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We will rock you

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Sep 26, 2009 | 12:08 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Hi! We uploaded another one. This time we submit a video with the song from Queen: We Will Rock You

Hope you like it



Rated 5 / 5 stars

f***ing fantastic

the thing was grat but try to get the voice sincing


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Well well, I'm glad I reviewed the submissions in the order I did, because now I can see a very nice learning curve. The first flash was pretty rough, the second was a bit better and this is again better than the second one.

Most of the scenes here have a pretty good drawing style. There's still room for improvement (for example you should try to make the outer lines of the characters a bit thinner), but compared to the first music video you improved quite a lot already.

You should also try to work a bit on the lip syncing, because it didn't look that good, especially on the scene where the cowboy holds up the stone while singing "we will rock you".

I'm not really sure what I should think of the different styles in this video. The madness scenes fit quite well into the flash, but on the other hand it looks a bit like this video was thrown together really quickly and you simply took scenes from other flashes you are working on.
But on the other hand again it shows that you are able to work with and draw in different styles, which is a good thing, as it broadens your horizon as an artist. :)

{ Review Request Club }

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MonoFlauta responds:

oks great, thanks for the awesome review!
It was drawed very quickly :P i think that it took us two days... but like 3 hours only


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

This one was definitely better than your other two recently-requested music videos...because this one seemed to follow the actual music more than somewhat :P Which made it a lot easier to follow than a whole bunch of unrelated clips, etc....because there was a link between what your eyes were seeing and what your ears were hearing and it all connected in a vaguely connect-y way.

The lip-syncing in this was again, a lot better...but some parts were better than others. There were sections where it looked like the characters were mouthing the words and some where they were just opening-and-shutting their mouths to indicate some form of speech, but nothing more advanced. Lip-sync is hard to get right, but adds a whole lot more to a flash when you do get it right because in itself it shows a lot of effort and skill on your part.

The drawing and animation in general was in a "parts could be better" kind of area, although some parts were comical in themselves; such as the character doing the crazy guitar solo just by moving his hands around randomly with the guitar. That's an instance in which simpler drawing/animation can be of benefit to you, because it can create something comical. I also liked the kind of morphing-text of the credits; that was a very nice touch.

-Review Request Club

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MonoFlauta responds:

oks great, thanks for the awesome review!

And are you going to vote for the Review request club awards?


Rated 3 / 5 stars


The movie was very cool, nice concept, nice song, nice band, but the execution wasn't as great as the idea, since it's not well drawn, you guys could make a way better work, since you have great potential.

The Madness thing wasn't original, since a lot of other authors use this serie to make movies or animation, because it's very easy to animate and to draw it, but it looked OK, I have no complains about it, you animated it very well, but you could improve it, since the movie wasn't well animated as your other movies Mono...

You guys didn't make a great job, but I think you have more potential to make a way better flash, keep on trying and you'll be fine, keep it up guys!!

(Review Request Club)

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MonoFlauta responds:

haha its old anyway :P thanks for reviewing :D good review as always :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars


pretty fuckin' awesome

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MonoFlauta responds:

great thanks a lot