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Oct 2, 2009 | 3:40 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 3, 2009

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Create your own fortune. Travel the land seeking to destroy the Buccaneers, an evil pirate organization bent on being outlaws... or join the Enforcers to help stop them and bring piece to the land! You decide, you build your fate, and in the end you choose the path you want to take and how to get there.

Frontier is a non-traditional RPG, taking mostly the form of an economics game... but in the sense that you're not set on a linear path to go destroy certain enemies or collect items. Your job is to survive, earn money, and do as you please. Destroy the Buccaneers or take down an entire city for your taking. Join the Enforcers and battle it out with some mercenaries to become true evil.

50 different cities beckon your trade and visit, each located in 10 unique environments and place. Each offers new financial opportunity or guild headquarters to find more purpose in your worldly pursuits.

Produced by Armor Games, Concept and Lead by jmtb02
Artwork by the Swain
Music by Mohammad Fikree

PM me if you have any questions, bugs or comments - jmtb02



Rated 5 / 5 stars October 13, 2009

Gabriel Banking Armada

This was good but you should add more options like hunt for food feed employies invest etc. also for the players i realized that Erin or Eri what ever it is has the cheapest of most items espesialy silver so go there with about 3k then hop over to Pia which has the highest there only 2 days apart sell and buy keep doing that increasing the amount you sell each time and in maybe 4 trips you'll go from 3k to 20k or more also start out with either a lot of trade and travel or Attack and Defense because things will be cheaper and eaiser with trade and travel but attack and def will healp because some mercs or enforcers or bucs will carry a claymore sell it and make 3.5K to help you get started

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Rated 4 / 5 stars October 13, 2009

Close....but no cigar

The idea of this game is fun and interesting, although a bit repetitive. The main problem is that is was way too easy to get the best armour and weapons and 'vessel' in the game after a few clever back and forth trades. After that, you win pretty much every fight in 2-3 hits tops.
Then the ending was so fast I wasnt even really sure what happened, just the picture of a dessicated cigar smoker? Is that supposed to be me, or Hunter S. Thompson?

It would be more fun if there were more then 5 levels of gear and it wasnt soooo easy to get. Or if you could have a convoy of vessels or something...

The achievement system kept it interesting, but it would be cool if there were some really hard ones to unlock.

All in all, very cool idea...just make it more challenging. :)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars October 13, 2009

Very nice!

Love the game spent a good 2-3 hours on it got 3.5mil gold (Stoped looking for trade's after 3mil) Also Buccaneers Guild Master

The biggest problem is that the upgrades are to cheap and not good enough

I got the cart first then went straight for the big land ship picked some people and choose the ones with best Defense/Attack after that it was to easy i could take down 80% of enemy's with 2 hits and the odd one would take 3 hits

Money was to easy to make get some money from smaller trades i went with Iron then after that i went with Diamond's buy for 8k each sell for 12k each from 2 places that are 1 day travel apart it just got to easy making 500k+ a Trip

I would suggest an armor and Weapon that cost 250k each and a boat that requires alot of expensive items

Also you should change it so every place doesnt buy and sell every item you could let the places that have higher crime rate the only places that sell/buy poison's ect
Then the more advanced places sell diamonds

Also the wages are to little one kill is the same as a 4 man crew

Just a few idea's
I did love the game tho!

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Rated 3 / 5 stars October 13, 2009


ive seen to come across a bounty full of glitches. now i am stuck, i am in the attack down mode and all i seem to be doing is losing miles and no target distance.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars October 13, 2009

Really good game

Inconviniently, my party's hp weren't rising, so i ended up dying several times when i was engaged (even by lone passengers). But awesome game though.

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