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Jul 17, 2009 | 3:03 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature July 17, 2009
  • Weekly 2nd Place July 21, 2009

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Flight 5 Points Find the wings.
Weather Mage 5 Points Turn off the rain.
Dominus Lux 10 Points Slay five darklings.
Deviation 25 Points Unlock all boxes and switches.
Resolution 25 Points Complete the game.
Sensitive Nose 50 Points Find all of the mushrooms.
Sly Fox 100 Points Earn more than 35,000 points.

Author Comments

This is probably my best game to date. I wanted to make something more accessible, as most of my flash games have been too complicated for my family to play. :3

I really hope you guys enjoy it, I think it's the most effort I've put in to anything. A big thanks to everyone who helped me test, and Tom and NG for the sponsorship!

As always, leave a comment! I love reading them.

EDIT: The game has version detection, but YOU NEED FLASH 10 to play it. If you have trouble loading the game, please send me a PM with the details.

EDIT: Because nearly everyone is saying they can't figure out the boss's pattern, I've made a slight change that should make it more obvious. Once the game update is approved I'll let you guys know and you can try again with the new pattern. *Alright it's up now*

If you're getting a black screen after the Newgrounds and Particlasm screens this applies to you. This might also help with the loading bar freezing. This was posted by a Kongregate user (thanks Knork):

"If the game does not load past the ads make sure that and are not being blocked in your hosts file. Which is located under C:\WINDOWS\system32\drive rs\etc
If they are, uncheck the "Read-only" attribute and edit out those two lines."

If this works for you let me know.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


An enjoyable, all around platformer, William and Sly is a basic, well-balanced game.
For a game I barely, just heard of, it sure did surprise me to find that I've been playing for about ten minutes. I'm not kidding, I've been playing the game for ten minutes straight it was so entertaining. It's complex level design help you study the environment, and notice the beautiful backrounds, that... yeah, I'll admit are a bit blocked by the foreground, but the overall look is great. The animation is well done too, although, the fox's movements could have been developed a bit more, like when he's falling, I turned to face the other direction, and the fox moved like he was on solid ground. I also don't understand the reason why it's called William and Sly, what the hell does William do, besides sit on his ass, and asks his pet fox to do stuff? But where this game won me over, was it's creativity... giving a simple tale of fox helping his master, a fantasy-styled edge, that I strangely, kind of liked. The medals were thoughtful too, making a simple-sounding task like, kill 5 darklings, into something a bit more difficult. and the wings were a nice touch, even though I knew what to do as soon as I read the sign. Overall, this game doesn't have much as far as plot and gameplay are concerned, but it's pleasant imagery and creative unlockables keep you playing until you think you've finally finished.


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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I like it!

This game really should have a better picture... I mean, i saw the game's title like a BILLION times under my current game, but it looked so boring, i never clicked it! But now i know, that ANY game can be good, ESPESSIALLY on newgrounds.

Asside from that, to me, the game was a bit medival, in some odd way, it took me four or three hours too pass it, and i gotta tell you, the story line wasn't bad... Even though it was kinda... let's just say, "Random" to have a fox collecting flying colors to restart ancient stones with wierd markings on them wich can make you teleport from one to another, the game made sense.

So i just thought, the game has great sound, great graphics, great eye-boggling extras, awsomely hidden secrets [wich i diddn't find all of], nicely done storyline, a very constructive map, an open space, breath-taking enemies, AND a challenging boss, i STILL find it missing something... I just can't figure out what it is...

My review

FACT score value

Story 16 20
Graphics 7 10
Control sensitivity bug [The lower
the better] 1 5
Freedom 13 15
Enemies 1 5
Atacks 2 5
Quality 5 5
Comparesion to other newgrounds
games 20 25

Sound/Music/Sound Effects 7 10

TOTAL!!! 72 100


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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great, but I have a flaw.

You said this game was not complicated or..... not too complicated like the other games..... this IS complicated for me... I don't know if I am just not able to cope, but if you could just make the levels a teensy weeny bit shorter, with less goals and take it at one step at a time, i guarantee people will enjoy this game more. Also, I played it for about 5 minutes then i got bored of playing, as I didn't know anything really about the game or how to complete the level. I don't mean to put you down or anything, but this is just a bit of constructive criticism. And for this, I will ignore the previous comments and give you a 7. But apart from that, brilliant graphics and music. Thank you for looking at my comments on this great game, I hope to get your reply soon.

Kajenx responds:

You just need to find all of the Runestones to complete the game. If you hit Shift there's a helpful guide.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It is fun and hard but overall good

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Honest mark.

My memory is not that great to rember all the holes and nooks and crannys, would have been nice if a drawn path was made following the explored areas so I know where I was and been and maybe revisit those areas again as well. In addition that the chest would be marked on the map following their discovery, and maybe a color indication wether I opened them or not. Just too many boxes to try to remember and not worth bother traveling all the way back to explore and area I dont remember and already have been.
The ending boss was a bit challenging, I do enjoy the fact that no harm comes to you hero, so stress is less of a factor and you can enjoy the exploration of the game.

Controls were great. I like the option that you can use either the WSDA or the Arrow keys (for left or right handed players). Graphics were great and the controls were fluid and reacted when I wanted them to, not like some platforms that delayed in control because you have to wait for the character to finish it's programed move. The music was mellow and the storm ambience was perftect. The finish was cool but anti-climatic, was expecting something bit more, or a short cinimatic ending.

Over all, programer/inventor/author/storyteller (how ever you wish to label your self or all of the above) great platform, I enjoyed it.