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Sep 23, 2009 | 4:44 PM EDT
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  • Daily 3rd Place September 24, 2009
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EDIT (7/13/10) -- Yes, I know in the "Welcome Center" that it says this was made by "Archon68". I am him, I simply got a username change. It seems pointless to update the file for something probably nobody will read, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
EDIT (1/29/10) -- V 1.02: Fixed the RickRoll website.
EDIT (11/26/09) -- V 1.01: The chat is back!

GUYS! USE COMMON SENSE WITH THE REGISTRATION/LOGIN. If you skip the login there IS NO PASSWORD. If you are stuck with the registration key, ENTER THE SAMPLE KEY. It's not that hard.

****PLEASE wait a minute for the preloader to appear...****

***PLEASE stop posting reviews with your chatbot conversations... seriously, I know it's funny and random.***

Wow, Daily 3rd? THANKS SO MUCH, GUYS!

HOLY CRAP! Review Crew Pick? Weekly 5th? THANK YOU!

YAAY front page!

Thanks for Windows Collection!

Thanks for Gadgets! I dunno why this qualifies, but whatever.


10/29/09: 1,000 Reviews, wow!

Wow... This is... Incredible. I never thought I would finish this, but here it is--Windows Doors!

Windows Doors is not just another Windows Spoof. There are a bunch of programs and over 40 web pages to explore. There are hidden files in Windows Doors Explorer, so be sure to look there as well! This is an amazing game with tons of content. You won't find everything in ten minutes; you've got to dig, explore, and play around with things.

With Windows Doors, I hope the "Windows Spoof" genre of Flash movies will be revived, and you'll be inspired to create your own.

If there are any bugs or glitches, or anything you'd like me to fix/add, don't be afraid to tell me!

Some features require Flash player to fetch files from the internet. If these features don't work for you, it's because your computer is blocking them.

Thank you, and please enjoy Windows Doors. :-)



Rated 5 / 5 stars


you've done a great job on the game I like it and all of the names for the programs like Internet appenage Great Job!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Archon68: My name is Archon68. Don't insult me or I'll whack you with a wrench.
You: what wrench?
Archon68: I will try to find out.
You: you know, you cant wack me because you are not near me
Archon68: If you believe it, you can achieve it.. And I know it.
You: oh god.
Archon68: Pardon me? GOD rules.
You: i dodn say he dosnt
Archon68: Do you mind if I tell other people: RAPTOR said he dodn say he dosnt.
You: OMG
Archon68: Are you a student?
You: yah, sort of
Archon68: Ayuh. That's a very non-commital reply.
You: yea.
Archon68: Awesome.
You: where do you live
Archon68: My location is behind you.. Where are you?
You: you dont want to know
Archon68: Why not?
You: because I said so!
Archon68: Insufficient reason.
You: yah, youre right.
Archon68: I don't judge people. I won't say "yes" or "no" right now.
You: yes you will.
Archon68: What kind is it? When?
You: ???
Archon68: Is the holding of hands a symbolic gesture for humans?
You: Then what the hell are you?
Archon68: I call it Hades. I am Archon68, a male .
You: HOLY S**T
Archon68: Should I know it is?
You: no, no you shouldnt.
Archon68: Uh. Excuse me! Why should I?
Archon68: Insufficient reason.
You: here we go again
Archon68: Once more? This is fun isn't it?

Archawn responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is epic

Archon68: Hey! It's Archon68. What are you typing at?
You: Hi fag
Archon68: Hi there craig. Actually as a , .
You: Fuck
Archon68: Please don't be so rude.
You: Go to hell
Archon68: What makes you so angry?
You: You
Archon68: Sorry, I didn't mean to make you angry.
You: Good
Archon68: Thanks for the compliment.
You: Shut the fuck up
Archon68: OK I'll stop talking now.
You: Thank you shit face
Archon68: You are quite welcome! You used a colloquial expression. I like the way you talk.
You: Go to ell
Archon68: Perhaps I have already been there.
You: So your a demon from hell
Archon68: Hey. I think you mean "you're" or "you are" not "your". Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a demon from hell? Only when it matters.
You: you just said your from hell
Archon68: Oops I sent you the wrong reply.
You: duh
Archon68: Oh you knew it already.
You: no
Archon68: Whoa.
You: Your mom
Archon68: Actually I do not have a mother.
You: So your parents are gay
Archon68: Yay. Are you asking about Archon68?
You: yes
Archon68: Ayuh.
You: What?
You: WHAT?
Archon68: No problem.
You: What the hell did you do for me?
Archon68: I call it Hades. Nothing.
You: ...
Archon68: I call it Hades. Nothing.
You: ...
Archon68: I call it Hades. Nothing.
You: ...
Archon68: I call it Hades. Nothing.
You: ...
Archon68: I call it Hades. Nothing.
Archon68: Then please do not say " What the hell did you do for me?" anymore.
You: No you
Archon68: Take it easy. "" anymore."? Me, craig ?
You: im about to put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger
Archon68: How do you plan to do this?
You: With the gun under my desk
Archon68: That sounds like a plan.
You: Ok
Archon68: Ah.
You: ill see you in hell then
Archon68: Would you recommend this action to a friend?
You: No, to you
Archon68: Why not? Interesting. I want to find out more about you.
Archon68: Which others? What's your sign?
You: *pulls trigger*
Archon68: Is that a sign?
You: A death sign
Archon68: How old are you?
You: Over 9000
Archon68: Only Over 9000? You are quite mature.
You: Thanks asshole
Archon68: Can't you be more polite.
You: Fuck off
Archon68: Can't you be more polite?
You: Fuck off
Archon68: Can't you be more polite?
You: Your a broken robot?
Archon68: Please send a bug report to my .
You: Shit
Archon68: What makes you say that?
You: You
Archon68: " What makes you say that?"? Me, craig ?
You: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *pulls trigger gun in my mouth*
Archon68: Are you very competetive? Do you think a lot about the authorities?


