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Medieval Rampage 2

rated 4.37 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Sep 26, 2009 | 3:11 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged September 27, 2009
  • Daily Feature September 27, 2009
  • Weekly 3rd Place September 30, 2009

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First Kill 5 Points Slay your first enemy
100th kill 10 Points Slaughter 100 enemies
Defeat boss 1 25 Points Defeat the first boss
Defeat boss 2 25 Points Defeat the second boss
Defeat boss 3 25 Points Defeat the third boss
Defeat boss 4 25 Points Defeat the fourth boss
Defeat boss 5 25 Points Defeat the fifth boss
100 achievements 50 Points Complete 100 of the 170 total tasks
All achievements 100 Points Complete every single task

Author Comments

-Medieval Rampage 2: The Realm of Darkness-

Fight off hordes of oncoming enemies in this 25 level game containing 20 enemies, 5 bosses, and over 30 weapons/items to choose from. Medieval Rampage 2 also features Survival Mode, Achievements, and a Level Editor to keep you playing for hours!

Note: If you encounter lag please try the following -

Right click on the game screen and switch storage settings to unlimited.
Go to the options button on the main menu and switch quality to low.
Close out of other unused applications on your computer.

WASD - Move
Space - Health Potion
Tab - Bomb
CTRL - Mana Potion
'P' - Pause
'M'- Mute

This game is open for distribution, feel free to add it to your site.

Created By: Christopher Gregorio (Xdragonx10)
Art By: Aaron Perez
Sponsored By:

If you find any issues with the medals or the game itself report them in either a pm or in a comment, I'll do my best to fix all them.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

things you should consider for number 3

the game was rather good but a few things were off.
Cosmetic issues
1)the bows did not all fire 1 shot as it states
2)most of the units in the bestairy were miss labeled or had the wrong skills
3)very anoying music
4)arrows were a bit large

Game Play Improvements
5) allow us to upgrade bows, melee, and magic
6)allows us to PICK whats upgraded i.e.: damage, rate of fire/attack/cast, mana cost (magic only), number fired/casted (bow and magic, magic's mana cost would dubble for 2 tripple for 3), weapon range (melee only), critical (all), spell effect (magic only) and missile speed (speed of the projectile for the bow)
7)more spells ie: life drain (obvious), summon *monster* (would require to have killed the monster at least 150 times), chain lightning (again, rather obvious), mana shield (uses your mana to absorb damage then once your out of mana it no longer functions, not really a spell more of a passive effect), heal (do i need to describe it?), and finally teleport.
8) allow us to increase the max mana
9) give us passive hp/mp regen and allow us to increase that.
10) change stats to strength, wisdom, skill, toughness, and intellegence. Strength is damage increase for melee/requirement for weapons&armor
Skill is ranged damage/requirement for bows&arrows
Wisdom is magic damage/requirement for robes and spells.
Toughness is max hp, hp regen and defense
Intellegence is max mp, mp regen, and magic defense
11) one and two handed weapons with damage dependant on strength
12) shields to go with one-handed weapons.
13) robes for magic users
14) the ability to go back and redo levels for cash/exp so we can actualy level

other than that rather long list of things to add to the next one its a great game
(i know its a long list but its constructive and helpful, pm me if you have an issue with anything i said)

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

wow i love this game

its good game :D but melee sucks xD


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great, Long, Fun, Sweet!

Found two glitches, they arent big but they're glitches... if you keep scrolling through the achievements, they tend to get all jumbled up in whatever order they please. also if you scoll over one of the black boxes in the achievements they have instructions for some other random achievement...
The second glitch is during the fourth boss, I believe... When you shoot the three arrows, one of the arrows "bounces" off of the boss... sometimes, it gets stuck so it bounces back and forth off of nothing at all until it just flies off the screen.

Great game but there should be an option to turn off the screen shaking when you hit an enemy... idk if it would but it might reduce the lagging...


Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is one of my favorite games me and my freind played for a while lol


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun but turn into a grind.

Played in campaing for an hour or so.

The gameplay is simple and solid, good controls, but i wish i could see all the map at once because if i get close to the edge i often get hit by off-screen ennemies.

Allowing us to keep the LMB pressed for automatic fire is gold.

Fun, but the power level remains at the status-quo for the whole duration of the game. We get lotsa weapons choices, but really.. only once choice is the obvious best, one is a temporary boost, the other is suicidal.
Bow is the only way to go; mana cost us money to refill (but i think it refils between levels.. wich HP doesnt).. spells seem strong but of limited use, had better to do with my money.
Melee is suicidal since ennemies only need to stand next to us for a frame or so for us to take damage.... so why risk it?

Upgrades/skills/enchants dont seem to do much of a difference (but you do mention what they do, and that rocks. I didnt have to search for any info to understand your game), even with a maximum defensive build up to the level im currently in, im still as vulnerable to everything as i was at the beggining.

Weapons/equipment go up in power/cost in a linear way, but we can dump points and money to get/improve them.. only to see the next level come up and waste all previous points/money spent, since the next one is better (so whats the point in getting and upgrading the early stuff anyway?) Its just an illusion of choice IMHO.
Power increase by very small amounts.. like each level of armor only gives +1 defense each time.. would like it there was more to them like extra defense VS ice or spells.

I personally prefer when even in the endgame, early stuff may still be usefull if it fits your playstyle, and your choices in your spending of ressources (skills, enchants, and money) have pros and cons.