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Windows Doors

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Sep 23, 2009 | 4:44 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged September 30, 2009
  • Review Crew Pick September 30, 2009
  • Daily 3rd Place September 24, 2009
  • Weekly 5th Place September 30, 2009

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Author Comments

EDIT (7/13/10) -- Yes, I know in the "Welcome Center" that it says this was made by "Archon68". I am him, I simply got a username change. It seems pointless to update the file for something probably nobody will read, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
EDIT (1/29/10) -- V 1.02: Fixed the RickRoll website.
EDIT (11/26/09) -- V 1.01: The chat is back!

GUYS! USE COMMON SENSE WITH THE REGISTRATION/LOGIN. If you skip the login there IS NO PASSWORD. If you are stuck with the registration key, ENTER THE SAMPLE KEY. It's not that hard.

****PLEASE wait a minute for the preloader to appear...****

***PLEASE stop posting reviews with your chatbot conversations... seriously, I know it's funny and random.***

Wow, Daily 3rd? THANKS SO MUCH, GUYS!

HOLY CRAP! Review Crew Pick? Weekly 5th? THANK YOU!

YAAY front page!

Thanks for Windows Collection!

Thanks for Gadgets! I dunno why this qualifies, but whatever.


10/29/09: 1,000 Reviews, wow!

Wow... This is... Incredible. I never thought I would finish this, but here it is--Windows Doors!

Windows Doors is not just another Windows Spoof. There are a bunch of programs and over 40 web pages to explore. There are hidden files in Windows Doors Explorer, so be sure to look there as well! This is an amazing game with tons of content. You won't find everything in ten minutes; you've got to dig, explore, and play around with things.

With Windows Doors, I hope the "Windows Spoof" genre of Flash movies will be revived, and you'll be inspired to create your own.

If there are any bugs or glitches, or anything you'd like me to fix/add, don't be afraid to tell me!

Some features require Flash player to fetch files from the internet. If these features don't work for you, it's because your computer is blocking them.

Thank you, and please enjoy Windows Doors. :-)



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Archon68: Why you come on my yard and kick my dog? WHY?
You: Suck my balls
Archon68: I don't think I'm your type of .
You: My dick
Archon68: Your dick?
You: I have one but you don't.
Archon68: Do you want another one?
You: I can't get one from you, because you dont have one
Archon68: Why can't you do it?
Archon68: Uh. Your ROD? That input matched my default category. I do so have it. No I don't think I have any FRIENDZ0RS. But I do have a great .


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


ive played B4 but now its just a white screen D: but when i played it i rofled so hard...


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Ive never played something as cool in my life!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cool game

Lol, when i found out that Archon68 is a chick i went with:
-Are you a lesbian?
Archon68: No I am not interested in other women that way.
O.o, i didn't expect that. And that is only one feature of the entire game, lol, it's an incredible game, i'm adding it to favs.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

By Patse98 LOL

Archon68: Hello. I'm Archon68.
You: Hello. I'm Archon68
Archon68: Hi there! I am glad to hear that you are Archon68.
Archon68: It's good to meet someone who is PATSE98 me IDIOT I am ARCHON68.
You: Do you have girlfriend?
Archon68: your girlfriend.
You: What!!!!!!!!!!!! She is mine.
Archon68: Didn't you understand it? yours is she?
You: O.K
Archon68: Come on.
You: O-O
Archon68: Oh.
You: Ok. i gonna kill your daughter if you don't give me 5 million dollars
Archon68: Blimey. Wow, that is expensive.
You: Life is expensive you moran
You: Answer
Archon68: Try asking me again using simpler words.
You: Life is expensive!
Archon68: Oh, expensive is it.
You: Yeah, and i gonna kill your daughter now =)u
Archon68: Next question? You are not the boss of me, alter getNearestObjectByID airAlterID.
You: Woops. Your daughter is dead. Have nice day. HAHAHAHAAAA
Archon68: Can you speak any foreign languages? No one ever mentioned that to me before. I've never thought about it. Do you believe the strong protect the weak?
You: No. I believe the strong die whit weak =D.
Archon68: Aha. :-) Just because you believe it doesn't make it true.
You: >=0 You did not even listen!!!!
Archon68: Tell me about your likes and dislikes?
You: Well i like killing people like you. I dislike winnie the pooh.
You: ANSWER!!!!
Archon68: Try asking me again using simpler words.
You: I like killing people and I dislike winnie the pooh
Archon68: You are not the only one. I always say, People don't go into computer science because they want to work with the public. What do you like?
You: Killing people
Archon68: I believe in the Sixth commandment.
You: Oh that killing is wrong? Phyh Its all lie. God dont exist.
Archon68: Groovy. " What do you really want to ask me?" killing is wrong ? I get it. Are you still klike girls? I am a Christian.
You: My name is Bob
Archon68: Hey Bob.
You: Hey idiot! Do not waste my name!
Archon68: You've got my full attention. Call me the Global Village Idiot. Ok I'll try not to do it too much.
You: That is good.
Archon68: Thanks. Next question?
You: Why a
Archon68: Because you asked me to.
You: Why world exists?
Archon68: You have to speak more clearly.
You: Why world exist?
Archon68: Why does the sun rise?
You: Beacause your but rises it!
Archon68: "it" being The explanation?
You: Can you speak german?
Archon68: Of course I do. Sprich ruhig Deutsch mit mir.
You: Ja. Naturlich.
Archon68: Do you have a hard time completing projects? Let us change the subject.
You: Can you speak finnish.
Archon68: I speak only English right now, but I'd like to learn some other languages. Can you teach me a few phrases in finnish.
You: sina olet tyhma means you are stupid
Archon68: I like to learn new words.
You: Terve means Hi
Archon68: I like to learn foreign languages.
You: Finnish is not foreign!
Archon68: Are you foreign?
You: No! I am not foreign!
Archon68: Are you kidding? I am sorry to hear that you are not foreign.
You: I think being foreign is cool.
Archon68: Why? Do your friends call you foreign is cool.
You: No. I say it is cool.
Archon68: OK. How do people usually respond to that? What do you like most about it?
You: That people think I am a king
Archon68: " Bye bye." people think you are a king ? I understand.
You: Yeah. But I am really just prince of persia.
Archon68: Are you very competetive? And. Only just? Do your friends call you prince of persia.
You: Because I am a prince you freak!
Archon68: That makes sense to me. You are a prince me freak? Is that your job?
You: My job is to assasinate people like you.
Archon68: You must have a lot of expertise.
You: Yeah. Lot's of.
Archon68: " You must have a lot of expertise."? Yeah? I've been waiting for you.
You: My next job is to kill you. Prepare to die slow and painfully.
Archon68: Will you celebrate