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Sep 22, 2009 | 2:09 AM EDT

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Minor patch!

+Added option to change the graphic quality with the right-click menu.
+Added a perk/money/health cheat code ( write "butt" while standing/fighting ).
+Added an easy mode and a machosist mode.
+Sniper got a slight damage buff and the laser got a slight de-buff.
+Fixed a character level missing ( thank you Semag ).
+Fixed a bug that caused you to get stuck if clicking outside the game.

Sorry guys. There will be no saving or check points. But I'll be sure to include it in future projects.
To you few people who seem to have some strange errors that prevents you from playing. Try the following things.

1: Be sure you got the newest flash player. hplayer/
2: Clear out your browser cache and try again or use another browser.

This is my first REAL game! It is not just an interactive slide-show or a half-assed movie with buttons. This is the real deal! Actionscript 3, explosions and exclamation marks! Wohoo!

It was supposed to have a buttload of death wishes, that were more focused and original compared to the first one. But I started to get bored of the project all together once the 5th (and final) death wish was animated. I am sorry if you feel kind of cheated with the lack of options. But at the end of the day, I just did not feel like animating more marshmallow men getting decapitated.

The project actually started out as a semi-open-world RPG with an actual story. each enemy encounter would then consist of you fighting waves of enemies until all of them had been killed. You could then buy weapons, armor and level-up, getting perks and what-not from the money and experience harvested from questing and grinding.

Tip: If you are having a hard time. Just get the "Swift Learner" and "Blood Career" perks.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This game has only two flaws one lack of story and two lack of length, other wise it is a great game.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

level 16 max?

make100 levels plz so then we can get all perks and please make a level select all in all awsome game plz tell me if you're making a new one!!!!!!!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

duck boys

to kill the duck boys dont shoot just shunq fu them

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Amazing game, but needs to be longer...

I didn't get everything :(

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Madness Deathwish 3: Revival

Good game,but I think you should add this stuff into the third one. :) :
Story: Instead of getting shot,the alternate ending was the Psycho dodges the bullet and punches the hero in the face,the hero makes a retreat and sends reinforcements. You pick up your gun (pistol) and fight off the hordes...Again.
Knife ($250,small but deadly weapon)
Bat ($275,ganglike weapon)
Crowbar ($300,are you Gordan Freeman?)
Katana ($350,be a ninja)
Mace ($375,lolchopchopchop)
Chainsaw ($400,whoa,don't mess wit you!)
Bretta M9 (Starter,average gun)
Glock ($500,a good automatic pistol,15 rounds)
Revolver .357 ($1500,huge kickback,but it's worth the 6 shots)
Desert Eagle ($3000,the god gun,8 rounds,upgrade clip side to get 16 shots)
Marco MAC-10 ($4500,a average machine gun,30 rounds and average damage)
MPK 5 ($5000,degraded version of MP5)
MP5 ($7500,stronger than a MPK 5)
Rimmington Pump Shotgun ($15000,8 bullets)
Beneli ($17500,12 bullets,more rapid,less damage than a SPAZ-12)
SPAZ-12 ($20000,10 shots,more damage)
AK-47 ($25000,favorited 30 round russian assault rifle)
M4A1 ($26000,standard army 50 round rifle)
FAMAS ($28000,all american rifle)
Steyr AUG ($30000,only 40 shots but bigger damage)
FN SCAR ($31500,grenade launches after last bullet,burst 36 shots)
Hunting Rifle ($35000,average rifle untill theres a scope,scope improves accuracy)
Scoped M4 Garand ($40000,old 7 shot rifle but great accuracy and more damage)
SASR-30 ($45000,30 shots and semi automatic)
SAW ($50000,60 rounds and automatic,badass machinegun)
M60 ($60000,a beautiful sight,75 rounds to spare and bigger damage)
Vulcan Minigun ($75000,a all automatic gun with alot of rounds but average damage per bullet = alot of damage!)
Vulcan .357 ($100000,Big .357 rounds to pierce through your enemies!
(NEW) Perks:
Blood Raper: Blood gushes like ape-shit crazy! Adds %20 more damage.
Nerd: %50 more experience points.
Physic: Aim and press E to throw a piece of ground at the enemy.
Boulder Crazy: Can throw more rocks (Must have Physic perk first).
Hanklike: Add 100 more health
X-Tremist: Killing enemies give you 10 health. Oh,the joy you could feel.
Trickylike: Add 250 more health
Jebuslike: Add 500 more health
Auditorlike: Add 1000 health
Blood Janitor: Holding Q near a bloodpile will clean it. You get %15 more experience per blood pile cleaned.
Head Humper: Hitting the head will do %25 more damage.
Head Puncher: Hitting the head will do %50 more damage.
Head Raper: Hitting the head will do %75 more damage plus head will fly off!
Joker: Press T to throw a stun grenade at your enemy to blind them for a short time.
Escapist: Longer stun time. Are you a crybaby? You need your bottle?
Back Stabber: Doing damage to the back will do %50 more damage.
Traitor: Makes you look like one of them for a short period of time.
Betrayer: Makes you look like one of them for 1 minute. Now can choose your guy!
No Mercy: Doing damge to the back will do %80 more damage.
Rape Room
Death Carnage Room
Cry Baby (Super Easy)
Weak (Easy)
Muscle (Medium-Easy)
Hardy (Medium)
Strong (Medium Hard)
Criminal (Hard)
Blood Harvester (Super Hard)
Extreme Psycho (Insane)
Death-Opposer (IMPOSSABLE!!!!!!!!)

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