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Feb 28, 2010 | 2:59 PM EST

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'The sky is the limit and the limit is the sky.' - Chris Rock.

Happy Black History Month!

Based on a true story. Enjoy.



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so fly , so fly , so fly , so fly, u might see a n***a when u look up at the sky like , there u go, there you go , there you go , there you go, there go that motha fvcka

..,. yeah as i was saying .... U RACIST SHIT ,


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

You almost pulled off the "antique" effect

Try using smaller lines with the effect of the antique film, since it looked too messy to really look like it was an old film. Other than that, you've gone for the cheap laughs with a light hearted perception of racism in the early 20th Century and have now proven it to be completely unfounded, because now black men are huge and fly astride Jumbo Jets.

Clearly, they mistake the meaning of "cockpit" :P

The drawing could use a little more detail, but other than that, there isn't much you could do without fleshing out the plot, to include more oppression, since the coloured folk are incapable of flight.

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TehSlapHappy responds:

Lol, thanks Coop. I wish I could be as productive as you.


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Not bad.

this wasn't that bad, it really isn't something people should be getting upset over, plus this is newgrounds, a place originally all about controversy. The flash was not anything special. Art was ok, humor was ok, animation wasn't bad, music was swell.. I know you can do better. Keep it up.

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Kinda Lame....

I did lol a bit at the plane part (I'm Black myself), but it was rather short, and pointless... You can do something a lot better than this of you really tried hard enough dude....

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Work of Art

I've never seen a better documentary of the famous aviators, the Wrong brothers.

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