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Eulogy For 'Pop Rocks'

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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

06-06-09 – 10-12-11

Author Comments

Make sure there are no youtube videos or other sources of flash (with sound) open. This will make the game not work

Z : Shoot
X : Shield
UP : Accelerate

Asteroids and enemies will be created to the beat of the music. Shoot asteroids for points and power-ups (firing for most power-ups is needed). When your ship spins out of control, turn the opposite way to counter-act it. You can use your shield to block damage it will regenerate over time. Blackholes will be created on large beats or changes in music, avoid them as well as the asteroids being drawn in. Meteor showers will send meteors moving in different directions. Meteors will damage asteriods/units but also your ship, unless shielded.

Warning: Color changing is not recommended if you have any medicial problems involving seizures or epliepsy. Sawfish Media and the hosting site(s) will not be held responsible for any personal injury. - Click the color changing button to turn off this setting

* 100% Actionscript (except for intro) developed in FlashDevelop.
* Best of the week corresponds to "best of the week" in the audio portal and will change every week.
* To play a song not listed enter the NG audio ID in the "Any Song" box and click the arrow
* All colors (in menus and game) are randomly created, if the colors are unusable, refresh the page.

Please respond with helpful information and how I can improve. Thanks!


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3.44 / 5.00