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Oct 9, 2009 | 6:22 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 10, 2009
  • Weekly 2nd Place October 14, 2009

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Author Comments

[UPDATE] Thanks for front page and Daily 1st again, people! It's good to know that people are still enjoying the series despite the delays.
Also, a special thank you to all those that have sent me donations. It's really helping me out. =)

[EDIT] Okay, with any luck all of the problems have been fixed now. Many of you may need to clear your browser cache in order to see the update. Chances are there are still some bugs I've missed, so if you find any, send me a PM.

Thanks ever so much to Tom Fulp for raising the upload limit for me. ^^
Wow. One year already, huh? Time sure flies when you're not having fun.
At least I didn't keep you guys waiting for 16 months this time. lulz!
Anywho, this episode has been the bane of my existence for the past few months. Trying to build up the motivation to work on it after all the stuff I've been through recently.
I experimented a lot with this episode. Mostly with Swift 3D for the Doomship and the hand drawn close ups. I did start using high res sprites for the close ups early on, but I later opted for vector drawings because they're clearer and quicker to make.
Back to the 3D stuff though, I am aware that the Doomship looks kinda primitive, but personally I kinda like it. It reminds me of the old Starfox game on the SNES. Plus I didn't like the idea of fully rendering it which would have made the file size skyrocket.
Anyways, I've kept you waiting long enough. Thanks to all those who have been patient and enjoy the latest episode of Super Mario bros Z!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


9 because of the long ass waits for the next movie to come out.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

its great but...

3 years?
3 years to make a single episode?
im saying this now because everyone else will be saying it when episode 9 comes out.
everyone will say its great but wonder why i took 3 years to make
this will sound meaner then i mean it to be but if your going to make a series that you expect people to care about then you cant take a year (let alone 3) to make an episode.
your animation is excellent and your story writing feels like something nintendo itself would write. but a project like this would take a single one of their animators a month to make at the longest.
is something other than motivation stopping you from making these? is it your career or your family?
is there any way we, the ng community can help?


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I Liked This Episode. The Action Scene's Were Incredible As Usual. Although, I Agree With Budge007 About it being obvious whats going to happen, its especially obvious how Mario will be saved. I Also Dislike the Whole "Leaving it at an exciting point then waiting a year for a new episode", I Dislike waiting even a week for new anime, so a year, just for this? I Mean It Was Impressive, I'll Give it that, but i'm sure it could have been better. All In All I Found The Humor Of It Good. I Understand it is part comedy, but usually when Anime gets more into the storyline and too the serious parts, they dim down on the comedy, which i think would probably help me and other people take this a lot more serious. I Also Enjoyed The Concept Of Sonic Using The Fire Flower, While not the most Original Idea, It did make things quite interesting. I Also Thought The Close ups were Great, Especially Of Shadow near the beginning. I Hope people don't say this is a "useless" review just because i didn't say it was the greatest thing ever, Please I Understand, I Did Enjoy it a lot, i just think some things could have made it better. I Also am looking forward to Episode 9, So Good Work With the Series and best of luck for the new episode.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ssssssilence, foolsss...!

Always been a big fan of the series, but last episode was nearly torturous to watch with the sheer amount of dialogue... dialogue is fine, in fact I enjoy knowing what the characters think, but dialogue doesn't have to be dull. Anyway, this episode more than made up for it, with snappy dialogue, a strong Bowser resurface, and all the plot twists we can handle. Kind of diverging from the DBZ storyline at this point, huh? That's fine. It's better that way. The comedy is also really, really well done, except for some of Luigi's crap. This is the kind of work Newgrounds should be known for.

Plus, I love Captain Basilisx. His lines, his speech impediment, his design, his weapons, his motivations, everything!