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Apr 17, 2002 | 10:52 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place April 19, 2002

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Use your mouse to move left and right. Click to detonate.

By the way, I'm not jewish, I'm not an arab, and I'm not a terrorist. I have little interest in what goes on in the middle east so I don't share any extreme views. I just think people who blow themselves up are stupid. That's all this game is. If you found this offensive, tell your friends! If you are DEEPLY offended by this game then you're way too fucking sensitive for my taste and I hope that you've been scarred for life.


UPDATE: Children were removed because the only .fla file i could find of this game did not have children incorporated yet and I wanted to install the Newgrounds API deal. So deal with it.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

this is qwite good

thats all i have to say but how the hell could people be angery at this, i know it sounds stupid but i recon there jelous, i mean you dont see any harry potter fans (if there is any) complaining about harry potter meets dbz do you? and for gods sake its a game a GAME and people take that too sirusly i mean i bet if the people emailing complaints about this game liked it they would be going round to a copper station and saying "i killed 50 people today" and would end up in the slammer because they took a game to sirusly, next there gonna be complaining about sonic the hedgehog for being to violent, im peed off at the facked anyone could be mad at a game and if they wanna be game programmers HA good luck! and dont make any games about fluffy bunnys it encourges hate.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Better than the Canadian!

First off, this game is just sick and wrong... I LOVE IT! KABOOM! HA HA HA!
Second, I haved no problem with Canada in general, but I do have a problem with a certain whiny Canadian. Why don't you grow some balls and go to Afghanistan yourself... maybe you'll be lucky and find a land mine to call your own! Just shut up and don't bother us with your stupidity!
BTW, I'm sure the FBI would just love to see the little moron's threat of internet attacks against US assets.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Truth suck it up

Although tragic, we need a way to express our grief, and some people express through humor. This game lightens the mental load of the current events.
BTW My current high score is 6 dead 2 injured. (2 2 2) / (0 2 0)
-JoseTaco Mexican SuperZero


Rated 5 / 5 stars


deathman333, you canadian piece of shit. you should burn in fucking hell, you ass-bashing shit bag... nice game


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good game

i live in canada so i dont really care about all this shit that is happening in the us but i would like to tell you something your fucking stupid men droped some bombs on some of canadas troops and after that you started booing at are national athem you are going to hell and im starting a war over the internet
to fight for canadas rights and i dont say eh all the time you streotypeing bastards i dont even use eh it is not even a word so i will lead my army of candien troops all over newgrounds and every game and
every toon i wacth i will keep you posted right about now i sent a few virus,s to a power plant down in huston but i will be doing more i have other things
to do like send a virus to whoever post something next on this good game and also im sending a few friends too america to plants some stink bombs all around huston because thats are main target now any way i will keep you posted about the cyber war
canada vs usa any way nice game i enjoyed it