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Heroes of Cybertron

rated 4.07 / 5 stars
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Aug 26, 2000 | 8:17 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature August 27, 2000

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Author Comments

Transformers have always been part of my life. This is my way of paying
my respects to them.The graphics and animation are BAD, but my heart was in the right place :)
Music "decepticon remix" by Bryan Kato , I was Still new to flash, but the next tribute will be better.

Update: 2010, and 2 major movies in, and no one has come close to making a transformers movie with substance. I STILL have the draft to this .. if any transfans out there are serious about collabing with me, and making a trailer that could possibly give us G1 fans some chills, get back at me.

"Till All Are One"



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great Opening Music

My favorite part about this flash was definetly the opening music that really got me watching the movie with great interest to set up the start of your flash. The voice acting was very clear and really easy to hear and understand. I really enjoyed the ending to, so true that "he will always be one of the heroes of Cybertron." The timing of the film was really good not long nor short in my opinion with a great battle scene to watch good ol' transformers battle eachother. The quality of animation is STILL truly amazing and really hooking for the viewer to watch with excitement. Keep up the great work Mindchamber!

The backgrounds could have been more worked on like during the battle sequences for example, also it could have had more dialogue from the actual transformers themselves.

A great film very well worked on and still the greatest Transformers movie on Newgrounds 10 years after it's release. Keep up the excellent work a great job well done.

-TY Reviews

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Better than the movies!

Old this may be, but its still very good!

As said, this is only a short little movie, but its easily better than anything that been released in the cinema Transformers wise in the last 5 years... the less said about those movies the better!

Yes, the old cartoon was badly animated and introduced new Autobots and Decepticons all the time just to sell more toys, but at least they still managed to tell an enjoyable story! More like this and less like the Michael Bay influenced movies whould be a step in the right direction!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

awesome tribute

I know this is old but being a fan of Gen 1, I loved it and had to give you credit where Credit is due.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Jazz Lives

Um, Jazz didn't die in the 1986 movie, watch the end of it he and Bubblebee get saved at the last moment, plus the eps that take place after the movie, you see him and bubblebee in the background making "cammeo" appearces


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Better than the TF2 (2009) Trailer!

..and I mean trailer, because I have not watched- and will not watch the 2nd one! Or the third one.

As an 80s kid, nothing touches Transformers: The Movie (1986); I could have done without the grave scene, but the rest of this had me reliving the glory days of the 1986 installment, when Optimus charges Astrotrain and some poor hapless Insecticon.

You got it right by taking care of Megatron. One of the few things I always hated about the '86 movie- was that it killed off so many of the Autobots with character- Ironhide, Wheeljack, Jazz (yeah- he died later in the movie).

But let me get back to Megatron- he always had an edge over his future self- Galvatron- who was just plain crazy and sociopathic.

Shame on the DeLaurentis for killing off Prime- and giving us Hot Rod/imus Prybaby- a never was-has been (if that makes sense!) You should have thrown Hot Rod under the truck!

I would have given you 9/10 - had I heard Stan Bush tracks instead of some rap loop, hip hop- or whatever that was (though Kurtis blow's take would have worked.

By the way, Mind...I noticed you like doing collaborations. Everyone knows DR. SMOOV rules in voicing Prime, Ironhide, Starscream, Wheeljack, and a bunch of others. If you need a solid Jazz, Blurr, Spike, Bumblebee, Mirage, Wheelie, Brawn, Cliffjumper, voice- the list goes on- let me know.

I'm partial to Classical Animation, but this was fun to watch- and I hope you make more of these.

MindChamber responds:

thanks for reviews such an old flash. Totally agree about the 86 movie, you wouldve thought after the big outcry hasbro dealt with when they started killing off characters, that they would've put a tighter noose on bay and his corny ideas.

I still have hopes for the last movie, and man I would looooove to work with Dr smoov.

thanks again