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Sep 8, 2009 | 11:32 PM EDT

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After 3 long years of sleepless nights and near fatal set backs, Exmortis 3 has finally been released. I have put my heart and my soul in to this creation, so I hope more than anything that you enjoy this tale of revenge and salvation.

Over to you now, my friends...



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screw that man

i ain't paying $20 for a flash game good or not. I don't know what you were thinking charging people to play the full version, that's just ridiculous. Sorry man i know you worked your ass off on this for the past 3 years but you should have expected many fans will be dissapointed at the pay-to-play thing. I didn't even bother finishing this demo.

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i love your games but 19dollars!!!!!!!!!!????????
no way. you could make a shorter version of exmortis 3 for free right. that would make me happy:)


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How about, HELL NO!

If i could, i'd put this crap in the negatives dude... The first two games were AWSOME! However, this just disgraces the game, and yourself... You don't.charge. mone. for. a. FLASHGAME!!!!!!! Total friggin rip off! One, even if you did charge, price is way too high, and besides, it's a flash game for god's sake! I know, I know, lot's of work went into this, and I know how it feels to make a flash game, let alone a high tech one, and just the demo. But it's a FLASH GAME!!! Flash games are meant for the public to view without cost for amusement when all they have to work with is a computer and the internet for games. If you took the price off of it and made this public like the other two on Newgrounds, I would put another, better review on here, but as of now, you guys need to go get better material like this, and think about what I've said.... Depressin sell outs...

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Load Error

Have tried to play this a couple of times but it just comes up with Error Loading _Level0.Instance1.Instance2

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all three are good ... but ...

But youve bollucksed it. I thought Exmortis 1 and 2 were sublime works with perfectly styled graphics for ambience (supreme detail, not just dark and hope for the best), and one of the most well put together apocalypse storylines for a flash game i have ever gawped at 0=0 (a fantastic read). WHY WHY WHY though do you charge us for part 3, yeah yeah i know we all need to make a living blah. CHARGE FOR THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE THEN. TRYING TO GET US HOOKED WITH TWO GREAT GAMES AND THEN CHARGING US FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT IS SHIT. and im not your friend as you seem to think i am in your author comments. To be honest youve pissed me off even more by slagging off fellow reviewers when they clearly have a point. Do you think basically calling us dickheads after constructive criticism helps your case?

LefflerWebDesign responds:

The problem here is that you give a score of 0 for one reason and one reason only - that is the fact that this game is pay-to-play for the full version. What part of that is "constructive" ???

I only rebuke reviewers in a smart-ass tone when they adopt an abusive manner and/or they score my work a 0 just because they don't want a feature limited game released on this website. Because nothing about that type of review is "constructive" and all they are doing is using the review section as a way of blowing off steam - which is anything but constructive...

All the other reviews that I respond to that are indeed constructive or conducted in a level-headed, non vitriolic manner - I respond in kind.

So I guess I should ONCE AGAIN clarify that Exmortis 1 and Exmortis 2 were made without and advanced knowledge of what the future held, and I can assure you that it was not my intentions to get you hooked just to charge for the third.

And I should ONCE AGAIN point out that if the third game wasn't bankrolled, you wouldn't be getting a third game at all.

I'm starting to sound like a broken record, right? But then again, so are the majority of reviewers.