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Oct 27, 2009 | 3:14 PM EDT

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I'm sure you all remember way back when Pokèmon Red and Blue were the some of the best games around (they still are) and I'm also sure that if you took the time to complete your Pokèdex that you were expecting a little something better than a lousy congratulations.

That stupid little congratulations fueled this flash. I always wondered what it would have been like if they had made a proper reward for completing your Pokèdex and this is how I figured it should have been.

A few notes: I'm well aware of who the ??? Pokèmon really is, remember that this was supposed to be a reward for completing your Pokèdex in Red / Blue and that it wouldn't have made a lot of sense for them to give out too much info on the next games poster Pokèmon. It is for that same reason that the mishap in the encounter is there, I wasn't being lazy.

I realize that the font I used wasn't the same one from the game. Well I searched for that specific font and was unable to find it nor recreate it so I decided to just let it slide.

I also realize that the battle sequence (the blackout and song that goes with it) is not the one you would normally experience during a wild Pokèmon battle. That's simply a matter of personal preference as I believe that the trainer battle music is infinitely better than the wild Pokèmon one.

I spent a lot of time and effort trying to capture the look and feel of the game so I hope you can appreciate it! I didn't do any hex editing or anything of that nature, this is pure sprite work!

For those of you who enjoy it a lot, I'd appreciate a recommendation for either the Pokèmon or Video Game Parody collection. Thanks!



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You are so right that is what should have happened what the hell were Nintendo thinking?

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Very good flash

Very good flash indeed, may be you should do more for the other Pokemon games.

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That would have been cool

Indeed, a sneak peak of Gold and Silver would have been welcome and would have left loyalists (myself at the time included) either begging for more-or eager to use their Game Sharks to hack these two "mystery" pokemon into their rosters. I sure would have been excited all those years back when I played Pokemon Red, and later Yellow, finished the pokedex (for all the bragging rights that come with that feat), and discovered this scenario.
But in retrospect, I don't think this could have been feasible at all in Red or Blue. (Good imagination, though.) At the time Game Freak produced Pokemon, I highly doubt that they had the concept for the any pokemon in the second generation when they just finished the first generation.
If anything, this should have been possible in Yellow, as they did create it to follow the TV series, and in the very first episode of that series, there was that mystery pokemon in the beginning flying across the sky as Ash departed, later revealed to be none other than Ho-oh.
Good memories, and this flash definitely belongs in a collection here in Newgrounds...

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I wish

Really nice and looks like it was actually in game. Good job and I wish this is what you could have gotten.


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Ah the custom ball

I always knew it was something uber (maybe its flaw is it was made in China LOL [it was from a distant land])

Great idea.....i never really played enough to complete my pokedex.....i mainly liked fighting the elite my blue and yellow broke (yellow i was really pissed friend broke it, blue was just old) sadly by the time i really started everyone had ruby and saphire LOL

well nice idea....i would have loved that ending.....seriously....that would make ME even hack....and i never cheat LOL (well except cloning LOL)