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the Last of the Dashkin

rated 4.44 / 5 stars
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Dec 9, 2009 | 11:48 AM EST
  • Frontpaged December 11, 2009
  • Weekly Users' Choice December 15, 2009
  • Review Crew Pick December 15, 2009
  • Daily Feature December 10, 2009

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Author Comments

This is the story of the last of the dashkin. The people are all gone and in a world of innocent animals, the solitude, the sadness and bitterness have corrupted his view of life. What does the future hold for such a tragic creature? Will he wander the planet, forever alone until his death? Will he always be the wild King of Brackenwood?

It's a massive honour to be nominated for a 2nd Tank Award, thanks NG! Thank you for front page, all the great reviews and the incredible score for Daily Feature.
Thanks to Brackenwood fans and donors for all the support not only during the 4 weeks I spent making this, but also in the 2 years since I submitted Waterlollies.

Since then I've been working on the Brackenwood feature film outline with my good friend Ryan O'Loughlin. With no plans for a new web episode in the meantime it occurred to me that Brackenwood fans could be waiting years for the feature. I didn't want to abandon them altogether, so this new movie is my way of staying in touch with them and the NG audience.

This is the first Brackenwood short to break away from the "character introduction" style movies that had little or no character motivation and plot. This is a story, not only answering a lot of questions, but asking just as many new ones.

I used Flash CS3, the .fla is over 300MB (half of that is audio) and it took me 4 weeks.
Don't worry I won't be leaving it another 2 years. I plan on starting storyboards on the conclusion in jan-feb 2010.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

took it too far...just....just oo far

The visual quality was well enough, but I found it more entertaining with the whole thing on mute. The narration though good was rather uneeded. Considering that it went through the entire series so far without it.

It seems like you tried to reinvent the wheel and instead made a octigon. It'll still work if you push hard enough, but it's just not up to par.

I understand that that adding a backstory would add a lot of depth to brackenwood. I wish, however, you decided to do it in the simple and hauntingly silent way that has become your signature as was with the previous.

I can't help with agree with Bolagna123's review. This doesn't feel like a step forward in the story.

chluaid responds:

Check my site for the 'no narration' version (there's a button to turn it off but leaving in the music and sound effects).


Rated 3 / 5 stars


Creepy, but a cool movei, with losts of magination, but is still kinda creepy, and mysterois, but all in all, this movie is well executed, and is GREAT animation.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Definitely different, and in my opinion worse

I liked the fast paced action and moral style of your previous Bitey animations, they felt like a real good story being told visually. There was no pesky narrator constricting my thoughts to what they were intended to be, I could make out what I wanted from the story. Before this, Bitey was a light-hearted mischievous villain who got kicks out of messing with others. He was grumpy and entertaining. Now you've taken that image and smashed it into a wall. His image is now confused, the previous animations gave no subtleties to the interpretation which appears to be pulled out of your ass (pardon my language, there is no other accurate way to put it). The animation does not even appear to have the same spark as the others, the mood-swinging music and the dull narrator (she sounds like an online tutorial) make it colorless and full of friction. It's as if you're trying to abbreviate a book into 2 minutes with the plot, which is not a story but rather an exposition (which is a big problem considering we already know who Bitey is).

This took you four weeks of high effort animation, and it does not entertain me in the least. So, 5 points for effort, and 1 for entertainment.

As for advice? Well, if you want to make the Bitey cartoons into a story don't recreate him. We know and love Bitey. You can't skip ahead and abbreviate a vast new history into a 2 minute animation. Also, the narration killed it! It's just not right for Bitey. It's distracting and restricting to our imaginations. The beautiful lush environment evaporated and turned into a dismal 'this is that, that is this' atmosphere. What I'd've liked to see? Maybe Bitey is just going around as per usual, getting himself into trouble, that mysterious figure comes out of nowhere and it starts from there.

If you read Darkaxl's review, I agree with him mostly.

I really like your cartoons, Bitey or not, but this one was upsetting because of how I could not enjoy it. I hope my honest criticism helps.

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chluaid responds:

Thanks for taking the time to put it all into a review and yep I do appreciate honest criticism.

Here's the thing: Early this year when I was planning this episode, I made a decision and a promise to myself. I decided NOT to do the same old thing again. I enjoyed making these simple karma-themed episodes but they weren't taking us anywhere. I have many hundreds of emails from people wanting to know more about Bitey and not just watch him mindlessly prank his way around Brackenwood for another 5-10 mins.

"Dashkin" is the intro to something bigger. Not just another simple joke wrapped in lovely graphics.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Amazing artwork, but i found it boring.

OMG why do i have to write here, I wrote everything above!!!!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well that was..

Well that was disappointing.. In my opinion waterlollies was the best one...
Your animation has become worse.. that was no way near a good as the rest..
Not only are you not trying as hard with the animation.. but also with the story line.. For some reason.. you have made this a "to be continued" when it wasn't even that long.. Your other work is much longer.. and they weren't to be continued.. But this maybe down to the file size..
I thought the narrator at the beginning was pretty cool.. although at times.. well mostly at the beginning she was drowned out by the music..
For the story itself.. it seemed as if you were running out of ideas.. and decided to put in a narrator.. Its like.. Your other work didn't have a narrator but it was still good.. This.. if it didn't have a narrator.. it would be much worse..
And since its a to be continued.. I suggest you carry on using the narrator..
But take away the narrator when you decide to make another one without a "To be continued" as the narrators aren't really doing you any good...
Basically.. the storyline, animation and length of video use to be much better than it is now.. Perhaps you don't really care about that since you may be getting paid and still get paid no matter how much you don't try..
But if you aren't getting paid.. it seems as though your not trying as hard as you use to.. perhaps your love for flash has deteriorated and you can't be arsed to spend time animating decently..

Ofcourse the animation was good.. but when you look back at your old work.. which I suggest you do.. you really notice the different..
Perhaps look back at your old work without any sound and compare it to your new work with sound.. this may help you make a better flash next time you come to make a video about bitey again..
Because seriously.. they're getting worse..

Anywho.. carry on animating.. which I'm sure you will

This Five is not entirely for the flash but more to do with how much potential you have.. and how you did not use it to the best of your ability.. which you have done previously.