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Jul 28, 2009 | 5:52 PM EDT

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WHEN PIGS FLY 5 Points Reach the end!
YLF SGIP NEHW 10 Points Reach the beginning!
BETTER THAN JILL 50 Points Reach the end in under twelve minutes!
HALFWAY HOME 50 Points Reach the twenty-fifth screen with no accidents!
ALL THE WAY HOME 100 Points Reach the end with no accidents!
BLUE SKY RANGER 100 Points Reach the end in under four minutes!

Author Comments

When Pigs Fly is a game about teaching yourself to fly. It's not easy! Those big, feathery wings will help you take to the air, but they're also delicate. Bump into the wall and feathers will fly! You'll have to steer through this trecherous cavern if you want to see the sky again.

The SPACEBAR, SHIFT or Z all work.
Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to steer while off the ground.
The M key mutes the game. The S key just turns off the squealing.
If you quit in the middle of the game your place will be saved! Don't worry.

Game by Anna Anthropy
Music by Amon26
And featuring the vocal talents of Daphny Drucilla Delight David
A full list of playtester credits can be found in the game.

When Pigs Fly is an Auntie Pixelante game!

Edmund McMillen really helped this game to take flight. And Tom Fulp was amazing enough to ensure it stayed there. Thanks!



Rated 0 / 5 stars


make it less of a "if i touch a wall i explode" kinda thing


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Fuck it

-10/10 XP


Rated 0 / 5 stars


the levels are designed to make u get so close and then you fail. Too frustrating. i think u should mak them i bit easier, then it will be funner, and still frustrating.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

I hate this game

Nearly this game is next to impossible for the stupidest reasons ever. Your wings are garbage and you didn't even have the curtesy to put in a life bar. The first pixel that comes in contact with your shitty wings gets you killed. It doesn't matter how hard you ram into the wall. You just die. This has to be the most frustrating game with medals since Applez. Zero.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Why on earth would you go through so much trouble to design a beautiful game world with just the right amount of challenge and then completely negate that effort by implementing a sluggish, borderline unresponsive control system?

I was really looking forward to this game, I love games with a simple platformer premise that really make you work for it, especially when they are not overly punishing (and your death system is perfect!). However, in order to enjoy that type of game (or heck, any game really), the player's in-game representation has to respond appropriately and act as expected. To be frank, this pig does not.

You can't walk. This is a blatant oversight and one that is very annoying. Heck, it probably wouldn't be too useful on most levels, but its omission adds to that feeling that you're not in control.

That pig has way too much inertia. It takes way too long to slow down/stop/turn around and when absolutely everything one shots you, this is enough to frustrate the average player beyond repair.

In conclusion: this is a spectacular game with just the right amount of difficulty. At least it would be if the player were in control of the pig's actions. My recommendations are twofold: increase that pig's responsiveness to the arrow keys (particularly on the ground) and reduce the size of those wings (a rectangle shaped avatar adds further to the awkwardness of this game). I would be thrilled to give my best attempt at overcoming the challenges of this game if only I could control it properly.

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