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May 22, 2002 | 11:02 AM EDT

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StrawberryClock is Number 1! StrawberryClock is KING of teh Portal!!!
Bow down fewellz!



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bull shit

I was reading a review a few pages back by Golden Knight and i think hes on to something.. I think the people of Newgrounds are in the clock crew.. Thats why they have their own series, and there are so many of them...... In a year if more and more people keep liking clocks its not goin to be
its goin to be
you see where im goin......
and if u say, "oh what proof do u have." well lets see u never use ur real voices, or hardly any sound at all, and ur author name is always the name of a stupid fruit or vegetable, o and another thing stop fixing the votes~!!! how could such crappy movies get such good ratings?
i urge everyone to go against the clocks!
o and by the way, ever since these clock movies came out ive seen a lot of people say "Omg it made me cry, or i shed a teer, or something sentimental and soft
please people help me write this in every clock movie, just copy and paste!


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Not much to this one, it was just a movie making a point about strawberry clock being #1 of the clock crew. Only clocks bow down or worship him. Don't you see what is wrong with clock movies?....just look at your reviews...most of them are biased....nearly all clocks will review a 10 for this(only because it is a clock movie not because of it's quality) and the rest of the non-clocks will vote low, because this is just a short 83k flash with a simple point, and not much story/animation/art to it. If this flash was about a dancing phone and sent by a non-clock, I'm sure it would be blammed. Just my opinion.


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Strawberry clock :D

D'aww. It's dancing. *poke*


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i just dont get this at all....


Rated 5 / 5 stars