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Snow Wars

rated 4.01 / 5 stars
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Feb 16, 2010 | 10:27 AM EST
  • Daily 5th Place February 17, 2010

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Author Comments

The highly anticipated sequel to Hay Wars puts our heroes in a battle of wits and strength over the coveted Hay Field. Both Nick and Corey lead their groups of ragtag soldiers for the most important fight in this never-ending war. Filmed over a year ago, the footage laid dormant until about mid October of 2009, when Nick decided to dig it out once more to finally animate and complete the movie. After 100+ hours of animation, plus additional time for editing and other things of that nature, FroNickProductions is proud to present "Snow Wars."

You might want to search my other flashes and watch Hay Wars, but it isn't necessary to follow the story.

It is a mixture of flash and video, but like mentioned above there was over 100 hours worth of animation not including the menu, scene selection, and character bios.

The movie is around 8 minutes long, so if you want to go back and watch something make sure to use the scene select!

Please enjoy, vote, and review.

Thanks to:

-Renae for the wonderful programming
-Tom Fulp for giving me the privilege to upload files up to 20 MB
-ByteSlinger for tossing in the ads
-My Mom
-Your Mom
-Stacy's Mom

The rest of the thanks are in the credits ;)



Rated 4 / 5 stars

A fine milestone...

Alas it's finally here, I must say it's pretty cool stuff, I like the special effects, and most of the jokes work...

For a newgrounds submission it's quite long, adding to the overall epic feel of the submission.

The menu design is above par, although not amazing, the info on the characters is pretty fun though.

I guess if I had any big issues with the piece it would be that the video quality isn't up to snuff.

You would have done better if you used the flash video stream component,
then made your film load from an external server. This would have ensured high quality video, and made the file size around 1mb, opposed to importing degraded video into one large flash file.

It becomes an issue because the submission is so large if I want to watch a little now, and watch the rest later I need to re-download the whole thing.

Whereas if you used the above method you could break up the film into chapters and then stream those individual ones according to what the user selects.

And you could actionscript the end of each chapter to start the next video so as to have a continuos flow.

I don't blame you though, the only submission on the portal to have pulled this off is "tarboy" (some of the special features use this technique), I guess it requires specific knowledge of the flash tools.

Aside from that big thing good work,
- Celx

P.S. I glad to see you picked up fifth!

Fro responds:

That's personally something that I don't know how to do. Is this something that I could ask you next time I'm in this situation?


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Finally here

What a spectacle. Well written, pretty good direction and some good fun in the snow - just what you need on a winter evening like this :P

I think that there is some great plot there that could have been made a little better in places, with perhaps a little more exposition of how Kurt stole Nick's guns, while he was taking a break. I did like the jokes with the blind soldier, though they may have been a little laboured towards the end. Perhaps put some guys in red shirts next time and just have them killed off. I know it's Star Trek, but you guys can pull it off :P

Finally, there was a real issue with the video quality of how Nick's top kept blending in with the snow - not even real winter camouflage blends in that well! I know that you've sacrificed quality to get this on here, so is there a higher quality link anywhere? I might have to download this and run it through a TV!

[Review Request Club]

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Fro responds:

This actually looks quite good when it's played on TV with surround sound. High quality version here: ps/videos/videos/show/6509181-snow-wa rs


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It's a nice and funny vid, it made me laugh SOOO much, the guys really know how to be funny!!!
The bad thing is that the camera could be a bit more closer, and the resolition of the vid is very low, sometimes you can't see nothing!!!

Anyways, the vid is very funny, i liked it, it's really homemade, but it only makes the video more funny!!!
The jokes are very well made, congratulations...

(Review Request Club)

Fro responds:

Thank you, see the high quality version on my website (can find that in my sig or on my blog)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I was sort of wondering . . .

Why did you only use long shots? Were you afraid that your cameraman would get hit with a stray laser?

I notice your aerial footage had trees with leaves, but your shots from the ground did not have leaves. Why did you wait so long between renting your helicopter and shooting the rest of the movie?

Nevermind why Corey would hire a blind soldier, why does your blind man think that people feel like sticks? Do you guys only let him touch your wood?

Since the Empire lent you an AT-AT for the film, why didn't you get them to loan you some standard issue Storm Trooper lasers also? They're pretty cool, they can even shoot through snow!

Anyway, yeah. You've got mail, dammit. >:P

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Fro responds:

I'll answer you in more detail in the PM when I get time, but for now some short answers.

Airplane not helicopter ;)

Nick had a blind soldier not Corey, please pay attention


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Very funny and enjoyable overall. To say this is an Oscar masterpiece would be a tall order, but it's still a well put and edited movie for everyone to enjoy. The plot is a simple and straightforward, the score was excellent, and the editing was well done. The post-production was very creative for the small budget you must have had.

Again with with my review of the teaser/trailer my concerns about the snow whiting out several scenes were pretty true; if it hadn't been for the subtitles I wouldn't have know who was talking to who. In addition, I found the opening credits to be more annoying than anything. All things considered this is a pretty entertaining piece you have created, and all of you should be proud.

Fro responds:

Thanks, I'll take in the considerations about the opening credits. Perhaps a skip feature next time?

Very helpful thanks.