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Mar 14, 2010 | 7:14 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place March 15, 2010
  • Weekly 5th Place March 17, 2010

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Author Comments

Here is part 2. We've made a few improvements over the previous version:

- The story actually changes based on your actions rather than just giving you a score.
- Added some improved artwork
- Sound effects for certain actions
- A more interesting story (at least I think so :))

Hope you like it!

Programming - Neil Yates
Writing - Ian Yates
Voice acting - Jesse Hopkins
Artwork - Greg Taylor
Music - Brodie Bowie



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A Top-Notch, Survival Horror, Text Adventure

This game has excellent flow, good presentation, and has only a handful of typo's and syntax errors, which is a usual theme of flaws, in text adventure games

The art backgrounds of each question, are quite good, and create an atmosphere of death and suffering, which is parallel to the presentation

Music is limited, but it is an acceptable short-coming, I don't expect anything groundbreaking, just something that accentuates some "doom and gloom" feelings, which was well accomplished

Voice acting is outstanding, and the chilled tone as well as voice inflection, creates an eerie style of survival horror that is quite entertaining and haunting

I feel this is a semi-accurate depiction of zombie characteristics, along with coherent ideas and themes regarding zombies and "zombie apocalypse" but it did contain some inconsistencies with regard to several specific characteristics regarding the zombies of the first episode and this episode

These characteristics include, but are not limited to...

-zombies physical senses
in the first episode, zombies had very primitive senses, and seemed to have only basic motor functions as well as short sight and moderate hearing, where as in this episode they had excellent smelling capabilities (the wind shifting thing) and they could walk and\or run at normal human speeds, and in one of the questions, it implies that zombies have comparable night vision to normal humans

-zombie tactics and behavior
in the first episode, zombies were sparse and did not hover or stay in groups or swarms, and did not operate in a swarm like manner, as well as chase prey long distances, or have the capacity, will, or ability to destroy physical barriers, such as barricades; the antithesis of the above features, are all prevalent in this episode

Although there are several specific points about each question I would like to debate about, like the context and environment, absence or presence of choices, and results of those choices, I feel it would impossible to come to a complete consensus about them and will not pursue to inquire the author about them, seeing as how it would be a futile effort, but I will discuss these with friends and other "zombie apocalypse" aficionados

I was impressed by the various improvements of the second episode, involving the recurring story from the first episode and the element of cascade decisions (previous choices affect future ones)

I think this game had great polish and doubt it would be realistic to create something better, just more of it

Though it is fine without it, I think it would be neat if there some mini games thrown in, where as your character could go through a certain situation (your character gets in a firefight with the zombies and you must defeat them with guns)

Theoretically that would create a greater element of interactivity

but, the original premise of a text adventure, is that it does not have sophisticated things such as the aforementioned, so that more energy and thought is given to more critical things such as story and plot

On a personal note, I would like to add that, without dying at all, my end game grades were (A,A+) which makes me feel good, as I consider myself an expert on "zombie apocalypse" lore and subject matter

It would be fantastic if the series would be continued, and I would greatly appreciate it

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

A really great game

This is truely awesome. I felt like I was actually in the zombie outbreak myself! It really made me think about what options to choose. I was stuck on one decision for at least 10 minutes!

Great job! :)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

brilliant Game

great game, love the zombie stuff. only problem I encountered was when I was driving *spoiler alert* down the side road near the end and a infected jumpe out the bush, it said it bit into my throat and tore out my wind pipe, but then the next side said i made it bake o.o

i liked the part were you were speaking and sounding like u turned on a light while doing the voice acting xD

to conclude, great game, barely any problems, keep it up!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fun story

Very realistic. There's just one thing I disagree with: when you're in the car facing a huge mob of zombies, just gunning the engine and plowing through them would work. Consider this:

1. Your car has, let's say, a 200 horsepower engine. How many people would it take to defeat a single horse in an all-out tug of war, with no tricks or scaring the horse? Probably at least 5 or 6 people. And you've got an engine as powerful as 200 horses.
2. When you hit the zombies, let's say you're doing 70 mph (it could be faster depending on how much space you had to accelerate) and the car weighs 5000 lbs (which is typical for a car). And let's say these are husky zombies that weigh 200 lb each, so your car weighs 25 times as much as a zombie. So just your initial momentum could hurl away 100 zombies at 17 mph each, ignoring the power of your engine and the fact that you're constantly accelerating in between hitting zombies.

I mean, if by "huge mob" you mean 1000 zombies all stacked shoulder to shoulder on the road, then it's possible that they could slow the car to a stop. But for any reasonable amount of zombies, like 100 or 200, you'd have no problem whatsoever. If any limbs got caught in the wheel wells the engine would just rip them apart, it's 200 horsepower after all. Most zombies would just go flying over the top of the car.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yes, Yes, A, A :)

I've beaten both this one and the first one and love them both. I noticed two errors though. In the 2nd to last scene when you first arrive with antibiotics, the voice-over reads the final scene's text instead of the text that is on the screen at the time. The second error was when you were in the mall. One of the sentences was read twice. I forget where though. It was when you were with the group of survivors, either before or after you left to fix the generator. Besides that, it was fun and I hope see a third. I'm also a gold member on Dead Frontier and love that game even more. I still think the voice-over guy sounds like McRape though.

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