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Sep 30, 2009 | 3:53 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place October 1, 2009

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Stop trading in your games, yer just getting ripped off. Watch & learn!



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Holy shit burning wookie didn't you read the little blurb before the whole movie started?!?! IT'S A JOKE...


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*Reads Burning-Wookie's Review*

What will my lord and master say to the WALL OF DOOM!?

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true xD

lol i went into game and they offered me 5 pounds for call of duty when its 40 0-e xD

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You either learn to play the game or lose now.

Your sense of values are a bit exaggerated don't you think? "OMG THEY'LL GIVE ME 1 DOLLA FOR A 20 BUCK GAEM! RRRRRRR~!!!!"
Yes, the trade in system is a bit one sided but what do you expect from a CORPORATION?

By not even acknowledging that this is a giant business instead of a local place, the bias spews everywhere, causing your 13 year old fans to start throwing rocks at a guy who has no power what so ever from what their boss' boss' boss' Manager says. gg on that one.

So by utilizing this, you refuse to get 'scammed' and yet will let some person buy your own games with another system for something that is well more than it's worth, thus in a clear sense, scam the buyer. Way to go on being a hypocrite.

It's not too hard to understand Gamestop's trade in system. You will easily get half the trade in value of a recent title (30-35 bucks for a Mass Effect 2, compared to their new 60$ price) you will lose 10% if you want it in cash. If you want to completely trade it in for a different title, they usually have a offer for like a 25% bonus of store credit (Trade in value) thus, adding a few more bucks to your game. Plus (Now this goes for anyone with their EDGE card) they have team up with Game Informer and you can get a 10% bonus on what you're trading in for store credit. Now you have a stackable 15-35% bonus on trading in your game for a new release. You can also go to their website and look around for coupons for more promotions and discounts.

As far as older titles go:

Time goes by, your disc gets wear and tear. The used games you sell are then put on the shelf for others to buy. I dont feel like buying some dipshits L4D2 disc if it's unplayable. But I can return it and hope they have a better one. What happens to the older one? Someone said they send it to a warehouse to get it refurbed. So they're losing out on money fixing your fucked up game. So fuck you (Whoever) if you can't take care of your own games. You deserve to get ripped off if that's the case.

Also, age of a game tarnishes the value of it. If you really expect to turn in Madden 06 for 20 bucks when 07, 08, 09 and 10 came out, offering better gameplay then you're just stupid on your own behalf.

Another thing is the good ol capitalist attitude of "Supply and Demand".

Hard to find games will go for more but depending on who you ask at that point, you can get more or less for your game. But if "Space Marines 25" drops and there's like 40 copies in the used section, they're not going to give a damn if it's worth 5 bucks or 40 bucks to you since they'll have so many titles of the same game.

All in all as long as you know how to play the system, you can get more bang for your buck. But this whole "Half the value for what you bought it for" has been in play for hundreds of years for virtually EVERYTHING that's been in the 'free market' of the world, from automobiles to books to clothing to bloody animals. So I dunno where you've been but this has been going on for a looooooong time.

I also like how at the end of this video Foamy talks about" If you rebel against game stores and records stores, they will finally crash and burn" when there's a series IWP makes that takes place in a record store.

Hrm, do I smell irony?


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Man that is sooo true. Lmao. I love this squirrel.

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