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Popeye's Adventure

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Mar 1, 2010 | 9:50 AM EST

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Something is wrong with the sound. I wish I know how to fix it. Wow! This has to be the biggest, longest, and one of the most heartbreaking movies I have made. while making this cartoon, I was movtivated, demotivated, and frustrated. Whenever I work on this, I felt like leaving it alone but when I'm not working on this, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I always have this intense fear of not getting any views. These questions always come into my mind: Why am I working hard on this? Should I really put all this details? Are peaple really gonna watch it? Those questions really demotivate me to work hard on this. Movies in Ng also made me feel like not working on this. I decided to not work hard on this when it was almost finished because I looked at it and I was very unsatisfied. I got really mad at my self for comming up with the story. When I make up a story board, I don't like to get rid of it until I make a cartoon out of it. This idea got into my mind when I saw avatar. I just realize that my animations don't look good the more I watch it. I think I just felt too excited, I thought that the music will make it good but I'm still dissapointed. I think I'll never make something this long again. The story got inspirations from 9 movie, avatar, etc, and that "Sinbad" episode on popeye show. I got some inspirations from Johnny Utah, Gonzossm etc. The musics are from Wesley Willis, Runes of Magic, Starcraft 2, Daemonhunters Mod, and I couldn't remember the other one. Sounds are from youtube, partners in rhyme etc. I really hope you'll watch it etc.



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Well blow this down!

It was awful, but at least you like Popeye. Specifically, the animation was really bad, the sound was grainy, and the overall style just doesn't suit the subject matter. It's not a real "death and blood" kinda show. Whatever, I know someone will bitch until this review gets deleted, anyway.


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This is the greatest Popeye parody ever!

Graphics - EPIC! Sound - EPIC as Graphics! Music - EPIC as Graphics and Sound! Violence - EPIC as Graphics and Sound and Music! Style - Same as Graphics but EPIC as Graphics and Sound and Music and Violence! Humor - EPIC as Graphics and Sound and Music and Violence and Style! Review Ending - I have got to admit that is the best Popeye parody ever on Newgrounds!, And you know that i am a big fan of Popeye too!, We should make a Popeye Fan club!, Agree?

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I do like the way you portray the chereacter and that cretures are intresting. i would call this somthing that needs a little polishing to get to it's full potenial, maby gert some other NGs to assist. 7/10, P.S like avatar much? '.'

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it was pretty good audio could have been better as well as a few peices of animation in general but lol i recognized the opening song as a track off of MU