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Dec 9, 2009 | 11:48 AM EST
  • Weekly Users' Choice December 15, 2009
  • Review Crew Pick December 15, 2009
  • Daily Feature December 10, 2009

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Author Comments

This is the story of the last of the dashkin. The people are all gone and in a world of innocent animals, the solitude, the sadness and bitterness have corrupted his view of life. What does the future hold for such a tragic creature? Will he wander the planet, forever alone until his death? Will he always be the wild King of Brackenwood?

It's a massive honour to be nominated for a 2nd Tank Award, thanks NG! Thank you for front page, all the great reviews and the incredible score for Daily Feature.
Thanks to Brackenwood fans and donors for all the support not only during the 4 weeks I spent making this, but also in the 2 years since I submitted Waterlollies.

Since then I've been working on the Brackenwood feature film outline with my good friend Ryan O'Loughlin. With no plans for a new web episode in the meantime it occurred to me that Brackenwood fans could be waiting years for the feature. I didn't want to abandon them altogether, so this new movie is my way of staying in touch with them and the NG audience.

This is the first Brackenwood short to break away from the "character introduction" style movies that had little or no character motivation and plot. This is a story, not only answering a lot of questions, but asking just as many new ones.

I used Flash CS3, the .fla is over 300MB (half of that is audio) and it took me 4 weeks.
Don't worry I won't be leaving it another 2 years. I plan on starting storyboards on the conclusion in jan-feb 2010.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Amazing artwork, but i found it boring.

OMG why do i have to write here, I wrote everything above!!!!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well that was..

Well that was disappointing.. In my opinion waterlollies was the best one...
Your animation has become worse.. that was no way near a good as the rest..
Not only are you not trying as hard with the animation.. but also with the story line.. For some reason.. you have made this a "to be continued" when it wasn't even that long.. Your other work is much longer.. and they weren't to be continued.. But this maybe down to the file size..
I thought the narrator at the beginning was pretty cool.. although at times.. well mostly at the beginning she was drowned out by the music..
For the story itself.. it seemed as if you were running out of ideas.. and decided to put in a narrator.. Its like.. Your other work didn't have a narrator but it was still good.. This.. if it didn't have a narrator.. it would be much worse..
And since its a to be continued.. I suggest you carry on using the narrator..
But take away the narrator when you decide to make another one without a "To be continued" as the narrators aren't really doing you any good...
Basically.. the storyline, animation and length of video use to be much better than it is now.. Perhaps you don't really care about that since you may be getting paid and still get paid no matter how much you don't try..
But if you aren't getting paid.. it seems as though your not trying as hard as you use to.. perhaps your love for flash has deteriorated and you can't be arsed to spend time animating decently..

Ofcourse the animation was good.. but when you look back at your old work.. which I suggest you do.. you really notice the different..
Perhaps look back at your old work without any sound and compare it to your new work with sound.. this may help you make a better flash next time you come to make a video about bitey again..
Because seriously.. they're getting worse..

Anywho.. carry on animating.. which I'm sure you will

This Five is not entirely for the flash but more to do with how much potential you have.. and how you did not use it to the best of your ability.. which you have done previously.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I love Brackenwood, but...

The Brackenwood series is one of the best on newgrounds if not on the entire internet, however there are two thing in this new movie which I think effect the quality of the series.

The first is minor, and it is the change in artistic style from the older episodes.

The second however is major and I feel vastly important to the series. Narration. Narration kills. Narration is a difficult thing to pull off well, yet an easy thing to destroy something that would otherwise be good.

I feel narration in this series is a death sentence. A big part of the charm of the series is the lack of talking. It adds to the feeling, of being alone, being in the wild. I would recommend that for the movie it contains no narration, and everything Bitey is feeling is show visually.

If you tell the viewer Bitey is lonely it severely takes away from the emotional impact of merely showing him and how he behaves, and hinting at his true feelings, and that his behavior stems from this loneliness.

Don't put any talking in it unless Bitey meets people who do talk.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


that was a great half a movie. but when it says you will find out right now what it means is you will find out later, not today even.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Generic much?

I absolutely loved the original, and I had looked forward to this episode.

But honestly, is this it?

I loved the free direction of the first, and the raw portrayal of the wonderful fantasy world, and couldn't to see more, but this Chosen-One/Lone-Warrior fantasy crap you suddenly pull out, just completely smashed every aspect of originality and stand-out performance from the original flash.

Sure your drawings are still pretty, you do got a certain talent for animation, and for that i applaud you.

But the whole fantasy story-line thing just completely ruins the protagonist's charm, and all that was so hypnotic about the first one. Now you've made this series: Generic-Fantasy-#Bazillion-onNewgroun ds.flw+1

I'll rate 5, because I can't argue with the audio and animation being above average, although I still think the animation doesn't look quite finished, as opposed to the first. I do think however that the flash itself is extremely vague.

chluaid responds:

"Chosen-One/Lone-Warrior fantasy crap"? You totally pulled that bullshit right out of your arse.
You know nothing about the plot.. nobody does yet. Previous episodes were told without back story and without character depth/development, so you can't tell me that this has ruined anything but your own shallow expectations.

I have been grateful for low-scoring critical reviews before now. I can appreciate any honest critical review and take it all on board, but I have absolutely no respect for a stupid and pointless review like yours.