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Aug 1, 2009 | 5:22 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place August 1, 2009

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Author Comments

UPDATE 3: What ? Daily 5th ? That´s great,thanks guys !

UPDATE 2:Rina-chan has been finally added to the authors list. What the fuck,just 3.39 ? You can´t be serious guys.-.-

UPDATE 1: Fixed the black screen after the deleted scene!

WARNING : It contains sprites,so sprite haters go away! (or at least vote fair)

Finally, after six months of working (not all the way through but still boring after a while) I present you "DeDeDe´s Minions Ep. 2 : Into the Spring Breeze" !

Phil and Ike are soldirs now and go on their first REAL mission. DeDeDe made a kinda retarded plan,but let´s see if it works...

This episode contains slightly more dialouge,much more new characters,a real story, and MOVEMENT ! You heard right guys,movement. That was the biggest complaint about episode one,so I got the characters to act less like a stone (fun fact: One of the characters is one) and I added Cam movement for even more awesomeness .

One of the voice actors,Rina-chan somehow wasn´t able to add me to her Portal Buddys until now,so I will credit her as soon as possible!

Make sure to find the Easteregg during the movie!

And please recommend this for the Kirby collection!

Now have fun with the movie.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's better

Not that funny though. Onto the review!

The spritework, as always, is very well made their facial expressions are pretty good too. The backgrounds are your common Kirby game backgrounds, not much to say there.

The comedy is weak, as it's just the characters making idiotic choices and rambling on about stuff.

The voiceacting improved, even though I'm not so sure Rina-Chan should be the voice of Rocky. Takeshi's voice actor is pretty good as far as voice acting for Ninjas goes. DeDeDe's voice actor makes it seems like he's a different person. Speaking of DeDeDe, the gay jokes are pretty weak too.

The plot is pretty much another parody of Bowser's Kingdom. The character development for some of them is similar to Bowser's Kingdom too. Like Allen is like Steve the idiot Pirhana plant and Tac reminds me of the Karate Duo Number #1 (NUMBER 1!), while DeDeDE is no doubt supposed to be similar to Bowser. Ike and Phil well, you know they're the Jeff and Hal of the parody/flash.

Overall it's a decent, parody of another flash with better voice acting then the prequel, and some new characters.

Graphics: 5/5

Comedy: 6/10

Plot: 4/5

Overall: 8.5/10

Btw, I guess Rina-Chan would have to be Rocky since their aren't really any female characters in the kirby series.

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HyperGumba responds:

Thanks that you like it :D
Well,about the jokes I know some of them are pretty lame. If I lived somewhere in the US or so I would have more practise with my intention of humour. But yeah. I hope that at least the voice acting kinda saved the Comedy part.

Oh,and nice you noticed the similaritys to Bowser´s Kingdom. I thought it´s not going to be that obvious,but in fact you even mentioned Tac who I actually didn´t think about a similar character in the BK-series.

DeDeDe´s Minions is basically the parody of a parody. And Ithink I´m doing pretty well with it.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Warum muss man einen verdammten Titel angeben?

Also. Im vergleich zum ersten Teil ist der Zweite eine üble Verbesserung! Ich kann kein bisschen verstehen warum dies hier eine geringere Wertung hat. Besserer Sound, bessere Sprites, bessere Animation und der verdammte Rest ist besser als vorher.
Als Tipp kann ich dir nur geben versuch einfach immer alles fast perfekt zu machen. Auch wenn dies nicht möglich ist. So kannst du dich aber immer selber verbessern aber erwarte nicht, dass dies die NG User irgendwie interessiert. Sie geben immer bekloppte Gründe an, um eine Animation scheiße zu bewerten. Genau wie bei mir.
Ich habe jetzt nicht bewertet weil ich das behindert finde. Die Sterne bedeuten nichts. Dennoch finde ich es beachtlich, dass du noch mit Flash arbeitest, weil ich hab überhaupt keinen bock mehr auf den Dreck.

Kann es sein, dass du irgendwie bei der N-zone website angemeldet bist? Denn ich hab da "Hypergumba" gesehen und bin dadurch wieder auf dich hier gekommen.

HyperGumba responds:

Ja,ich bin registriert. Auch als "HyperGumba",ist alles wahr.
Naja,jedenfalls danke fürs Review. Ich kann einfach nicht verstehen wieso so etwas so scheisse bewertet wird,aber naja,immerhin hab ich nen Award gewonnen ... hab aber glaub ich einen schlechten Tag zum Hochladen ausgesucht :/

Du bist doch der, der Super Mario Brothers gemacht hat ,oder? Ich finde die Animation eigentlich ziehmlich dezent,ich fände es schade wenn du aufhörst. Aber die Gründe aus deinemletzten Newspost sind auch verständlich...

Naja,ich hoffe noch irgendwann was von dir zu hören und nochmal danke fürs Review.

Viel Glück weiterhin :D


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Needs work

First off, I see you actually put efforts on it, I enjoyed the preloader and the menu very much. It was also a good point to add a scene selection button. Since some scenes were really long, that scene selection was of good omen.

About the graphics, I would say there were ok. I like sprites flash and I made some generic sprites flashes myself a few months ago. Though some of the sprites you used were still a bit rough and not detailed enough - especially when the view was close as Haggard pointed out.

I will follow the previous reviewers, the plot was boring and the speech scenes way too long. You should decrease the speech scenes' length and make the action scenes longer, that would keep viewers interested.

As for the audio, some voices were really bad while some other were good and clear, the most important problem was the sound quality: too much statics for some voice actors. The songs were decent.

~ Review Request Club ~

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I usually enjoy sprite movies, and this one, while not terrible, wasn't really all that good.

I thought it was too long. Some scenes seem to have no relevance to the plot, and the sprites themselves seemed to be a bit off. Zoom out and it would look better; up-close sprites usually look distorted.

The sound wasn't that good, I couldn't really hear most of the voices through the noise.

-Review Request Club-


Rated 3 / 5 stars

It was okay.

I thought that the plot dragged alot on and the jokes were pretty bad. The voices weren't that good and way too slow and the jokes weren't very funny. Overall, the flash was okay, but in need of serious plot and voice improvement.