size. I know that Tom was able to make a piece that was awesome in that size, but there seems to be so much more involved these days.

Right, the music and sound effects were a little quiet, everything seemed to be just a little slow to react on the controls side of things - it seemed to move in a jerky fashion, as opposed to smoothly, which was something that games in the 80s weren't guilty of.

I'd suggest that you take this further by adding colour to the proceedings, giving the piece something better in the way of music and clearing up the programming issues, to stop it from seeming such a mess. If you take those things out of the equation, it wasn't a bad game, so there is a chance that you can make it better, so stick with it.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not too bad, but far from being good

"Not too bad, but far from being good" seems to be the general consensus among reviewers and I have to agree with them. But hopefully you aren't discouraged by this insight, because this is your first submission ever. Usually "first submissions" are far worse than what you submitted here.

I like the idea of the game. It has a very simple gameplay but it also has the potential to become really addictive.
The controls work pretty well, even though I think mapping "Z" and "X" is a poor choice, at least for me. For me, the keys "Y" and "Z" are switched (meaning that I'm typing on a "QWERTZ" keyboard, not a "QWERTY"), so it's kinda hard to keep my fingers on both keys. "A" and "S" would've been much more convenient. Even more convenient would be the option to chose my own keys. That way, everybody would be happy.
But other than that, the controls are very respondive and work good enough.

The music fits well to the game. As the graphics are made out of simple lines it would've been very unfitting to listen to anything other than some 8 bit music. Even the sound effects seem to come from some old Atari or NES game, very nice.

To make the game even better: Some sort of upgrade system would be cool to have. Maybe more bullets on the screen at the same time, bigger radius of the triangular fire, or something like that. I think this would add another element to the game that would make people come back to it.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Could use some work

Well it is not too bad anyways for an attempt at making a shooter game anyways. Seems to cover a few bases and stays really light. However there are a lot of things that could have been done here I think. The game is far from excellent but it is not bad either.

The audio is the first thing worth noting to me here. It is pretty basic but I think something that could have been done instead is instead of having that kind of music is to choose some other song, maybe a bit faster sounding too. That or left off the background music and added sounds to all that happens in the game allowing the sounds to create a song through game play instead kind of like the old Galaga games.

Game playing here could be fixed up a bit. Kind of sucks how you aren't able to move up and down on the screen or at the very least jump. Game doesn't ever get to hard which is good but sometimes I would encounter two O coming at me and it was kind of hard to knock them both out at once but it it did not happen often thankfully.

Another thing you could possibly have added was upgrades to make the game more interesting and to keep people playing and possibly even a high score board maybe if the game was improved a lot. Point accumulation is rather easy though which is good since it is meant to be basic in style. As for Z making a triangle fire, it looked more like a <D shaped thing than a triangle.

Shooting at platforms did nothing. Shooting at bombs gave a cool explosion, activating the protective fire destroyed the circles so the basics are covered but I would work on the audio here to make it slightly less annoying or at least at the ability to mute the sounds all together.

Overall, would make the fire more triangular shaped, add the ability to mute and possibly the ability to move up and down after accumulating a large amount of points. Aside from that, not too bad.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Not too bad

But not too good either. There is one thing I liked about this game more than the average game of these sorts, and that is the magic. It's a nice addition, but unfortunately that is the only really good thing about this game.

Although everything works fine though, I haven't passed across any glitches. It would be nice if you got a warning a second before a bomb or circle goes into the screen though. You will have to have an insane reaction time sometimes, for example if you have to go to the right completely to dodge falling rectangles, and suddenly a circle rolls in your screen.

It was a bit wierd how setting a bomb on fire didn't kill you. A nice extra would be that you die if you tried that.

I had hoped for an instruction in-game though. After reading all of the author comments I found out that the rupee-like things falling are worth points. You could've said that somewhere, along with simple instructions.

The high-score function is nice. It gives you something to keep on playing. An additional thing like new levels after a few thousand points would be nice though.

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