Vandread Love Quest

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Simulation - Dating

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Mar 7, 2010 | 9:55 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place March 8, 2010

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UPDATE 2014!

If you like this, and want to have a inside look at hentai games and art I am working on check out this link

feel free to also check out other stuff I am working on on my website:

I'll will be uploading more stuff soon to be sure to follow me on newgrounds if you have not already.


04/16/10: submitted a ending version fix

the game is large, the preloader kicks in after it has loaded a bit. give it time to load.

This is a hentai date sim based off the anime Vandread.
This is not your generic sim, it contains scrolling shooter combat, old school arcade fighting, poker, several date minigames, and more. This game was originally started by Overdrawn and completed later by me.. much later XD


-HP can be recovered by sleeping in your prison cell or by eating.

-HP can be increased by buying Taarak Pills from "Rabat's Shop" then sleeping afterwards.

-Relationship level and experience can be read by buying a Aura Scope from Rabat's Shop.
Both of these items are lying on the table.

-Multiple pills can be purchased.

-Dates can be accessed by taking to the various girls with relationship level 4+

-Giving them items is the most effective way to raise relationship experience at level 3

-the game ends at day 100

-not all bugs are out but some are intentionally left in



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

One of the better sim dating games I played. Probably my 2nd favorite. Only problem I have is when I save game, and load it a bit later, it says I don't have a save. Is save just to go back a bit before you did something you didn't want to do, or relive a "special" moment?

Vortex00 responds:

Thanks I'm glad you like the game.

It should save in such a way where you can continue progress later after loading the game up again. you need to be on the same computer and browser etc. perhaps your browser is deleting the saved data. I haven't touched this game in years and I haven't heard of this save issue. So I can only assume it is nothing to do with the game itself at least.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

its one awesome game with nice extra's but is it possible to make a list of all songs with there authors because the songs are amazing
ps: srry my english isn't so good :p
note: check the songs in the game because some of them won't play
great game XD

Vortex00 responds:

They stream from Newgrounds, so if they don't play it is because they are no longer on Newgrounds.

And I apologize but I would rather not spend time finding all the links to these songs. The names of the songs are listed in the game, if you search for them by that name on Newgrounds then you should find them.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The only thing that takes away from the vandread experience is that the proportions are not right for each girl, as well as the generic positions and re coloring. As well as the other small issues pointed out by other reviewers, this game is nice.

Vortex00 responds:



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This game is excellent, and well worth the time you'll spend on it. The 4 stat system is a nice small tweak from the usual "strength, charm, intelligence" system that most dating sims use. The dating system is a bit more complex than most of the other sims I've played, and it's fun in a different way. I much rather go through figuring out what the girls want to talk about (which is closer to how an actual date would play out) than sit around playing "21 questions she didn't give you the answer to" hoping she'll like me more. Along with a few other small details, this game is very fun and a pleasure to play.
However, there are a few aspects that make the game a bit annoying too. When I've done the shooting range game before a date, sometimes I'll shoot one missed bullet but it will give me -2 points. Then, even if I hit the target the next shot it still says I'm at -2. Should I miss again, it goes down by increments of -2, so no matter what I've pretty much failed that date from the start. I'm better off just refreshing the page from there. The sex scenes, while nice, are sometimes in the way of the fun of the actual game. It'd be nice if you could choose to skip the scene instead of being forced to play through it. Trying to do the flight sim to train speed is completely futile if you have even one girl at a high enough relationship level. Whether you link up with her or not, it's going to end up going to the scene of you having sex in the Vanguard. This wouldn't be a problem if you could skip the scene, but it becomes extremely annoying when all you want is a boost in speed without wasting 3 hours on virtual sprints, but the game decides you have to sit through the long sex scene. Not only that, but it drains all your HP no matter how much you have. that 600 health you had? Better go get some sleep because you're going down to 0. Despite how annoying it is that I can't train my speed without wasting the extra 2 hours on virtual sprints, I had the idea of just refilling my health to 50 by eating at the kitchen. This way, my health isn't really drained because I'll just be using the 50 health to do the flight sim. This plan was terrible for two reasons though
1. It would take 5 hours to get the 50 health, then an extra hour to do the flight sim. The game has actually made it so annoying that it's smarter to just do the no work, 3 hour long virtual sprints.
2. Even if I was still determined to do the flight sim (the item it gives at the end is sometimes kind of useful), I probably wouldn't be able to get to the 50 health because I'd be thrown into an automatic date with Dita or Barnette, which would just drain all that health.
despite those problems, most of them can be avoided, and in some cases they make the game a little better (quick and easy hentai, the kitchen date is 70x easier than most of the other dates). Overall, the game is well worth playing, and if those last few problems were fixed then the game would be a masterpiece.

Vortex00 responds:

Many people have pointed out these issues to me, I will perhaps come back to it and fix these issues but they are fairly low priority. The reason being is because I would rather put the effort into my next sim type game which has original characters and similar things presented here, such as the dialogue wheel, plus tons more.

If I came back and edited this vandread game, the first thing I would probably do is change out all the characters. This is one of two games I will come back to and edit/fix after my next sim game. I'm nearly finished so it hopefully won't take too much longer from now.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

new game? how fucking soon? am so fucking exiting i think i just jizz... a lot

Vortex00 responds:

I'm in the final testing and adding additional details, and nitpicking minor issues phase. so it is pretty close to the end. it is taking a bit longe then expected because i decided to add some additional hentai scenes.