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Dec 8, 2009 | 3:05 PM EST

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Here it is. I submitted the original a year ago... terrible. 13MB, 14,000 frames, unwatchable, because I had no animating skills those days. So I remade it in last three months. 3.5MB, 5,000 frames, cool action, same story. It is short, maybe too short.

Everything is said in the flash. Story - watch it. It is a Madness movie, with some "talking". I think the timing for the texts is good, if you can't read it, change quality to medium or high, I guess it will be pretty slow(it's very graphic sometimes). Also read the info in "Characters". I think I credited everyone that helped me. btw Sorry axeFX, I made your song a bit longer :D

That's all, I think I forgot lots of things to say, but I can't remember anything. Of course, I'll answer you if you ask. Vote fairly (DAILY TOP 5 PLZ XD).



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Which navi kavi song is that?


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I watched this a while ago but forgot to review it. Unlike a majority of the madness flashes, you actually put effort into it and did a good job. I think that big wall breaking box weapon supply thing was sweet, and the 3d was done nicely. Thanks for using my song in your flash, it fit nicely. :D

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Great job

I remember your last Adoptio, it was pretty good. Hands were wrong, and a few other things, though you really improved. So, guess you took my advice! ^_^


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Yea its me :3

Well anyways, nice :D I like how u did a few things, that surely needed it, in 3D :3. It was great animation, great effects, and great details. Better than the others, but lacks some effort in some places, but great :3 Nice music to fit with the animation

Caduceus responds:

Wow, it so cool to read something you are thinking about. :D I looked at this page. Then scrolled down. "1337-Dawg" -"Oh its him ?" -"Yea its me" :D

you're right about the effort. Every time I said when something will be done, I really submitted it on the day. Even if no-one cared. And every time I was finishing it at the last momments. And I learned nothing - when doing this, I did nearly everything during last three weeks. I worked on that for three months, but the real effort came in last three weeks. I did the last two rooms in the last two days and it took me 7 hours on the last day to have it done in time. So, more effort ? I have not enough time ! -wrong answer. Next time I'll try to care about it even half a year before its release time to don't reduce quality...


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a bite cofused but i like it, i just dunno the story but i´ve seen the old ones and i can say is very better than the old ones, very good i can wait for more

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