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Madness vs Thingthing

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Comedy - Parody

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Jan 10, 2010 | 12:19 PM EST

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Author Comments

thanks, NG. I just got very lucky
I worked very hard on this one so please watch it :). This is for the viewers, weasel, and Krikels lol. I made this because I believe no one has made a video about thing thing, and madness yet. I think took me 5 days to finish this. For those who do not know, they gray guy with the red goggles is hank, and the guy in red is a character you can make in a thing thing game. There are some things in the video that has nothing to do with thing thing or madness. I let Hank win just because I believe he has more fans than thingthing. I got some inspirations from resident evil games, The Matrix movies, stick figure movies, and more. The music is from Justice it is called Genesis, the sound effects are from youtube, and partners in rhyme, I got the voice from a game called "Battle Realms" From Ubisoft/Crave/Liquid Entertainment, and some textures are from google images. I got dissappointed with this movie because it didn't turn out the way I intended, and I think it sucks. Maybe I should learn how to make better fight scenes or not animate 24 fps. I hope you'll watch it, I hope madness, and thing thing fans will like it, and I hope you enjoy. don't forget to watch or play madness, and thing thing stuff.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

A good attempt that unfortunately flops

Your biggest mistake in making this, was diverting so very far from the two series you based this upon. While Thing-Thing itself was based off the Madness style (especially for design and animation) you missed this completely, and so the "thing-thing" guy just looked like any other guy. It could have been anyone. I am of the opinion you should have stuck with the distinctive Madness/ Thing-Thing style.

While the still shot art was quite good, as soon as there was any movement the quality dropped sharply, and the weapons, especially the shotgun, looked very poor, especially compared to the still characters. While that is bad enough in and of itself, I've always found the original Madness and Thing-Thing animations and games to have very highly detailed weapons. Unfortunately by marketing this as Madness, you are not delivering what many should be getting.

The music choice was pretty good, and the sound effects were good as well. No need to improve there in my opinion. Sound however was not enough to salvage this.

Now, as for the ending. Viewers will be split on whether it was funny or insulting. I for one got a small chuckle out of it, but at the same time found it very unfortunate that the ending which could have been a decent ending turned into something sloppy and misguided. Ideas that seemed to come out of no where are clumsily handled and don't add to the piece, but rather take away from it.

All in all, what would have been a half-decent flash has been ultimately compared to Madness and Thing-Thing, both of which are quite amazing, and is the downfall of your flash, which fails to emulate the flavour and punch of those two series.

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

hank looks like GOKU and too lazytoo not just thinthin death but the hole thing waste of time sorry 4 bein a jerk but its da truth


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

That's bad

I thought it would b a real fight between a thing-thing and Hank. That a bad flash there.

GregoryShitcock responds:

it really was a fight between those two they just don't look like the original, and they don't have to imo.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


I give you a point for effort...and thats about it

GregoryShitcock responds:



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


i don't know why i even made a comment...

GregoryShitcock responds:

I know why! i's actually because you're cool. hehe just kidding