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Dec 31, 2009 | 3:53 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place January 1, 2010

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(EDIT) Daily 3rd.
(EDIT2) Thanks Tom for Front Paging the collab :)

The Marvel Collab is finally arrived. . . Sorry to everyone for the LONG wait.

Collab Organiser and creator~

Awesome NG Intro by~

Authors and characters~
JKAmovies - Iron man(ending scene)
Mitosis - Deadpool
Denzel Crocker - ???
DoctorMario - Silversurfer & Mr. Sinister
Eddache - Fantastic 4
Keirupted - Spiderman
Lundsfryd - Mysterio
Osuka - Rogue
RandomFilms - Captain America & GhostRider
RedHarvest - Night Crawler
Scelesticfish - Colossus
SkyRocket - Baron Zemon
TheStereoTypicalMan - The Punisher
Thespicanator - Toxin & Pyro
Varnik - Hulk

Black Sabbath
Buddhar Bar
Rejected Cartoon


Voice talents of~
Hadouken Dude

Special Thanks to~
Everyone who participated and waited for the arrival of the collab ;D

P.S: There are some audio syncing problems which I was unable to fix. . . Sorry about that little shenanigan.




Rated 0 / 5 stars

Poor effort

This easily has to be the worst collab I have EVER seen on Newgrounds.
I mean come on, it's Marvel!
There's so much potential in that topic for a solid gold result, but it turns out all I got was mud and shit.
The majority of the jokes were absolutely abysmal.
I couldn't even tell if some of them we're actually trying to be funny, like that first skit for example...What's funny about a poorly drawn overly tweened Captain America beating up guys and threatening them?
Even if that skit wasn't meant to be funny, it was still shoddily animated.
Unfortunately, not even Osuka or keirupted could save you guys from this abominable travesty of a collaborative effort.
Both are incredible animators who I highly respect, but they couldn't get the job done comedy-wise here.

Now, besides those appalling, detestable jokes...
The animation was rather shabby.
All but FOUR of the skits were absolutely repugnant.
I literally cringed just looking at them.
One guy in there was just tracing and tweening and it STILL looked bad (Not even his 'joke' could save it.)!
The lip-synching used in most of the parts was poorly executed, many were inaccurately positioned, most just lazily done..but what really bites me is how lifeless these characters are.
Brad Bird once said 'Animation is creating the illusion of life.'
Well, there was no life whatsoever in these skits.
I'm going to use the Captain America part once again for example.
Who's going to connect with that at all?
Who is going to capture the emotion in that?
A tweened mouth and chin with lazily blinking eyes won't do the job.
You know who breathes excellent life into their cartoons?
Harry Partridge, Max Gilardi, Michael Swain and Yotam Perel.
Now I know I can't compare you to those guys because you're obviously not at their level.
But if you want some inspiration on how to bring stuff to life, THIS is what you should be looking at.
Hell, watch The Lion King or Animaniacs!
Animation is not just making stuff move, it's breathing life into your drawings.
Next time, ease those tweens, incorporate some more frame-by-frame, and for god's sake, use more FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!

This collab in no way pleased me.
And this is the first collab to have EVER garnered a zero from me.
So consider yourself insulted, honored or whatever.

Just keep these points in mind for the next time you animate.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars


I'm sorry I know you gave it your best shot but in reality this fell flat on it's ass. 90%of the jokes were unfunny the animation was poor quality and I just didn't enjoy it. I give you credit on effort but I just didnt find this collab up to par. Try harder next time okay? It does have potential you know


Rated 5 / 5 stars

classic deadpool

the powers of not dying... he should have his own show!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Job...

To all of the people who did this!

Plus, I think Denzel Krocker's was Psylocke

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Rated 1 / 5 stars