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Punk-o-matic 2

rated 4.46 / 5 stars
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Jan 20, 2010 | 12:28 AM EST
  • Frontpaged January 27, 2010
  • Daily Feature January 21, 2010
  • Weekly 3rd Place January 27, 2010

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Inspiration 5 Points Learn 1 cover!
Junk Keeper 5 Points Collect 10 stage items!
New Comer 5 Points Play a good concert at the garage!
Perfectionist I 5 Points Play a perfect song during a concert!
Streak Novice 5 Points Do a 100 notes streak!
Crazy Gig 10 Points Play a sold-out concert at the concert hall!
From The Best 10 Points Learn 5 covers!
Full Bar 10 Points Play a sold-out concert at the bar!
Junk Amateur 10 Points Collect 25 stage items!
Local Punker 10 Points Play a good concert at the bar!
Perfectionist II 10 Points Play 2 perfect songs during a concert!
Popular 10 Points Play a sold-out concert at the garage!
Rising Star 10 Points Play a good concert at the theater!
Serious Player 10 Points Play a good concert at the concert hall!
Streak Apprentice 10 Points Do a 250 notes streak!
Grand Night 25 Points Play a sold-out concert at the theater!
Homage 25 Points Learn 15 covers!
Junk Hunter 25 Points Collect 50 stage items!
Perfectionist III 25 Points Play 3 perfect songs during a concert!
Rocking The World 25 Points Play a sold-out concert at the stadium!
Shining Star 25 Points Play a good concert at the stadium!
Streak Master 25 Points Do a 500 notes streak!
Cover Band 50 Points Learn 30 covers!
Junk Collector 50 Points Collect 100 stage items!
Punk Legend 50 Points Play a good concert at the park!
Writing History 50 Points Play a sold-out concert at the park!

Author Comments

Hello everyone! Here's a massive submission for you!!! I worked very long and hard on this with a bunch of people! I really hope you enjoy Punk-o-matic 2! Create songs, share them, make a band, do concerts & more! Connect with other people on here and on the official website.

Official website:
Official facebook: unkoMatic
Official youtube: er/OfficialPunkoMatic

LAG: If you're having lag problems, lower the quality in the options, reduce the animation level and disable the concert lights. You can also download the game and that should help a lot.

Make sure you check out the Tips in-game and on the Official Website to help you make some awesome songs.

Punk-o-matic Pro is in development. For more information, check out this link (remove the spaces):
http://www.punk-o-matic.n et/index.php?option=com_c ontent&view=article&id=19 7&Itemid=133

The mobile version of Punkomatic 1 will also be available soon.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

The best music game ever. The BGM, the Riffs, The animation, the Drawing Style, The Code, WOW, Just WOW! I canĀ“t describe how i love this game.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

There is somr Thing about Music that makes Youre body flow Its A good Feeling and i Must play Thank God for Music!!! :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I made this awesome song and i gotta say, this game is most of my free time now a days XD (Forever)-dcz-cae-gae-ccz-eab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gab-Wcz-cab-gab-gab-gab-gag-gag-ZcB-aag-gag-ecB-adf-cdf-cdf-cdf-cdf-kdu-cdf-Z-Z-Z-l,cS-ccE-kfP-gpm-afP-gfP-gfP-ofP-gfP-gfP-ocE-adJ-abS-acE-adJ-abS-acE-adJ-abS-acE-ccS-gcS-gfP-gfP-gfP-gfP-gfP-gfP-gcS-DcS-gcS-gfP-gfP-gcS-ccS-ccS-ccS-ccS-gcU-gcQ-Z-Z-Z-l,-hfq-gfq-ifq-gfq-gfq-gfq-gfq-gfq-gfq-gbX-acK-abx-abX-abP-acC-abp-abP-acC-abp-abP-acC-abp-abP-cbX-gbX-gfq-gfq-gfq-gfq-gfq-gfq-gbX-geN-aeA-aea-aeA-aeXeAeneaeNeAenek-wfq-gfq-gbX-cbX-cbX-cbX-cbX-gbZ-gbW-Z-Z-Z-l,-HmD-cmD-cmD-cmD-smD-cmD-cmD-cmD-wmD-cmD-imD-gmD-kmD-cmD-cmD-cmD-kmD-cmD-cmD-cmD-PmD-cmD-cmD-cmD-cmD-cmD-cmD-cmD-cmD-cmD-ccS-gcU-gcQ-Z-Z-Z-l


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I made two songs. This is so fun! The F* Studio is too hard to make a song.


