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Sep 30, 2009 | 3:53 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place October 1, 2009

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Stop trading in your games, yer just getting ripped off. Watch & learn!



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I agree

But I do one better. Instead of trading in those games I sell them to other people directly. I get more money than I would trading them in, and the people I sell them to get the games cheaper than they would at the store. It's a win win situation. That and that's less business that the stores get. I still like the stores since for stuff like new games and pre-orders and what not they have good service, but otherwise they can go to hell. So good advice in this one, and as always, good video. Foamy is always funny.

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Thanks for saving my efforts!!

Yeah, Foamy saved my chances of making an extra pound (Since I am British and the currency is pence and pounds, but who cares) since now I have lost all trust in these Game stop places. I was totally thinking of sending a mammoth load of games into there because of how it screws my computer up, but before I got the chance to, I came across this. You saved my money making butt on that one for sure Foamy.

And yes, it is true that they are looking for profit, but have you thought of this:
When they get the games sent from the retail companies that lets them sell the copies of video games they sell it for more than what they have paid to order, so by doing that and selling the games handed in by people for some spare change, they are totally boosting their gains. I know since I have learnt this, but if you don't care for details then I don't really mind one bit, I just wanna give secondary impact on the reason NOT TO SEND IN GAMES!

Well, I salute to your views and words of aggressive wisdom again, so if you'll excuse me I'm off to do some annoyance at a local Game Stop.


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yeah, funny cause it's true

like what other people have said
i know what you mean.
happens to me all the time
my friends tell me it's a waste of time

but all i say is that it's the only way (for me)
to get rid of these crappy games i have


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fuck gamecrazy

I was curious one time to see how much i could get for a game. I just bought super smash bros brawl, and it was new. all i did was open it. not even touching the game or booklet. i bought it for 50 bucks. I brought it in to gamecrazy to see its used game value. they offered me 9 FUCKING DOLLARS!!!! These dumb fucks are selling used new games for 30 dollars!!!!! dumb basterd. rock on foamy


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Mostly true ...

The area I'm in, all the employees are nice. Last time, one of my trade-ins was SonicMCP PS2 (good disk, cover, etc), it was 85 cents - the guy even advised NOT to trade it in! 'HolyCrown' is right, EB was trying to "ahem" sell all their old games; what's more shocking, I had a PSone and GBA game but I was told I couldn't - he admitted EB's company won't accept OLD video games, they're only paying attention to NEXT-GEN video games!!!
"Sigh" there are many other lines I've overheard while shopping from employees, "Oh, the 'MOST WANTED' games are just mostly new ones." Or "Games lately are of just old, redone."
I believe that EB, well the EB company - lol lameGamestop, is just like this because of the disappearance/elimination of all the video game competetors. (I miss Microplay a little).