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Infectonator : World Dom

rated 4.43 / 5 stars
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Feb 9, 2010 | 1:19 AM EST

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Author Comments

Hi Folks, I have been receiving a lot of reports of the game going blank. If you experience this problem, please help us fix this by sending us an email (kris@togeproductions[dot ]com) detailing your error:
1. What country are you currently in?
2. What browser are you using?
3. What OS are you using?
4. What version of Flash did you have on your browser? please go to www[dot]playerversion[dot ]com, and copy the info you see on that page
5. Which site did you play the game other than newgrounds that show the same problems?
6. Which state was the game in when the error occured? (loading, main menu, etc)
7. Please provide a screenshot if possible

Thank you for your help! We are trying to fix this problem ASAP


Thank You for all of your supportive and constructive comments, I really appreciate it, and it does boost my morale to create more games. Just wait guys, something better than this game will comes up soon... :p

We have deployed a work around to the blank screen problem, I hope it will fix the problem. Current version is v2.6
If the one appeared is not v 2.6, try clearing your browser's cache and reloading the page, that will probably fix it

Front paged! awesome! Thanks for the votes guys!

Yes, Infectonator : World Dominator is finally here!

I know, I promised to release the game on January...but we don't want to release a half-assed game, so we decided to balance and test the game over and over, fix any bugs that pops up along the way, and add more features. I hope we didn't let you down. I would like to thank you all for supporting us and for patiently waiting.




Rated 5 / 5 stars




Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great play , hours of fun!

Good game , no bugs , micheal jackson (Y)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The game is awesome, good style very addicting but can sometimes be hard


Rated 5 / 5 stars


screw LFD I play Infectonator .........SHot for puting cape town in the game XD


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

An enjoyable game, despite first impressions.

Simplistic graphics, ancient music and difficult navigation with little instruction first led me to view this with suspicion. But I ended up playing it for somewhere around four hours, unable to stop until I had conquered the world. Regrettably, I was so efficient I wasn't able to complete all the upgrades, but there was something indescribably satisfying about unleashing a hoard of superzombies on the world.

One thing I found endearing was the personality given to each country. It added a sense of charm and humour, giving unique music and characters from around the world. Stereotypical and not entirely historically accurate, but amusing and entertaining.

The game itself is hugely repetative- click, hope that click spawns more zombies, and wait. Occasionally using a bomb or a hero when forces overwhelm the standard zombies. Reap rewards as quickly as possible. Over and over I did this without any real challenge- the hardest part of the game was starting off, with one infection click and no upgrades, just hoping for the best. Once you got another click or two, the game became laughably easy (but no less satisfying or addicting).

The music really could have used a change- listening to the zombie-infection song the first dozen times was all right, but a hundreds of times later it was getting a little trying. An impressive number of things happening all at once (zombies moving, eating people, being shot at, civilians screaming, blood gushing) with fairly little lag by comparison.

A little unsatisfying to pass (no real reward for getting the achievements, and an inability to get all the achievements in the first place because you can't repeat towns you've already destroyed) but most certainly satisfying to play.


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