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Jan 20, 2010 | 12:28 AM EST
  • Daily Feature January 21, 2010
  • Weekly 3rd Place January 27, 2010

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Author Comments

Hello everyone! Here's a massive submission for you!!! I worked very long and hard on this with a bunch of people! I really hope you enjoy Punk-o-matic 2! Create songs, share them, make a band, do concerts & more! Connect with other people on here and on the official website.

Official website:
Official facebook: unkoMatic
Official youtube: er/OfficialPunkoMatic

LAG: If you're having lag problems, lower the quality in the options, reduce the animation level and disable the concert lights. You can also download the game and that should help a lot.

Make sure you check out the Tips in-game and on the Official Website to help you make some awesome songs.

Punk-o-matic Pro is in development. For more information, check out this link (remove the spaces):
http://www.punk-o-matic.n et/index.php?option=com_c ontent&view=article&id=19 7&Itemid=133

The mobile version of Punkomatic 1 will also be available soon.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

right the fuck on!

hell yeah man!
been waiting for this for a few years.
pretty damn awesome


Rated 5 / 5 stars


YEAAH!! Finally, it is out! As BanyaBeethovenPump said, do something about the lag ( or it may be our Internet connection speed ) and it WILL be the perfect game. Damn, this is even better then Guitar Hero! And I love Guitar Hero, but I love this more, so now i'm gonna play for like....... 5 hours XD



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

What's killing your perfect 10....

Is the motherfucking lag! Dude, please tell me you're working on this right now. Now onward with the good marks, basically it's the perfect punk addition to any punk fan's collection of flash games. Awesome game. Do something about this shitfucking lag and it will be the PERFECT GAME!

I have faith in you.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pure epicness!

I totally love the game. It's rather easy to create something that sounds good, but you still got a lot of different riffs and stuff, the actual playing your songs part is challenging, but fun, graphics are nice and the little "cutscenes" are quite funny.
So far one of the most complex and awesome flash games I've played.

And 'cause everyone does it, a little song by me:
cbF-kcJ-acJ-acJ-acJ-abI-gbI-gbS-gbP-Z -Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-E,-dpo-cmq-cmq-cmr-cmq-cmr -cmq-cms-cms-cmD-cmr-cmq-cmq-cmq-cmr-
gmv-cmv-cmo-cmo-cmv-cmv-cmv-cms-Z-Z-Z -Z-Z-Z-E,-hfA-cfA-cfA-cfA-cfA-cfA-cfB -cfB-cbO-cfA-cfA-cfA-cfA-cfA-gfB-cfB-
cfq-gfB-cfB-cfB-gbY-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-A,-bc U-efT-gfT-gfT-gfY-cfY-cfY-cfT-gfT-gfT -ggb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-ccU-Z-Z-


Rated 5 / 5 stars


this game was totally dope this is the short and sweet song i wrote

(Viper)df-kae-kdf-lcz-jcf-gcf-pan-cbt -jdf-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-M,ap-spt-dgn-cmZaaaa gH-hpm-now-hiS-cpp-nnq-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Q,
tjG-cjG-cjV-kow-aow-hjr-kii-ciM-Z-Z-Z -Z-Z-Z-U

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