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Jun 25, 2009 | 10:28 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place June 26, 2009

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All the twenty-second sprite scenes in Sprite-A-Day are made in a day. It only seemed fitting to have a two-minute drawn rant made in one night. Considering that's what happened, I'm rather pleased with how this turned out. I don't know how long things like Foamy Rants take to make, though.

The sound is a bit quiet... Sorry about that. I'd fix that but I'm on a vacation and I didn't exactly bring Flash with me.

I love ya MeatwadSprite, PaperBat, Khawner, and everyone else who has worked on parts of the Sprite-A-Day series... I just don't really like the series.

*I just realized Medinus has never taken part in the Sprite-A-Day series. I must have mistaken him for someone else lol

I hope this movie is enjoyed :)



Rated 0 / 5 stars

You may kill me for this

I give 0 but that's just to protect me from any attacks.

I'll say this:
I helped with Sprite a day but NEVER got credited. Why? Because I don't really care about awards. I didn't do that much but help out a lil.

I help people who ask me.
Also serveral other Newgrounders helped in Sprite a day but never got collabed. And they don't mind either.

Anyhow: Here is a small inside scoop.... There was once a sprite a week. So that it won't be as hated and better then sprite a day. But it didn't get far since well.... 0 bombers and.... Someone hade to kill it on the inside. Like happens now with the sprite a day.

Sure a few people are award hogs in it, but I know a few who actually use it to get some fame that get stolen from them by haters. These people I help alot. You mentioned this:
They steal awards from decent flash artists.
But what if in Sprite a day they contain flash artists that actually did good before however never got the award they were allowed to get on their solo project?

You could say Sprite-a-day is a small achievement to get a lil attention for those artists who have a bad name by a certain group and get 0 bombed.
I guess you can rant about it. I don't mind.
Atleast you only included a person who actually allowed the rant. Unlike some people who rant about someone unwillingly and well... blame if them if they get blammed or whistled.

For anyone who wants to make a decent sprite movie..... knock on my door. I am willing to provide anything. I cannot use flash but I like to borrow services.

Sprite a day was suppose to be nothing more then flash excerise so you can make real good movies eventually. It just got hated the wrong way.
And I agree: In the beginning it was good, then it got too moderate and toke sprite movies down. But this new series gives a lil hope. As long as they don't do it too much. Like 1 week breaks. Then it would be a good series. (or add plot)

now enough of this long ass review I leave you all with this:
Don't think people are out for rewards they don't deserve. Some people make good flashes and never got noticed because of 0 bombers. If sprite-a-day can help you with this.... Then yay for them.