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[Something about us]

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Mar 10, 2010 | 12:31 AM EST

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Author Comments

Well, this is my idea for this great and sad song. I always wanted to see something like this on a music video but "..if you want something to be done do it by yourself..". I made this in just 1 day, so please try to ignore the graphics jeje.
This is my first submission to the community, I hope you enjoy it.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

This was ok

This was ok, notbad infact, i like the black and white style but seems that it is still lacking, the story was ok and you had some decent artwork, the animation was smooth so it was an ok flash , nice job all around

My advice to make it better would be, add just a touch of color not alot just here and there maybe even just the heads could be colored or even just the eyes, well hope that helps i enjoyed what you presented us with


Xandroid responds:

Thx for your advice, but the lack of color was the idea on this one as I tried to show a sad atmosphere. But still got a lot of work to do jeje.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Made up my mind!

Well, for a first time there's already a lot in it!

First , you chose a Daft Punk song for your audio, and what I think is the most beautiful one. You tried to make a video on a song that means so much and yet tells so few. That was not easy to do, to say the least. The pace of the images fit the beat, though I would have liked more of them. But that's just personal.

Then , the drawings. Face it, you need to mprove. But I'm sure you figured it out by yourself ^^. (I'm being constructive as well see ==>).You manage somehow to convey your feelings through these drawings. But angles could have been different. The quality of the drawing (accuracy, proportions) is not relevant here. What I mean, is that you can do great work just by working on the disposal of your characters.
I hope I made myself clear (^_^).

You know what you should keep this video, do something else, improve and when you feel it, re-do this one. So you will be able to measure the progress. And I'll be there to review of course :D.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hitting on girls ot funerals, that's BadAss!

plus, even though it's just a series of picures, they weren't actuallythat bad! if you put some more effort into this it could turn out great, because I feel that you've got a good style!

Xandroid responds:

Thx alot man.
And yeah, I know it was hard for that girl but hey, that's just life.. cruel and beautyful life.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty impressive

I'm Impressed I mean i seen a few of these kind of videos but this one really grabs me like the monochromatic tones and the way you make the graphics and music blend.

Pretty good stuff for a first video way better than anything I made on first attempt keep making flashes and you can depend on me to be here to review em for you.

This is what this site was made for to make great flash artist. I see potential in you that I don't want to be wasted practice everyday. This isn't me trying to boss you around or anything i just think if you are serious about flash and about music you should take it to the next level with practice. In no way am i trying to attack you... This is called Constructive Criticism

I want to know more about the flash because there must be some kind of history or reason that is unknown to me about why you are making flashes and I do want to know and I'm pretty sure a lot of these other guys reviewing with me can agree.

tell you what you are a bigger man than me though. For now I'm not brave enough to even post my own shitty flash but what can i say this one has left me thrilled.

I also liked how you succesfully gave credit to daft punk for the song even though i would like to know the name of the song its alright I'l get over it since I'm getting the whole discography soon

well now i have to say that for every good there is a equal evil... called CON:

I think the graphics could have been better even though you mentioned it before that you are only a beginner so that is really good.

Thats all the negative I can really come up with...

Overall pretty good but i would like to end this saying it was pretty impressive thus giving my rating of 7/10.

Keep up the great work and I would be glad to see some more stuff like that around here in NG. =]

Xandroid responds:

Thx alot man!.
And don't worry, I like all good and bad comments!. I will improve my work, that's for sure.
BTW, the song it's called "Something about us".. just if you missed that.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Could be good...

The song is pretty cool, and your drawings are very good. However, it's paced far too slowly to hold most people's attention for too long. I even thought this was cool as a concept.

That all being said, you need to have more fps going on. Otherwise it's like watching a cross between a slideshow and and a stiff animation.

Xandroid responds:

I'll keep that in mind. Thx for your vote.