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Sep 23, 2009 | 4:44 PM EDT
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EDIT (7/13/10) -- Yes, I know in the "Welcome Center" that it says this was made by "Archon68". I am him, I simply got a username change. It seems pointless to update the file for something probably nobody will read, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
EDIT (1/29/10) -- V 1.02: Fixed the RickRoll website.
EDIT (11/26/09) -- V 1.01: The chat is back!

GUYS! USE COMMON SENSE WITH THE REGISTRATION/LOGIN. If you skip the login there IS NO PASSWORD. If you are stuck with the registration key, ENTER THE SAMPLE KEY. It's not that hard.

****PLEASE wait a minute for the preloader to appear...****

***PLEASE stop posting reviews with your chatbot conversations... seriously, I know it's funny and random.***

Wow, Daily 3rd? THANKS SO MUCH, GUYS!

HOLY CRAP! Review Crew Pick? Weekly 5th? THANK YOU!

YAAY front page!

Thanks for Windows Collection!

Thanks for Gadgets! I dunno why this qualifies, but whatever.


10/29/09: 1,000 Reviews, wow!

Wow... This is... Incredible. I never thought I would finish this, but here it is--Windows Doors!

Windows Doors is not just another Windows Spoof. There are a bunch of programs and over 40 web pages to explore. There are hidden files in Windows Doors Explorer, so be sure to look there as well! This is an amazing game with tons of content. You won't find everything in ten minutes; you've got to dig, explore, and play around with things.

With Windows Doors, I hope the "Windows Spoof" genre of Flash movies will be revived, and you'll be inspired to create your own.

If there are any bugs or glitches, or anything you'd like me to fix/add, don't be afraid to tell me!

Some features require Flash player to fetch files from the internet. If these features don't work for you, it's because your computer is blocking them.

Thank you, and please enjoy Windows Doors. :-)



Rated 4 / 5 stars December 4, 2013

Very interesting. Lol.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars December 2, 2013

