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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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Jul 21, 2009 | 2:11 AM EDT

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A cinematic point and click thriller.

Derived from latin "The pit/abyss" Vorago takes place in a small town off the interstate stumbled upon by a couple under most unfortunate circumstances. After the tragic loss of their daughter, Ira and Jonathan find themselves in a car accident with no direction. When the couple reach the nearest town, a loud warning siren sounds off as a mysterious fog covers the atmosphere.

Yes I love Stephen King's "the Mist". A lot of inspiration from that movie came about the development of the game. And the background artist inspired by "silent hill". So please try to enjoy the game. The bible is a reference to tell this story, and by no means to pose a "hidden" message or threat to the individual player.

Use Mouse to view certain portions of the area. The mouse icon will change in finding a clue, item, or object. Use Space bar to open inventory to use and combine items.

Update: Thank you so much newgrounds for all the great comments and Tom & Wade for front page! I have read most of them and I really appreciate your point of views and open minded attitude to the concept! Thank you again!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


The game itself was good, but I'm not a big fan of propaganda. I'm not a god fearing man, but on the same note, I'm not one to knock others beliefs. All I have to say is this: If you're going to make a game, wonderful, but please, next time refrain from adding in christian mythology.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

it needs a LOT of work.

this game was very much sub par. i will break my complaints into two subjects: game play and the story (spoilers ahead!).

first, the game play. the play in the majority of the game was run-of-the-mill. very basic point and click. but then there were the "mini games". all three of them were plagued by issues: the car game had invisible bear traps, the walking part with the ax and the shotgun sections had problems deciding whether or not something was a hit. the shotgun part also was very finicky about what counts as a "lethal hit". but, sadly, these were the smallest problems. the big one was the story. (warning, the rest of this is spoilerific)

let's talk about the voice acting parts first. the voice acting was all either lackluster, in the cases of amy, rick and ira, or way overdone, in the cases of the sheriff and the other guy. Johnathan was actually preaty good, except near the end where he is yelling at the sheriff, where it lulls into a lackluster job. this made it sound like amy didn't care what was going on, and like rick was just being sarcastic.

next up is the characterizations. you obviously want to show everyone as a very certain type of person. you want us to sympathize with the ira, john and amy. you want us to view the sheriff as a mad, bible thumping bigot. but they all keep breaking character. amy sounds like she doesn't care, john is a total jerk to ira, the sheriff tries to rape someone almost immediately after he says he doesn't want to defy god, and the ira lights a cat on fire, then acts like it didn't mater! this make everything feel like it was written by two different people, both of whom wanted to write their own story. it destroys any mood you may be trying to make.

and this brings me to my biggest gripe; the ending. you spend the whole story trying to make us hate the sheriff, and sympathize with the ira, john, and amy, and teaching us to despise the sheriff. but then comes the end; "you know those three people you should like by now? yeah, well, one of them dies, and i am going to imply that the other two die as well. also, i will imply that the psychopathic murderer was right." this type of ending has a nickname; the "rocks fall, everyone dies" ending. it's just bad story telling. it makes me just feel like i wasted my time. it's like "if they die anyway, what's the point? why try and get me to like these people, only to tell me 'they all die'?" this has no purpose, and just make it seem like the ending was written in haste.

oh, and about the religious bits. they weren't too bad (i am an athiest, and they didn't offend me in the slightest.), but they felt a little schizophrenic. most of the bible references came from the sheriff, and he is so obviously villainous that it made me think that it wasn't something to take seriously. then the other guy says the monsters came from a meteor, and it made me think "yeah this ain't biblical." the at the end, it basically says "yep, this is the biblical Apocalypse" it threw me off a bit.

i guess i'll end on a high note; the art work. it was great. the characters are detailed and the scenery is spooky. only one tiny gripe about it; when people walk, it looks a bit unnatural. but other wise the animation and art was great.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Lol, is this like the remake of Silent Hill?

Anyway, this game seems great. :D


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good but nothing great

This was really well animated, well structured, the voice acting was spot on, but I had three problems with this game. First, it just seemed like everything that you needed to find was a needle in a haystack type of search. I didn't use the walkthrough but I just felt that things were almost too obscure. I did like that you added a few red herring items to throw us off, though.

The second and most important problem was the plot. I understand the similarities to the mist but I almost felt that you could have left out certain characters and still had a good game. I think that you could have left out the husband and still had the emotional impact that you were looking for. Also, most of the characters fit into the stereotypical sci-fi horror movie tropes. The religious nut, the scientist that goes against the natural order (off screen but still significant), the loner (Rick), and the character that suddenly gets brave with no real provocation (Tark). The great horror movies take these stereotypes and go beyond them instead of embracing them. Simple things do this like having characters talk about their lives or doubts, almost anything. I understand that this is a game and that most people don't have the attention spans for games that challenge our morals and perceptions of various issues, but if you tried opening up the characters, you never know what you might come up with.

The third and final problem is somewhat related to the plot, it had to do with the dialogue between the characters. Despite the voice acting being very well done, the characters sounded like they were always proclaiming something rather than actually talking with another person. You want to have fully fleshed out characters, not talking heads. I really cringed at the dialogue in the latter part of the game because everything everyone said was just so over the top, it took away from the creepy feel of the game.

All that said, you have a pretty good grasp of a suspense/horror game. If you revise this game, you might lose some players because it might be too long/plot heavy, but you may gain even more players who see how much more complex your game has become.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I liked it!

While I'm not a big fan of these games (I can never even get that far in the first place), but I believe this was pretty well done. It was very nice to see that atmosphere being used not to mention the animation and that great voice work.