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Jan 27, 2010 | 12:46 PM EST
  • Daily Feature January 28, 2010

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BounceOnMyLazor 25 Points String a 50 hit juggle on an enemy.
JustBEATit 25 Points Beat the game.
3K9 50 Points Uses K-9 mode 3 times in main game.
CitySweeper 50 Points Get 1500 in main game.
DaLONGESTmile 100 Points 15000 points on survival.

Author Comments

Help Mbot handle his business .

P= pauses.
M= Mutes music
R= restarts level
Q= Toggles Quality

The OmegaBlast on the final boss does more damage now.

Fill up your combo meter on the lower right to add more firepower.
Keep the enemies from hitting the ground to keep the combo going.

When you have upgraded 4 Times your combo meter will start to spark up... look for the "Press Z" Icon to upgrade into K9 mode
and become invincible for a short time.

Its a small game but uses almost 100% rastered art, hence the filesize.
wont happen again I promise!
Leaderboards will be coming very soon.

BigThanks to BeAtBrEaKeR187 for all the crazy music, and EliteFerrex for the 8Bit Loop

I also recommend using joy2key and a controller if you use the keyboard option



Rated 4 / 5 stars


breathtaking graphics +6 points
samey but good music +2 points
very creative idea +2 points
very repetitive -1 point
weapon upgrades should be brought or unlocked to keep -1 point
enemies need hp
8 points in all good job but make a few tweaks maybe online mode or weapon shop at checkpoints etc in all though good game

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'm beginning to think...

that this ended up on the front page just because of the cool graphics and references to popular newgrounds characters.
Some gripes:
1) Depth Perception totally sucked leaving me not knowing whether i was at the back or the front of the map
2) It is NOTHING NEW. This type of game has been used over and over and over and over and over and over again.

that the graphics were awesome and thats it.

So overall I give it a 6

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


There's no volume control or option to turn the sound off. Not only that, but the sound is way too loud. That's where I stopped playing. I'll give you benefit of the doubt with a 5.

MindChamber responds:

ya there is, its called speakers, you have a couple in front of you.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

great idea

pretty well played but it seemed to be really choppy and laggy most of the time..especially with hit detection. Whether it be your character getting hit or an enemy. A lot of times it was possible to it an enemy and keep juggling them even if they werent in your line of fire. bashing The part where you bashed through the walls was similar in the aspect that I think it went a little too quick and confusing, i found myself asking many times...did I make it through without a problem? did I get points taken off for that? I think the roughest patch was the part with the land mines. It seemed I was avoiding them but they kept going off.
The boss was pretty good too but for being the same pattern of gameplay as the rest of the game, I think he may have had too much HP.

Overall I think it was pretty cool, interestingly thought out, and you can definitely tell a lot of work went into it.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ran out of room in the review space...again.

For starters, on a game that has looping sound on the preloader, it's always a good idea to have a button that toggles mute (ESPECIALLY if it's a huge filesize, where the player will be subjected to it for a prolonged amount of time.) The music loop wasn't particularly annoying to me, but it's always a conscientious option, as there are some who would disagree.

One way around it, though, since you have our control options there, with our protagonist chasing an antagonist, is you could use the preloader space to provide us with an interactive warm-up of a minigame. But a mute button would be easier to program to accommodate the whiners. :P

The control scheme with the mouse takes a little getting used to. But once you learn to concentrate on the red line-of-sight, it gets a little easier. It's a recurring theme throughout the game where it's pivotal to your survival to know exactly where on the street your player is, and that's tricky to get a hang of since the camera is terminally side-scroller on a plane that contains depth. It would be merciful for us if the angle was viewed higher, looking down at the player...or if you REALLY wanted to be expiremental with flash, take from Einhander, an underrated Playstation 3D side scroller, and consistently switch up the perspectives, while never taking away from the fact that it's a side scroller.

The point of view makes it difficult to navigate with the mouse when the landmines came in. Instinctively, I wanted to switch play-styles without losing progress I've gained, so I seeked out the pause button for the menu. The "P" for pause was there, but it simply froze the game. It would be a great feature to have a menu where you could swap out play-styles without disrupting the whole say you've tried keyboard and decided you wanted to give mouse a try.

It wasn't until the barrier section that I finally figured out that the health was indicated with the score, and similar to Da Pink Knight, also parallelled with what power ups you were granted. It's a good system that rewards the player with incentive to keep as shiny and untouched as possible, but it's not clearly established. Like even just an arrow that laid it straight for us at the very beginning WHILE we're getting used to the controls would've sufficed. "See this? This is your score. The more you got, the beefier you get. Don't let it drop to zero. Off you go." dusts off it's hands and let's you play the game.

*sigh*...I'm going to run out of review space...this review window's open WHILE I'm playing.

The music is actually pretty awesome. It gets you pumped, and it's remeniscent of arcade games, especially with the inclusion of dynamic sound effects that almost seem to be a part of the remix of the song you're listening to. Like the "Honk...Honnnk" going with the beat, and the whiplashes and shit. It only adds to the awesome. However, since it's ABSOLUTELY important to pay attention to where the red line-of-sight is, it keeps your eyes off of your character and the score-board more often than not. When you take damage, the little "Kzzzkkt" is barely audible when you take a hit. There were also missed opportunities for the jet-boost noise, and the gun SFX on the double-barrelled powerup don't match with the rate of other words; there are some SFX that are just right, but there are others that need to catch up to par with the appropriate ones.

Visually, I was taken off guard by the visuals. You had submitted 3D material as early as 2003, and it shows you've been pumping some polygonal iron. I was immediately reminded of Einhander, stated earlier, with the immersive bridge/tunnel thing the character had to pass through early on. While I already mentioned my beef with the fixed POV, the wall/barrier sequence was a little disorientating at first with the collision detection of the character. Sometimes it felt like a coin toss, and other times I accept responsiblity for being too slow to get to the weak-point. But everything looks great! I especially like the epic power-up vignettes.

Great Expirement! 5

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MindChamber responds:

Thanks for the awesome review. This 3D rendered stuff is definitely something I've been holding near and dear to me for many years. its definitely a novel ideas thats became anitquited over the years. Back in 03 it seems so revolutionary, I had plans to do heroes of cybertron2, STagger, even wheelman. but as you can see they all fell by the waistside because I just couldnt find that balance between detail and filesize. In fact I never did, which is why all those projects were backburned. That is why i felt the need even finish one thing like this. The good news is Flash CAN do 3D and someday I will be able to use real 3D and not just prerended, and have a decent filesize to boot!. but yeah thanks for noticing..

I do agree with you there isnt enough info on how to play the game, I was much more thorough with Baron and to a degree pink knight. I just felt no matter how much material I put out, no one really reads it, and its imperative that the game is as intuitive as possible. And as you can see it isnt always easy. but I will keep trying harder to make the readability of the game from beginning to end.

I agree about the mute button AND the minigame. orginally the pixel art in the beginning was supposed to be an interactive tutorial, but this game had been delayed so many times, and schedules are so hectic that we just wanted it out by the time we saw the finish line.
not trying to make excuses, just saying you are right about that and we knew about it. :)

also yeah an isometic view of the game wouldve ruled!

thanks for the review