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rated 4.39 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Aug 6, 2009 | 7:04 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged August 7, 2009
  • Daily Feature August 6, 2009
  • Weekly 2nd Place August 11, 2009

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Author Comments

* All key can be configured in the options menu.

Movement: WASD keys.
Right Attack: L
Left Attack: K

If a zombie bits and you see the keys icon on your head press A (left) and D (right) keys (or the movement keys you defined at options screen) quickly to push the zombie away.

Melee Weapon: 1
Weapon 1: 2
Weapon 2: 3
Weapon 3: 4
Weapon 4: 5
Switch Weapon: Space
Pause Game: P

If you experience lag turn off some effects or refresh the page.

**** READ PLEASE *****

We need more information to fix the freeze bug. PM us with your flash version, web browser, what keys you pressed before the bug, game mode, stage, if you changed the default controls, etc. As much information better, thanks in advance!!


Fixed a bug in options menu


More Zombies 2 development: log/?cat=8



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Great, but..

there are still a few bugs in the games, when i picked up the 1st hand grenades and used them, he kept on throwing them and stood like like a sitting duck, also at lvl 4 when i'm using the shot gun, i got frozen as well.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Level 2

On the second level is impossible for me to beat it because whenever I play it, it says survive for 3 minutes and when the time is up it says game over so I don't understand

Tanoku responds:

Thanks for your comment. You have to survive 3 minutes and kill at least 120 zombies. Try again knowing that ;)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad, but needs improvements.

For a zombie button masher, I must admit it kept my interest for some time. However, as others explained, it can use some improvements. At one point, my game froze and I had to restart Firefox. The amount of weapons available was nice.

One of the bigger things for me was storyline. It got me hooked, and then it was done. I would have liked to see a bit more from there. Maybe more things to do? Maybe a few more baddies? Maybe a boss or two. Something like that would have helped a lot.

Not bad, but room to improve.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

it's a decent game but after spending 45 min in survival with the censored weapon without getting hurt it gets a little repetitive still really fun though :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad

It was pretty much a standard button masher-style game, with a few changes. I'm not sure if I like the "kill zombies in order to unlock weapons" feature; it's nice that it's a little different than other games, but in most games that require weapons to be purchased, it's nice being able to save money to buy a more expensive weapon and skipping the in-betweens. As this game is set up, the weapon progression is totally linear, and while the player can choose which weapons to use, he can't choose which weapons to unlock. One thing that I noticed was that some of the Achievements are completely absurd, and I don't think anyone will ever get them... I mean, kill 100,000 zombies with firearms? Kill 1,000,000 zombies total? Who would play long enough to kill a million zombies? I played for around 30 or 40 minutes, and even playing level 3 about 5 times (infinite zombie spawns), I only managed to kill around 2500 zombies. Going at the rate of 2500 kills per 30 minutes, it would take 200 straight hours of playing to get 1,000,000 kills... that's completely unattainable for 99% of gamers.

Also, I have a decent computer, and even with the quality set to low and my Flash storage set to Unlimited, this game was horrifically, dreadfully lagged. Also, I noticed that some of the weapons behaved very unpredictably... most notably, the Fim92A Stinger, AITSO Cannon, and Claymore... more than half the time, the weapon (Stinger/AITSO) just wouldn't fire, and for the Claymore, it sometimes took 10 or more tries for the remote detonation to work.

Additionally, the Armory could be opened up an unlimited amount of times if the player pressed Enter instead of clicking on the Armory link (in the game pause menu). I opened about 10 or so menus on top of one another, which caused some major lag. Fortunately, the player has to press Enter multiple times; since the menu opens on keyUp instead of keyDown, if the Enter key is held down, only one iteration of the Armory opens.

Survival mode is just boring... usually, Survival mode is a battle of attrition that the player always eventually loses... he always gets overwhelmed by enemies in the end. However, in this game, Survival mode was just endless waves of zombies, always the same zombies, and TONS of powerups, including life-giving items. Once I got my multiplier to 99, about 78million points and on wave 37, I realized that I could keep going forever, if I wanted to. There was no point at which I felt like I was approaching death. After about another half-hour of play, I'm now up to 3588 kills, still well away from either the 100,000 firearm mark (I'm only at 292) as well as the 1,000,000 kill mark.

I did run into one bug, as well... I was playing the Time Attack in the first stage, using the Stinger and the Lightsaber, and at one point when using the Stinger (maybe around wave 12 or so), my character froze, and I could no longer move, switch weapons, or shoot. So, at that point, the exploding zombies made rather short work of me.

I never did get a situation that showed a "keys icon" above my head that made me move left-and-right to break it, even though I've killed thousands of zombies and been hit many, many times. Usually, when hit by a non-exploding zombie, I just get stunned for a moment... but that's about all.

Overall, a little buggy, VERY laggy, but a fun game for an hour or so, but after that, the sheer repetition makes the game too boring to play. There is very little replay value... maybe try adding in difficulty levels. Also, the minigun was way too overpowered... for a weapon with that kind of fire rate and the amount of ammo the player could hold to have that extreme amount of damage was a little much.

Lastly, in Defense mode, WHY can the player damage his own cart?? It makes absolutely no sense that if the cart is surrounded by zombies and the player uses something like a flamethrower or minigun that his cart should take a huge amount of damage. I think I shot the cart maybe five times with the minigun and it was destroyed.

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