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Jul 18, 2009 | 12:40 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place July 18, 2009

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Create wonderful music by poking the vibrant ElectroVirions.
Made a nice composition? You can immortalize it by posting the code with your review.
Have fun!

Edit 7/19/07: Fixed preloader.

Edit 7/19/07: Added the ability to have one note bind to multiple keys. Just type up to 5 keys in the box, press Bind Keys and each of those keys will play that note! You can still bind multiple notes to a single key (and even the same set of keys for multiple notes!) Also, there is now an easy way to identify the tone of the note. Check it out!

Edit 7/18/09: Fixed a problem where spaces inserted by the Newgrounds review system prevented the code from being loaded correctly. It now doesn't matter if there are disallowed letters such as space in the code; it will still load correctly.

Edit 7/17/09: Pardon the apparent lack of a preloader. In reality a preloader exists, but since most of the loading is sound files that load before the preloader, you may see a white screen for a few moments.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

familiar ^_^

mk like a piano, unfortunately...I don't know how to play a piano ^_^ so this gives me hope
Not long but it sounds "ok"

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745:39;763:38;781:26;798:25;818:13;83 8:14;857:26;877:25;895:13;913:14;933:


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Kinda kool

Its not much, its very short( not musically competent)


Rated 4 / 5 stars


look ugly but very cool
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261:48;277:49;293:50;294:51;297:52;29 9:53;300:54;301:55;302:56;305:57;308:
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361:55;362:69;363:70;364:82;366:87;39 0:86;391:85;415:87;418:86;427:85;430:
84;433:19;448:41;459:52;463:50;471:22 ;487:18;553:51;574:50;577:61;586:20;6 05:50;623:61;627:73;630:72;632:22;658 :63;680:77;686:23;715:74;740:79;747:8 0;748:81;749:30;773:16;792:49;806:60;
808:72;811:86;815:87;818:14;836:17;85 6:61;873:74;879:75;881:76;883:77;885:
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63;1021:63;1026:63;1028:63;1031:63;10 33:63;1035:63;1040:63;1042:63;1047:63 ;1049:63;1054:63;1056:63;1061:63;1063 :63;1068:63;1070:63;1073:63;1075:63;1 077:63;1082:63;1084:63;1089:63;1091:6 3;1096:63;1098:63;1103:63;1105:63;111 0:63;1112:63;1115:63;1117:63;1119:63;
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or maybe



Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is rox amirite?

Here's jason mraz im yours : beggining - 67;11:67;23:67;27:67;34:63;46:63;56:6 3;68:63;80:63;84:63;94:65;105:67;115:
67;127:67;132:62;143:62;148:62;153:62 ;161:62;171:62;178:62;182:62;189:63;1 99:65;205:67;214:67;218:63;227:63;234 :63;240:62;240:60;246:60;260:60;270:5 8;278:56;288:56;303:68;314:67;321

This is one sick-@#! gadget.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Waste of time

Virtual piano, but with an uglier interface. The concept itself is flawed, it is too thin to entertain more than 2 minutes. The graphics are boring and does not give any impact on me. The text is hard to read instead of looking cool. There was only one instrument as far as I could tell. The preloader was broken, it's your fault if the sound loads before it, not flash.
Move along, nothing to see here.

xytor responds:

You're right, there is no reason to have a broken preloader. It's fixed now!