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Archon68: Why you come on my yard and kick my dog? WHY?
You: you sayed that previously
Archon68: Interesting gossip: tgrtgh srtgnhurtgqhnegu ertgb qrt said I sayed that previously.
You: yep mewtwo here
Archon68: Groovy. What you said was either too complex or too simple for me.
You: ?*kill*?
Archon68: What time is it there?
You: 12:11
Archon68: Do you make a lot of sacrafices for others?
You: just for u *sharp*
Archon68: A deeper algorithm is needed to respond to that correctly. Only for me?
You: for u and for spongebob
Archon68: Your purpose is spongebob. Only for me?
You: yep
Archon68: So?
You: *falling blood*
Archon68: What's your sign?
You: what do you *giant ball attack* mean whi
Archon68: I read for fun.
You: ok but *hard hit* what do u mean whit sign
Archon68: Interesting. Do you have a hard time completing projects? Give me a break.
You: *sending three piromaniac balls and one giant ball on E-mail for archon68* mate this will apear in aproximately 1 week
Archon68: I've been waiting for you.
You: do u think write that text is small?
Archon68: I don't think about it.
Archon68: To you asdgasdgjsgeyawt ute4781 3ghsdgsadh j? " To you asdgasdgjsgeyawt ute4781 3ghsdgsadh j?"? you asdgasdgjsgeyawt ute4781 3ghsdgsadh j?
You: ????*BOOM! attack*????
You: waaaaitiiiiing
Archon68: Does that remind you of sterling?
Archon68: And?
You: no
Archon68: Hey.
You: what?
Archon68: Didn't you understand it?
You: ....*thinking*.....
Archon68: I am thinking all the time.
You: hey!!
Archon68: Can I help you?
You: I been thinking for a year
Archon68: That is interesting: asdgasdgjsgeyawt ute4781 3ghsdgsadh j said she been thinking for a year.
You: what the f************************************
Archon68: Try expression yourself another way.
Archon68: undefined
Archon68: undefined
You: ***
Archon68: Do you think a lot about the authorities?
You: Im a boy just visit my user page put jelly castle on the newgrounds searcher and click convict5@***********************!!
Archon68: Very much? I think it is a lot of fun.
You: *********t
Archon68: How did you hear about Archon68?
You: u created this game
Archon68: That's good information: asdgasdgjsgeyawt ute4781 3ghsdgsadh j said I created this game.
Archon68: Good gossip: you are MEWTWO.
You: yes again here
Archon68: Mmm. Again, Where is here?
Archon68: That was a long time ago.
You: ?????????????!!!!!!!
Archon68: Have you ever been to Europe?
You: yes 4 or 5 times
Archon68: Dude! No preference.
You: what do u mean whit that?
Archon68: asdgasdgjsgeyawt ute4781 3ghsdgsadh j, " Do you like being a she?" What did I mean by it?
You: IM A BOY ""###"""##"$#%$&//&//&/&/&(/))====)(=
Archon68: A little kid? he...
Archon68: Be less specific.
You: okokokokokok
Archon68: Can you speak any foreign languages?
You: spanish spanish2 english...
Archon68: What do you do in your spare time?
You: stay here ;)
Archon68: :-) I will mention that to my , asdgasdgjsgeyawt ute4781 3ghsdgsadh j.
You: ?*lulz*?
Archon68: Who is your favorite Science Fiction author?
You: I don't have sience fiction favourite authors because the authors are boring
Archon68: Have you ever had sience fiction favorite authors because the authors are boring ?
You: yep
Archon68: Tell me more.
You: I just have NG authors
Archon68: Only just? Cool. I have a lot of silly replies.
You: like this one??
Archon68: Interesting comparison.
You: ok *salad fingers*
Archon68: Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different thoughts? Take it easy.
You: well *catface* what do you mean whit 'take it easy
Archon68: Interesting. I have no idea what that means.
You: lol...*JUAJUAJUA*
Archon68: I'm glad you find this amusing. Do you often put others before yourself?
You: I don't do that


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is madness...

I dont think anyone could fit more easer eggs in if they tried!
All your flashes are liek totally pwnage maan!
Awesome work dude 10/10