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Exmortis 3

rated 4.08 / 5 stars
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Sep 8, 2009 | 11:32 PM EDT

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Author Comments

After 3 long years of sleepless nights and near fatal set backs, Exmortis 3 has finally been released. I have put my heart and my soul in to this creation, so I hope more than anything that you enjoy this tale of revenge and salvation.

Over to you now, my friends...



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Completely blew my mind into a million peices

THIS is a flash game? Seriously? Totally amazing. The Exmortis games are, to me, hands down, the best flash games on the net. This, is surely the holy grail of all flash games.

The graphics are damn near impeccable. Everything has that lovely, old, decayed look to it, and you definitely do not skip on the blood and gore. The sounds send a chill down my spine. I first played the demo at night, turned off all the lights. I have never been scared by a game before, but that was before I knew of the Exmortis series.

I certainly hope you continue to make these type of flash 'survival horror' games. I've been a fan of games like Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead etc. Perhaps you should look into putting the whole series on a disk and marketing it. Of course, I'm not sure how one would go about it, just an idea. I know I'd buy it, I'm on my way to buy the full version of this right now! And I have no problem forking out a few dollars for this game. I'm sure we've all made 'impulse' purchases in stores before, so what is the big deal with paying for a great game, one that has been in the works for 3 years, and has been polished to near perfection?

Thank you so much for this wonderful work of art!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great work but I'm disappointed in other NG users

Firstly, before reviewing this properly, It's disappointing that people are grading this game badly "because it's a demo". Look at the very top of the website: "Newgrounds: Everything, by Everyone". It doesn't say you can't submit a demo. It is still a flash and it plays like a game. Grade it normally as an ordinary flash game, in an unbiased and emotionally detached manner. Put aside the fact that it's a demo, while rating it. It's alright to be disappointed that you need to pay for the full game but stop acting like 5 year olds. Rating how good or bad is it and whether you need to pay are 2 different matters altogether. Now for the review.

Graphics: Great look, a lot of polish went into it. Author does advise users to adjust brightness settings for optimum effect.

Audio: Continually able to channel the eerie and desolate envrionment to the user. The addition of volume control from a menu option is a plus, not many people put that in.

Gameplay: Something old, yet something new. The plot has progressed, it leads users on and makes sense. Puzzles are not too difficult, yet still quite interesting. Same ex mortis feel, more polish all around. It is able to build on the atmosphere of the older games in the series.

Summary: Overall, another great game (I'm grading it just as it is, as a flash game) It makes you want to know more about the story and it gets you attached to your character as you wonder about what is going on in the plot. Do give this game a try.

~End of official review~

Additional comments:
doctormagus: In your review you said he'd lose all of his fans by making it pay to play. If you've read some of the other reviews, there are those who have whipped out their credit cards to purchase it. Do understand that pay to play is an active choice on the part of the consumer. Yes you need to pay for the full version, but NO one is forcing you to buy it. Enjoy this flash game, grade it for its own individual quality, not because you need to pay, because you don't need to if you don't want to.

light0dark: My impression is that the majority of newgrounds users are in the late teens to working adult range. They would generally be able to afford it. Alternatively they could save up some money and ask someone with a credit card (parent, friend etc.) to purchase it for them and pay that person back in cash. Also, as I've said earlier in the review, there's nothing that says you can't submit demos. Newgrounds is for everyone to showcase what their talent in terms of flash. audio and art.

Thanks for reading my review. I just hope that after reading this, you'll grade flash fairly based on its individual merits as a flash game/"video", not based on other emotional factors. A lot of effort went into this, if you think it's not good enough, then spend the next 3 years to make something much better than ex mortis 3(full version) and post it up here for free, and prove it to all of newgrounds.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

For a demo.

Its pretty damn good, only problem, its a demo, maybe make it a bit bigger for a demo?


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Cool game, but we were all let down after finding out we have to pay for a full version. Newgrounds isn't really a place for demos. I think that's pretty obvious as well. Most of us can't pay for online games yet. Disappointing. But anyway, as I said, the demo is pretty good. Taking off two points for the obvious.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


First off, I perfectly understand the need to pay for this game. I loved Exmortis I and II, and I didn't mind whipping out my Visa to get the full version of Exmortis III. I know that independent Flash artists like yourself depend on this kind of income, and I know ads alone do very little. Considering you spent three years working on this, yes, I believe you should get something besides just a pat on the back for all the hard work you spent on creating this.

Now onto the real review.

The graphics and the setup truly feel like a professional game, though I know I won't be expecting a plethora of 3D models and Havoc physics in this (though a LOT of it does look three dimensional). Either way, the transition from Exmortis II to this is incredibly revolutionary. Everything in sight has a very photorealistic quality, and the insertion of powers, health, and even the whole mercy attribute already tell me there's way more to this game than ever before. Though I have a feeling I haven't even scratched 10% of the game's content yet even after going through the city ruins and completing the Exile Chapter, I can feel there's going to be much more to this and I'm excited to see what you've done in three years time. I feel the game runs a little smoother when its not full screened, but the frame-rate is still pretty good considering how much you've got going on in this.

The background storyline is also very impressive, and I'm a sucker for a good story. I like the direction you've gone in from the very first Exmortis to Exmortis II, and now this. I also love the surviving hope for humanity theme in a post apocalyptic world. This reminds me a lot of the I Am Legend movie and the game Fallout 3 with a more gothic feel, done in a similar style that the Myst series uses. But without a doubt, you've greatly raised the bar in ways I didn't think were possible with a Flash game.

How you managed to get the settings to look so realistic impresses and stumps me on how you did it. Usually when I watch a Flash animation, I can visually dissect how they were created. This... I can't. While I know photographs were used, that's probably only a minor catalyst as to how you created the final pictures. However you did it, I'm impressed. If you ever decide to work for a game development company, this would be one hell of a thing to have in your portfolio.

The 3.56 score this is running is neither a realistic nor a justified score estimate for this at all. I think most people are probably frustrated that they need to pay for the full version, but what I think they need to realize is that if they played and enjoyed the first and the second Exmortis games paired with the fact you spent three years making this masterpiece, they'll be getting their money's worth when they buy the full version. Plus honestly, I feel better supporting an outstanding independent artist and game designer as opposed to corporate game developers.

In conclusion, I look forward to the dark secrets you've packed into this game. What I've already seen has impressed me quite a lot. It's a shame there's no way to post a follow-up review, because I would love to add to this once I've played through the entire game and have seen everything.

In all, you've got remarkable talent. Good luck to you in your game designing career, you're definitely well prepared to go the distance.

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