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Oct 1, 2009 | 11:38 PM EDT

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So me and a couple of my sick minded newgrounds friends got together to create one amazing and disturbed brainchild which is all put together to create: the disney collab.

i hope this doesnt offend anyone.

much thanks to shock dingo for doing many voices...and eman for doing the preloader and credits.

rock on...and get ur disney on....




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Ugh Deleation

Alright I will try to be nicer and shorter, seeing as my previous one got deleted. Normally I wouldn't care enough to post another one after the fist one was deleted, but people deserve to know how bad this is.
Voice-work is horrible, and you can hear when the voices are thrown, and when they are running out of breath.
Animation was horrible, except for the Steam Boat Willie part....but its a simple sketch to draw, even I can do it without messing it up.
Jokes- Too many sexual ones, as well as un-funny ones, ESPECIALLY the "Mickey" one that talks while you're picking a movie.

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I didn't like any of that

I didn't laugh at all, the jokes were completely over used, and the animation quality was sub-par at the best of times. That being said, I think if you guys ever do this again you should talk over your jokes with other people to see if the make other people laugh instead of just animating the first thing that pops into your heads.


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why would you post this?

this fails on so many levels. the emulation of the Disney style is horrible, and the jokes are nothing more than one flat non-sequitur after another.

I never laughed, I was never impressed, and mostly it was just insulting the work of master animators by (in comparison) talentless hacks.

the only thing I got out of this was that all you guys are douche-bags in varying degrees.

Disney made animation into an art form; they discovered and wrote the 12 principals of animation (which none of you have read, or at least used). You really insulted your own craft with this work. If this is what you think about Disney and animation, stop animating now and do something else.

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still waiting for the punchline(s)

this was a disappointment. please try harder next time.


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So, you just didn't try.

It's Disney. There's so many jokes to be made and so much to parody and this the best you could do? It's just stupidity and shock gags that even still fall short. Honestly, majority of the animation and art quality was not even sub-par, sound was lackluster, and the content was just lacking over all. If you are going to parody Disney to any level decency, you are going to have to at least match their quality or even get within the ballpark. Next time you think of doing a collaboration with this bunch, just let it go... Let. It. Go. Do the world a favor and pick another hobby.

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