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Flintlock Pt 1

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Feb 13, 2010 | 8:27 AM EST

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Author Comments

Well first of all, yup, it's a two parter sadly.
When I tried to export in Flash it kept saying Flash was out of memory, so I was stuck with this as the solution. Part 2 is still to be tweaked and should be arriving in the portal tomorrow or the day after if nothing goes wrong!

Continuing from the prologue episode (linked in the loading screen) Julian Specter, son of the powerful Specters who own a large slave company is hunted down by the citizens of Flintlock and must retreat to the lair of his worst fear... POOR CHILDREN!

This was done for my A2 art coursework at college, and the sketchbook is also linked in the loading screen!

Voices -
Julian - KrEid
Tek - Hnilmik
Orpha - Snowfender
Background voices - KrEid and Matt
Music - Matthew Holliday

Running time: 2 mins 40, part 2 will be longer and have a lot of explanation in it



Rated 4 / 5 stars

You're getting better!

I wish I knew how to solve your file size issue, but I will say that sound is the biggest issue in this one. Aside from volume levels being off for the dialogue (some characters, like Julian, were quieter than others), it was unusual to hear efforts and reaction noises but no sound effects, especially when characters got hit in the face or were reacting to their environment. Too much walla/additional voices detracted from what was going on (I heard more people than I saw).

I'm not sure if mixing all the audio into one file first would help the file size problem, since it depends on how easy it is to animate to for the animator, but if you can convey the environment in a radioplay, it can very easily be translated into visual. More important sounds, like dialogue and meaningful SFX, ought to be a bit louder and easier to discern from the background sounds. You know how people can forgive bad visual quality on YouTube but will cringe and ignore video with bad sound quality? It's like that. Right now, the visuals are alright, but the sound is what's detracting from your work. If you're using Audacity, I'll warn you now that mixing with it isn't hard and not too bad if you know how, but it SUCKS at adjusting volume levels (which leads to me using Wavepad in combination with Audacity sometimes).

As a whole, look into what's causing that file size problem. Things got really interesting just as it ended and though it makes me want to see more, I'm still getting an incomplete vibe (when I know better). If you need some help with some mixing and SFX, I can help ya out too~

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Kreid responds:

Thanks a lot!
The file size issue is really a letdown for this, but yeah, I will improve the audio too!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


i liked the artwork and animation, but subtracted 2 for sound quality.

Kreid responds:

Sound quality on which parts? Music or voices?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

ummm Great

for some reason reminds me Invader Zim but I Dont Now Why

th animation is Greaaat ^.^

Kreid responds:

Probably the eyes
I'm actually a huge fan of Jhonen Vasquez's work and if you click on the link to the sketchbook, his work is actually mentioned in it :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing job!

Your awesome. With the mixture of the pencil tool and brush, I think this turned out very well.

Kreid responds:

Finally started to take the advice and use brush tool :P