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Oct 27, 2009 | 3:14 PM EDT

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I'm sure you all remember way back when Pokèmon Red and Blue were the some of the best games around (they still are) and I'm also sure that if you took the time to complete your Pokèdex that you were expecting a little something better than a lousy congratulations.

That stupid little congratulations fueled this flash. I always wondered what it would have been like if they had made a proper reward for completing your Pokèdex and this is how I figured it should have been.

A few notes: I'm well aware of who the ??? Pokèmon really is, remember that this was supposed to be a reward for completing your Pokèdex in Red / Blue and that it wouldn't have made a lot of sense for them to give out too much info on the next games poster Pokèmon. It is for that same reason that the mishap in the encounter is there, I wasn't being lazy.

I realize that the font I used wasn't the same one from the game. Well I searched for that specific font and was unable to find it nor recreate it so I decided to just let it slide.

I also realize that the battle sequence (the blackout and song that goes with it) is not the one you would normally experience during a wild Pokèmon battle. That's simply a matter of personal preference as I believe that the trainer battle music is infinitely better than the wild Pokèmon one.

I spent a lot of time and effort trying to capture the look and feel of the game so I hope you can appreciate it! I didn't do any hex editing or anything of that nature, this is pure sprite work!

For those of you who enjoy it a lot, I'd appreciate a recommendation for either the Pokèmon or Video Game Parody collection. Thanks!



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Speak of the Devil

I just started a new file on my Pokemon Blue. I was thinking "Creepy old man, secret cave location, no escape..." WHEW not what i expected. At least now i dont have to worry about completing my pokedex this time, knowing that all i get is a lousy congrats. Thanks!

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LiveByTheSprite responds:

No problem, I think it's cool that it was able to help you out. :)


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Brings back so many memories!

I haven't played that game in ages. At first I thought they were going to capture mew or something. I always did enjoy the first 150, back when the goal of being a pokemon master was achievable unlike now. Lol Gary and his flipping montage. So many great memories in the summer when I was eight. Oh man I miss those days when I played my old playstation too. Good Times.

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Kudos bro, kudos...

I'm one of the few here in hungary who were in the pokemon bis since the very begining so I'm tellin ya this was one of the best ideas I've ever saw so far. :3
BTW the only prob with the pokemon games are that you simply can't finish them by your self or with out all the events for gettin tickets, passes and other stuff to get the all the special pokemon in the game. :(

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LiveByTheSprite responds:

I'm glad you could appreciate the idea so much! I was a little worried that people would be expecting something different and not like it as much. =) As for the second part of your response, I know exactly what you mean but I suppose it is effective in getting people to participate in those events. ;)


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Well Done, Captured the spirit!

As one of the few Old-skool gamers who caught all 150 in the original Pokemon, I feel that you really captured the spirit of the Red/Blue games. I thought I was actually watching the original gameplay it was so good! :) Keep it up man, now I want to go pick up my old gameboy pocket and Catch 'em all again!

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LiveByTheSprite responds:

I appreciate your kind words! Responses like this really do make the effort worthwhile. =)


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As a pokemon fan all the way back from the red and blue era, I must say you inspired me to pick up my old game boy color and start it all over again XD Hope to see more from you in the future :)

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LiveByTheSprite responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! You'll definitely be seeing more from me in the future. :)