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Nov 22, 2009 | 12:25 AM EST

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Well I've done it again, only this time, with the help of some other sites I've pooled my resources.

Here are the sources and their links on Youtube:

"Turnabout Sisters theme" Gyakuten Meets Orchestra 2008 tch?v=p9x2zlcVwY4

"The Youtube Song" Cowbel Production tch?v=X3sPHGtyHgA

"The Joker Practices His Origin Story" tch?v=etKPdTHSkRM

"Liar liar - a compilation" isaishkai (Scenes from the Movie "Liar Liar") tch?v=yxqLgORzmdE&feature =related

"Rick Roll'D / Never gonna give you up" Rick Astley tch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0&feature =related

"G.I. Joe Public Service Announcements" fry210 tch?v=mDnx0OmIWe8

"Dramatic Chipmunk" cregets tch?v=a1Y73sPHKxw

"LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!" Chris Crocker tch?v=kHmvkRoEowc

"Boom Headshot" georgebush000 tch?v=olm7xC-gBMY

"Chester A. Bum" tch?v=cpJ0eYRxs7w

"Greatest freak out ever" wafflepwn tch?v=YersIyzsOpc

"Boxxy" boxxybabee tch?v=8XNv12I-odM

"Ask A Ninja" tch?v=IR68W56DCBU

"Rock me Diabeetus" thebenjsc and Wilford Brimley tch?v=s4LyaNgzy6U

"Chocolate Rain" Tay Zonday tch?v=EwTZ2xpQwpA

"Internet People- The Meth Minute 39" ChannelFrederator tch?v=2pPCkhYMQgY

Sprites from Court Records, edits by me and Ceres.

Everything is (c) to their original owner.



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a bit funny

not bad but a bit to long