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Jun 17, 2009 | 4:45 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place June 17, 2009

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Give your ball just enough power to zoom around orbs in space, grab all the coins, and slip through the portal! This physics-based game contains 100 levels, saved games, and even a level editor!

UP / DOWN arrows - Change Power
LEFT / RIGHT arrows - Change Angle
SPACE - Fire
R - Reset

Enjoy! :D

*Try using the level creator to make a level, and leave the level code in a comment!*

**Thanks for the frontpage Tom!**



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Fun game! I really liked the way some obstacles had more pull than others.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Game

Nothing else much to say lol
start hero,100,240 finish,331,233 grav,248,188,0.3;552,283,1;429,354,1 repel,251,29,0.3;552,108,1;640,200,1;
445,223,1 block,235,205,0.3,3.1;382,58,1,1;496,
379,1,1;276,413,1,1;276,302,1,1 coin,292,281,1;329,281,1;366,279,1;29 2,239,1;366,241,1;365,202,1;330,196,1 ;294,195,1;295,159,1;266,143,1;232,13 5,1;51,87,1;49,126,1;50,169,1;51,211,
1;77,133,1;109,141,1;147,210,1;153,17 5,1;149,139,1;146,94,1;202,218,1;201,
180,1;201,146,1;196,111,1;35,301,1;34 ,324,1;40,351,1;38,381,1;39,406,1;56,
410,1;74,409,1;89,412,1;120,323,1;141 ,313,1;159,309,1;180,322,1;187,340,1;
193,353,1;189,374,1;188,399,1;175,415 ,1;159,433,1;135,437,1;117,432,1;122,
411,1;117,387,1;104,373,1;107,346,1;2 33,437,1;230,413,1;226,391,1;226,373,
1;224,348,1;227,322,1;260,439,1;276,4 40,1;297,443,1 end

kchamp responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

This level can be solved in one move with the hint

Nice game, it has a nice flare to it, the soft and sleek edges make it look more futureistic. Worth the play :)

start hero,590,240 finish,367,237 grav,406,195,0.3;407,195,0.3 repel, block,391,180,0.3,0.3;478,81,0.4,0.3;
366,177,0.7,0.9;417,166,0.5,0.4;238,1 08,0.3,1;43,403,0.3,0.7;71,376,0.3,0.
3;99,405,0.3,0.7;74,471,0.3,0.3;174,3 15,0.3,2;239,380,1,0.3;242,408,0.3,0.
3;241,435,0.9,0.3;301,459,0.3,0.4;243 ,485,0.9,0.3;383,414,0.3,0.7;412,387,
0.3,0.3;440,416,0.3,0.7;412,485,0.3,0 .3 coin,418,128,1;347,138,1;300,192,1;30 8,280,1;378,330,1;464,301,1;503,232,1 ;483,138,1;241,269,1 end

kchamp responds:

Got it! - 37 and 337


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow,So many lvl.s

I played 30,21 was the trickiest.If U ever do want to make a pt. 2(not that there is anything wrong with this slice of epicness)more songs.This looks loke it has some science and math equations similiar,but no.Great game and I hope to see more of your work


Rated 4 / 5 stars

its ok

good game i dont know anything that should be improved

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