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Mad World 1.5

rated 3.41 / 5 stars
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Sep 6, 2009 | 9:37 AM EDT

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Author Comments

After requests to make it a proper game iv come back with a huge 50 triangles !
This game is 100% HAND DRAWN and all i used was paper a marker pen and a camera :)
This game has 50+ Triangles and is about 500 persent bigger then the origanal :)

Have Fun !!!!

Made By Frazer Bennett Wilford
Aged 13

Ps. This game is leading upto the realse of Mad World 2 With over 150 Triangles and lots of new images

Pss. Got any Requests for the next Game ? or any thing to do with me or my game then just pm me and ill answer you quickly :P



Rated 4 / 5 stars


it was easy a perfect game to calm someone down


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It's too similar to the original though. The animation hasn't changed a bit, and the engine is the same. Once again, put something in once you collect all 54 triangles. Since you didn't need any to fall off of the edge on the far right, you could 'finish' the game without collecting any at all.

For the next one, make the game somewhat more objective and maybe add a bit more difficulty. What would be really good is if certain areas got more and more depressing and difficult at the same time... That would really augment the mood. The flashing platforms started off as a big of a challenge, but after I learned I had to wait and get a rhythm going it was really a cinch.

I do think you set the mood pretty well, but it still seemed rather empty as games go.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

alright idea and concept.

it was interesting considering it's hand drawn but it could be longer and yes i know that would take a while but if you want to make a good flash you need to be ready to take a long time with it and perfect it. It was a bit simple too i mean this could be a really cool if you made a sweet game completely hand drawn i mean i like the look of it. I'm going to PM you though.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

where should i start?

on an emotional level, i guess this is somewhat hard hitting, and the fact that the controls are simple support that, but that simplicity got pretty boring, the fact that the game was short not really helping. though i do note that you hand drew most of the things for the game, and that you're 13, so this is a pretty good flash. personally, I don't believe in being a sore loser/emo just for having people think you're a noob, because even though you may thing you have no one to help you, which you clearly conveyed in that game, theres more people willing to support you than you think. I mean, your mother liked it, right? doesn't that mean she was there to help you achieve your goal? and what about all of us helping you and supporting you on newgrounds? so you gotta get over the sadness of people putting you down, because chances are they're douchebags who will get less far than you. you have potential, so tap into it.

graphics : 5, putting aside the fact that you're 13, because age isn't necessary for a good flash. and besides, if you're able to draw at (what i think is) a 5 rating then you should have a solid 10 as you get better.

concept/story: 10, strong impact

mechanics: 8, playable, i got all triangles, lulz.

music: no rating because its not your music. though i will say the music itself added to the story's effect.

Overall: 7, you have potential, again.

so yeah, brighten up a bit. i'm taking the time to write this (uberlooong) review, and so were 24 other people. and not all people are insensitive because they're telling you to grow up, because some people have gone through similar and grown past it, therefore the expect you to do the same. or they may be assholes, i wouldn't know, lulz.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Kinda sad, but good game.

Ur thirteen and you've already made a great flash, The music is kinda annoying, but it fits the game. The drawing is pretty nice, (I drew worse than that when I was that age,) Keep at it,
Music 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Story N/A
Overall Rating 9/10