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Feb 9, 2010 | 1:19 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place February 10, 2010

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Hi Folks, I have been receiving a lot of reports of the game going blank. If you experience this problem, please help us fix this by sending us an email (kris@togeproductions[dot ]com) detailing your error:
1. What country are you currently in?
2. What browser are you using?
3. What OS are you using?
4. What version of Flash did you have on your browser? please go to www[dot]playerversion[dot ]com, and copy the info you see on that page
5. Which site did you play the game other than newgrounds that show the same problems?
6. Which state was the game in when the error occured? (loading, main menu, etc)
7. Please provide a screenshot if possible

Thank you for your help! We are trying to fix this problem ASAP


Thank You for all of your supportive and constructive comments, I really appreciate it, and it does boost my morale to create more games. Just wait guys, something better than this game will comes up soon... :p

We have deployed a work around to the blank screen problem, I hope it will fix the problem. Current version is v2.6
If the one appeared is not v 2.6, try clearing your browser's cache and reloading the page, that will probably fix it

Front paged! awesome! Thanks for the votes guys!

Yes, Infectonator : World Dominator is finally here!

I know, I promised to release the game on January...but we don't want to release a half-assed game, so we decided to balance and test the game over and over, fix any bugs that pops up along the way, and add more features. I hope we didn't let you down. I would like to thank you all for supporting us and for patiently waiting.




Rated 5 / 5 stars


europe is simple infected most of the towns in one go


Rated 5 / 5 stars


though this is awesome...

in jamaica..

why is there a tree in the ocean??? that's weird//


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fricken Awsome

one of the greatest games of its kind writing in a whole new category for its self! if your looking for a zombie game you'll definitely enjoy here it is!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I thought it was really funny that, after i had taken over the world, the newlady was still alive


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Non-60 second, hurray! Can be improved though.

Finally, a non-60 second version of this original game! I'd like to applaud the fact that there is a skip button, especially useful when you made a wrong decision or the game suddenly glitches (in which no people appear even though there are still more coming out).

There are still some flaws that can be worked on.

1) At a certain level (around 18), your infectivity level reaches 100% (or a bit more), which means as long as you kill, you get a zombie spawned. Yet, you can continue to level up that stat, even though leveling that stat further would be completely useless. I don't think you should have to get this stat maxed out (I assume level 30) in order to get all upgrades.

2) Boomer (aka zombie Santa Claus) is not available until end-game (destroyed 70 towns to reach Greenland). By then, your zombies must have been uber-powerful and probably even have 100% infectivity and players would probably have 3 infection clicks, making Boomer a very useless special zombie, since all he does is spread infection.

Tank and MJ are the only two special zombies truly worth using and are the earliest 2 available - Tank does extremely high damage and has lots of health, which is great for attacking heroes (except Spiderman who can stop the Tank completely, but you can exploit Spiderman by placing another special infected to take the webshots from Spiderman for Tank). MJ does a pretty good job as a special, being able to deal quite good damage/infection, spawning some extra zombies and most importantly, he actually pauses the game when he is initially spawned, buying the player extra time to collect cash.

I'm not so sure about the Ronald, Colonel Sanders and Venom, but they just aren't as useful. One thing to note though, Venom dies way too easily.

3) Considering towns that have been destroyed cannot be attacked again, the cost to level up the zombies would be way too high. Sure, you don't need that many powerups to win the whole game, but it's extremely difficult to get all the upgrades and earn cash, and that makes the cost of zombie-specific upgrades extortionate after a few levels. Furthermore, once you finish the game and want to play again using the same save status, you will be forced to be able to attack only one town. I suggest that upon finishing the game, you get to attack any town you want, but the difficulty will rise to the highest possible for all towns and the population is unlimited (so you are to continuously infect for as long as possible, but you can skip if you feel bored halfway).

4) It normally takes say, 3 seconds for the attack to end after the initial infection. If I suddenly infect the area again 1 second before the attack ends, it will take 1 second for the attack to end when my second infection ends instead of a full 3 seconds, which can be frustrating. Rather than make the attack end within a timer that is dependent on the first infection, make it only end when you can't spread further infection on the region or reset that timer for everytime each infection ends.

5) A bit more on balance:
- Lifespan should cost less than the other upgrades. It is the least useful of the other stats, especially when a zombie's lifespan is only truly dependent on his health (dmg resistance) after the first few towns.
- Bombs should cost less, they're basically useless. If anything, the only use they have is to kill off any excess zombies to prevent them from destroying the town - using them against humans is pointless. Even so, careful managing of your infection is enough to deal with excess zombies.

6) Not a problem, but I found it funny that the news would report a city to be attacked when I decided to skip even before I infected the city.

Other than the balance issues and that bit of repetitiveness, this game is an excellent, addictive game! Great work, I hope to see better sequels in future!

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