(Mad scientist)df-zda-adb-aab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gcz-cab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gcI-acIcE-aat-gat-gaC-gaT-cbb-acE-aab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gbT-gbT-gcF-adm-EcY-ccY-ccY-ccY-ccY-ccY-ccY-ccY-ccD-aab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gab-gau-gbU-gcz-cdm-M,kg-ckg-aiY-aif-cexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeH-cjvkbeC-ajvkbfopbjvkbeC-ajvkbfoiUjvkbeC-ajvkbfopajvkbeC-ajvkbfoiUjvkbeC-ajvkbfopajvkbeC-ajvkbfoiUjjjypq-ajvkbeC-ajvkbfopbjvkbeC-ajvkbfoiUjvkbeC-ajvkbfopajvkbeC-ajvkbfoiUjvkbhW-ajvkbfopsjvkbia-ajvkbfoiUjvkbhW-ajvkbfopqjvkbeC-ajvkbfoiUjjjy-cjA-ceH-eke-ejx-akb-aeE-aev-a!!-gjucSjYcSeCcSeCpqjucSjYcSeCcSeCprjucSjYcSeCcSeCpqjucSjYcSeCcSeCprjucSjYcSeCcSeCpsjucSjYcSeCcSeCptjucSjYcSeCcSeCpqjucSjYcSeCcSeCprjC-akg-gkg-afv-wif-aiJ-ajn-cjC-akg-aif-sif-aiJ-ajn-cjC-akg-aif-cjucSjYcSeCcSeCpqjucSjYcSeCcSeCprjucSjYcSeCcSeCpqjucSjYcSeCcSeCprjucSjYcSeCcSeCpqjucSjYcSeCcSeCprjucSjYcSeCcSeCibjucSjYcSeCcSeCprib!!cO!!eH-M,ak-DdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdc-a!!-adcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdhdcdGcpcsbCbTdcdh-b!!-rdk-abX-acx-cbx-abX-adk-cdhbUcu-abubUaU-adhbUcu-abubUdh-adhbUcu-abubUaU-adhbUcu-abubUdh-adhbUcu-abubUaU-adhbUcu-abubUdh-adhbUcu-abubUaU-adhbUcu-abubUdh-adhbUcu-abubUdh-adhbUcu-abubUdh-adh-adj-adg-abQ-acp-cbt-abQ-adc-cdg-abQ-acp-cbt-abQ-adc-cdg-abQ-acp-cbt-abQ-adc-cdg-abQ-acp-cbt-abQ-adc-cdhbUcu-abubUaU-adhbUcu-abubUdh-adhbUcu-abubUaU-adhbUcu-abubUdh-adhbUcu-abubUaU-adhbUcu-abubUdh-adhbUcu-abubUdh-adhbUcu-abubUdh-a!!-Q,if-djC-aiJ-wexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeDex!!-bexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeDexcGdsdybUcGexeD!!-fke-ejA-cft-kjx-akb-afl-ceJjydAkccghYbqhYeJjydEkccghYeJhYeJjydAkccghYbqhYeJjydEkccghYeJhYeJjydAkccghYbqhYeJjydEkccghYeJhYeJjydAkccghYbqhYeJjydEkccghYeJhY!!-akg-aif-cjC-akg-iif-aiJ-ajn-cjC-akg-aif-sif-aiJ-ajn-cjC-akg-aif-qpm-aeJjydAkccghYbqhYeJjydEkccghYeJhYeJjydAkccghYbqhYeJjydEkccghYeJhYeJjydAkccghYbqhYeJjydEkccghYeJhYeJjydAkccghYeFhYeJjydEkccghYeJhY!!eF!!cOcQ-M

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of the greatest music games out there. I enjoyed every minute of it even though I'm not a big punk fan but I still managed to have a lot of fun. Good voice acting overall and very realistic when your band plays and you see them play what you wrote.

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