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Poor Purple Playdo

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Comedy - Original

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Jan 20, 2010 | 12:59 PM EST

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1st Ng post! 1st of few stopmotion shorts ive made. Srry no preloader. Made this in about 2 hours. The idea was playdo isnt that great for stopmotion bcuz it is much softer than other type of clays and it is hard for it 2 stay in 1 place. So i try to put him bak in the bucket but he wont stay.

The song in the background is last caress by misfits. 1 of my fav bands. the song kinda goes with it but i mostly used it bcuz i like the song so much. U mite need to put ur volume up to hear it well.

Plz comment, only constructive critisism, this is my 1st post so u dont need to be harsh. I made this more to just experiment.

Any1 with stopmotion experience plz give me any tips, theyll b greatly appreciated.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love Claymation!

That was cute. I hope your makin more.

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ReCessA805 responds:

thanx for the gracious high score. Im thinking to atleast start on 1 other stop-mo project soon, but im gonna do a WAAAAY better job this time around.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good start

Good start. Stop motion is something that requires a lot of talent, and for a new comer you show that you have talent. I'll admit, the movie itself was "Meh," although the beginning was fun when he was knitting himself back together, from then on though it kinda lacked any real structure.

For a starter at stop motion, its good you avoided "Gapping," something that plagues beginner stop motion animators. Gapping is when your transitions from frame to frame aren't exactly smooth, due to poor planning or a missing frame. You didn't really have any gapping problems, save for a somewhat discoloured transition from the stop motion bits to the real time bits with your hand.

Another thing I should praise is the quality of the video, stopmotion videos are large (Hell, your flash is nearly 9 megs and its fairly short) and so they often have to be down scaled and fitted with LOTS of pixels, which s the only reason I haven't posted my own stop motion vids, I'm a snob about pixels. This was crystal clear, and although its probably going to be hard to avoid pixels in longer or more ambitious future projects, getting good quality the first go round is good. Didn't like the watermark though, but I'm gunna assume that you were using a trial and I can understand if you can't afford whatever program it was.

You should work a little more on the "Writing," perse as well as the editing cuts (Title screents, etc.) because save for the beginning bit, it wasn't that good substance wise, but it still isn't a bad start. Keep practicing and you'll get where you want to, you've already got a good start in the stop motion animation department. Just watch out for Carpal Tunnel, sometimes extra detail just isn't worth it... One of my stop motion videos took a good 14 months and I was going for detail, and detailing the minitures gave me a good case of Carpal... owch.

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ReCessA805 responds:

i actually had to cut it down quiet a bit, maybe 2mb or so, to get it on to this site. i will defintly work on the script/plot on my next project.
wow 14 months is quiet a bit!
Thank u 4 the input. =]


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not Flash but..

...better than some of the flash videos i have seen on this site, and a very good stop motion, i give you props just for having the patience to do it lol. anyway nice job.

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ReCessA805 responds:

thanx =]... ya stopmotion can be timeconsuming