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Aug 1, 2009 | 5:22 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place August 1, 2009

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Author Comments

UPDATE 3: What ? Daily 5th ? That´s great,thanks guys !

UPDATE 2:Rina-chan has been finally added to the authors list. What the fuck,just 3.39 ? You can´t be serious guys.-.-

UPDATE 1: Fixed the black screen after the deleted scene!

WARNING : It contains sprites,so sprite haters go away! (or at least vote fair)

Finally, after six months of working (not all the way through but still boring after a while) I present you "DeDeDe´s Minions Ep. 2 : Into the Spring Breeze" !

Phil and Ike are soldirs now and go on their first REAL mission. DeDeDe made a kinda retarded plan,but let´s see if it works...

This episode contains slightly more dialouge,much more new characters,a real story, and MOVEMENT ! You heard right guys,movement. That was the biggest complaint about episode one,so I got the characters to act less like a stone (fun fact: One of the characters is one) and I added Cam movement for even more awesomeness .

One of the voice actors,Rina-chan somehow wasn´t able to add me to her Portal Buddys until now,so I will credit her as soon as possible!

Make sure to find the Easteregg during the movie!

And please recommend this for the Kirby collection!

Now have fun with the movie.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Goes on and on...

To be honest, I didn't like it that much. First of all, most of the voice acting isn't of high quality. Too much static sounds on most voices.

The plot isn't too well thought out as well. Also there are scenes that just seem to go on forever without being too funny or contributing too much to the story. For example the scene where that one colonel helds a speech in front of the soldiers.

As for the graphics: Okay, most of them where sprites, but the view was sometimes too close so that the characters looked all blocky and not very good.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I liked it

Just you should need to make better quality on the movie and the voice acting is not bad at all just also the quality it sound and you used some good references like saying that Dedede is gay and the plan of Kirby´s Dreamland. It remember me Bowser Kingdom.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I'm looking for more effort

It's not quite there for where I think the entire piece needs to be, especially since you've had so many contributors in the voice department.

The plot exposition is weak, to say the least - it looks disjointed and you've dragged out parts that just seem far too clumsy and long in places.

A few issues with the voice acting - Phil was a particularly poor quality voice - too much static, so try being further from the mic when speaking and perhaps play around with the balance of your recording software.

When there was lip-sync, it was decent, but it was not apparent for every character and those that didn't have mouth pieces needed to have some sort of indicator to tell us who was speaking. Try also working on the issues that you have with a couple of spelling errors in the subtitles.

While I'm on the subject of subtitles, Kirby's 'speech' flashed past a little too fast and I'm a pretty quick reader. Making this little change will help no end.

Finally, when you want to stream the flash, it cuts to part way through the movie and then develops a pretty terminal speed-loop glitch, that causes you to have to restart the movie when it has fully loaded.

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Art/Animation: 3/10
Sprites are pretty easy to animate, and most of your stuff was pretty static anyway..You should really try harder.

Plot/Concept: 0/10
Where do I start? It was really slow, and too long. The "jokes" were all pathetic and not funny at all. There didn't seem to be any decent plot that gripped me whatsoever either. In short, I was bored out of my head. I couldn't finish watching it.

Audio/Music: 1/10
the vice actors were, generally, pretty bad..The voices weren't too good, the acting was terrible, and the sound quality was just as bad. The only exception to the rule was Rina-chan, who was good as always.

Overall: 1/10
There was nothing here that made me want to watch it. You need to seriously improve, as do the VAs.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

nice, but needs some improvements

It was good, don't get me wrong. I'm just not to much of a fan of this 8bit stuff.

The thing that needs the most work is the voice acting it was not that good, i think if you spent alot more time on that it would have been alot better.

The story was funny, nothing that made me start cracking up. But i smiled and thats good, most things here don't even make me do that.

it was good, could use some work.

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HyperGumba responds:

Again the voicing....
Okay,like I said multiple times before,I am trying to improve. Maybe if I invest more time it gets better,you are the first one who suggests this clearly... I should do this.