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Feb 19, 2010 | 1:00 PM EST

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This is a short little flash I decided to make about our World of Warcraft Alliance guild, Corpus, on the Thunderlord server. It's basically a small little play on why we just can't seem to defeat Lord Marrowgar in ICC. Each of our guild mains (including me) have a funny little quirk, which is mostly an inside joke, so here is the description of each member.

Rouen: Always seems to go AFK to make food or drinks.
Maydoff: Likes Rouen's straw (use your imagination, Rouen and May are engaged.)
Bubblesmash: Changes specs a lot on his Paladin.
Sars: Is a rogue, so loves to be stealthed.
Rizzeth: (me) Oftentimes says useless facts and information in guild chat.
Foryn: Loves to collect lower raid gear for some reason.
Kel: Is ALWAYS the first to die in ICC, and does it a lot.

Not superb animation, just threw it together in a day for my guild.

Also I plan on making a part 2 once we finally down Marrowgar.



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I'm sure it's a great inside joke, but why in the blazes did you post it on here?

None of us know you, or care (wow that sounds harsh, but you provoked it :/).

Keep it on your guilds forum or something, it's just bound to draw intense criticism here.

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