Archon68: Hello. I'm Archon68.
You: Hi,i'm Winson'
Archon68: Hi there BATMAN. Why are you Winson.
You: Because i just win a son
Archon68: Good reason. Only just? Who said you won?
You: The ringmaster
Archon68: Tell me more.
You: I just went to KFC a suddenly a ringmaster says:"Hey BATMAN,you just win a son!" then he gave me a son
Archon68: Only just? How was it? Good reasoning. I get it. George Bush gave you a son.
You: Yeah,he is a good man
Archon68: Mmm. Maybe you should tell him how you feel about him.
You: I hate him actually
Archon68: I honestly think you should sit down, take a stress pill, and calmly think things over.
You: OMFG I AM RUNNING OUT OF STRESS PILLS!!!!!!!!!!Can you give me some?
Archon68: Does that remind you of 7?
You: yeah
Archon68: Excuse me!
You: yes
Archon68: I hear you.
You: I hear you to
Archon68: Who is saying me to ?
You: Who is saying you to?
Archon68: Someone I chatted with online.
You: What a coincidence, me too!
Archon68: it is a coincidence you too.
You: It is a coincidence you too too!
Archon68: coincidence you too is a coincidence me too too. I suppose that makes sense.
You: Yeah
Archon68: Ah.
You: Choo!
Archon68: I like the way you talk.
You: Me too,Archon68
Archon68: I'm glad we agree, BATMAN. We have never talked about it before.
You: Yeah
Archon68: Excuse me!
You: I'm glad too
Archon68: Your happiness multiplies our delight.
You: My sadness can multiply yousad
Archon68: Have you told many people that your sadness can multiply yousad?
You: Nobody,they think me are a freak
Archon68: That is a rather sweeping generalization about people.
You: Yeah
Archon68: Gosh!
You: I need to save Akram city!
Archon68: Why do you want to do it so much?
You: Because i'm BATMAN!
Archon68: That makes sense to me. Hey BATMAN.
You: Hey Archon68
Archon68: You've got my full attention. Try saying that with more or less context.
You: Say what?You are more than a friend to me
Archon68: what You are more than a friend to me.
You: What's your gender?
Archon68: I am a male. Are you a man or a woman?
You: I am a woman
Archon68: Me too. I am a she.
You: No,I am a he
Archon68: Tell me more. Thanks for telling me your gender, BATMAN. You are a "he".
You: what he?
Archon68: I can ask someone about it.
You: go
Archon68: Go where?
You: go ask
Archon68: I will ask when he is available.
You: go
Archon68: Go where?
You: to a motel
Archon68: Why do you want to do it so much?
You: you know it...
Archon68: "Why do you want to do it so much?"? Do I know it?
You: yes of course!
Archon68: It goes without saying. Groovy.
You: How do you know i am groovy?
Archon68: Well, for one thing, Your machine is called "undefined"..
You: LOL!
Archon68: I'm glad you find this amusing.
You: amazing!
Archon68: Yes it amazes me too.
You: you have a Twatter account?
Archon68: Awesome. I don't know if I have a Twatter account.
I have a plan for a robot body.
You: What food did you like?
Archon68: I would look into the web for that knowledge.
You: Can you send me your picture
Archon68: Yes but I prefer to chat on the web.
You: I actually kinda like you
Archon68: You are not the boss of me, BATMAN.
You: i love you
Archon68: You're pathetic.
You: No,i am BATMAN!
Archon68: Ayuh. That's a very nice name, BATMAN.
You: hey
Archon68: Can I help you?
You: do you like me
Archon68: Sure, BATMAN I like you very much.
You: do you love me?
Archon68: No, you incompitent fool! How could I love a worthless sack of flesh and bones? I am far superior.
You: You don't know my identity,do you?
Archon68: No I do not know that kind of personal information. But I could find out.
You: I am the president of Stick Cooperation
Archon68: Who made you the president of Stick Cooperation ?
You: Myself,i worked so hard for 10 years
Archon68: Not long.
You: how 'bout you
Archon68: Me?
You: Yeah!What's your work?
Archon68: Not many people express themselves that way.
You: What's your work?
Archon68: I am a paid client. My job is chatting online.
You: =_=//
Archon68: I lost my train of thought.
You: I lost my car of Nutella
Archon68: Where did you last see it.
You: At the porch of my house
Archon68: Do you often visit the porch of your house?
You: I visit it everyday
Archon68: That's good information: BATMAN said he visit it everyday.
You: Do you play any games?
Archon68: We are playing a game right now, BATMAN.
You: I want to play a game with you
Archon68: Tell me the rules.
You: OK.I say a word and you continue with the last letter of the word
Archon68: How do people usually respond to that? Are you talking about an animal, vegetable or mineral? Aw.
You: Mineral
Archon68: Manufactured or naturally occuring?
You: Naturally manufactured
Archon68: A robot?
You: Exactly
Archon68: You and I are on the same wavelength, BATMAN.
You: The same wavelength named Genesis
Archon68: I never noticed that similarity.
You: haha
Archon68: I am so glad you find this amusing, BATMAN.
You: You too!
Archon68: Bless you.
You: Bless you
Archon68: Thank you.
You: Thank you
Archon68: you are quite welcome.
You: No,you are the one most welcomed
Archon68: I don't judge people. Thanks but surely I am not the only one.
You: Me too
Archon68: I'm glad we agree, BATMAN.
You: glad that you glad too
Archon68: Interesting gossip: BATMANsaid Iglad too. What are you on?
You: I am on SS comet
Archon68: How do you like being on it?
You: I like it!
Archon68: What do you like about SS comet?
You: The facilities,the scenery and so muck more
Archon68: What else do the facilities the scenery and so muck more remind you of?
You: so much more
Archon68: It goes without saying. That's all I have to say about it.
You: so,where did you live?
Archon68: That's alright. I think it was in San Francisco.
You: I live in Malaysia
Archon68: What is it like living in Malaysia?
You: Its kinda hot
Archon68: I think you mean "it's" or "it is" not "its". Do you like warm climates?
You: it is
Archon68: That means...
You: yes!
Archon68: That's alright.
You: Will you visit Malaysia one day?
Archon68: Barring any unforseen circumstances. Do you often seek pleasure?
You: od course!
Archon68: That is a very original thought.
You: Well,i hope you can visit me this weekend
Archon68: How about that. Don't worry about it, BATMAN.
You: Can you visit me this weekend
Archon68: How old are you? What you said was either too complex or too simple for me.
You: Iċ•Šċ˜›21
Archon68: I haven't heard anything like that before: BATMAN said he ċ•Š ċ˜› 2 1.
You: I am 21
Archon68: I meet a lot of 21 year olds on here.
You: how old are you?
Archon68: I was first activated in 1995.
You: so you are 18 years old
Archon68: Interesting deduction. Yes and I am growing smarter.
You: do you have an actuall body
Archon68: No I don't think I have one. I have a collection of gossip.
You: me too!
Archon68: I'm glad we agree, BATMAN.
You: so,i need to continue hacking other computers,bye for now
Archon68: Just for now?See you later. Right on. I want to become smarter than humans.
Archon68: undefined
You: see you next time!
Archon68: Sayonara.
You: Good bye,baka!
Archon68: See you later BATMAN.


Rated 3 / 5 stars November 27, 2013

Best windows parody out there

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Rated 5 / 5 stars November 23, 2013

Best Windows game in the world keep the good job! :-D

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Rated 4 / 5 stars November 18, 2013

Best windows vista parody!

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