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Jun 5, 2009 | 3:58 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place June 6, 2009

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-Small update added (2010-01-21), adding a few bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. For instance, you can now drop enemies that you have picked up by pressing the down key.
-If you fall through the level and die after clearing a stage, you could try lowering the quality and/or turning off the camera effects in the options menu.
-It appears we should point out that ALL THE BOSSES ARE IN FACT BEATABLE. Each has a certain pattern that needs to discovered, that's all. If it doesn't always make perfect sense, sue us :)
-Finishing all 19 levels unlocks the Barbarian Stronghold survival level, where you must hold off the hordes for as long as you can.
-Again, thanks for the great reviews, frontpage and collection!

A young barbarian sets out on a quest to find the legendary Secret of Steel...

This sequel took nearly a year(!) to finish and contains more enemies, 19 levels, boss fights, complex combat and physics engines, geographical puzzle solving, an epic musical score and an intriguing storyline.

To all the fans who supported this game, big thanks! We really got a kick out of the reception the demo got. And many thanks to hzlancer for his masterpiece of a soundtrack.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great job

Loved the original and the demo. Liked the inclusion of bosses. I found it a bit weird that you could use a finishing move on them, kinda made them easier to beat. Also found the zoggot extremely hard, he is way stronger than the other bosses, the tentacles keep on coming and it was annoying when you killed a tentacle then one spawned on top of you and it could attack you but you couldn't attack it (or you got flung back). That is my only criticism, the game was awesome, love the mechanics and the score.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I shall be a Barbarion OVERLORD!

Not alot to say that you haven't already heard. The bosses are fun even though I'm generally less of a fan of the "figure out the weakness" boss fights and more of a "ridiculous skillz" boss fights. I guess its because the later boss fights on this are both. I know that granny was a witch with a capital B. And man that last level. After I beat Necromancer whats his face (with red blinking health) I took a double take when I saw a huge wave of monsters still com'in at me. Dying there REALLY pissed me off at the time, but thats what makes it fun. Duke OMG at the end was a bit of a pushover once you figured him out, but at least he had minions. I DID lose over and over trying to figure out how to a) reach him and b) hurt him. Though that really is what most of the bosses boil down to. Gotta love the super anticlimax at the end. Liked some of the little things in the game. Like how more and more crows (I presume they were crows) followed you around as the game continued. Of course its not perfect. The fights do have pretty much the strategy the whole way through. At the beginning you had the archers and the spearmen that rushed you and the normal soldiers, but after you start hitting the black knights the enemies lose their variation. Its just one large group of melee fighters with ever so slightly varying ranges. Still difficult, but half the time the best strategy is just to mash the spacebar. Also I kinda wish you mapped the strong hit to a seperate key than the weak hit. Its more of a personally feeling and less of a true problem though. Sometimes throughout the game I'd feel like it didn't register my jumps until a second after I pressed it, but maybe I just didn't press it as fast as I thought? Never went out of my way to test that one, so it'd be best to assume it was a problem on my end until you hear it from several people. Well... there is probably a lot more I could say, but I can't remeber at the moment... Oh well. Good game though. Fun... Yeah.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good game, very fun.

Bosses hard? What's so hard about rapidly clicking the space bar. I gave up on doing the actual "moves" after I realized that half of it was coded to be the space bar. Sometimes it would do what I wanted it to, but I didn't really try. The game is fun, but you should have codded the moves to things other than the space bar.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


the bosses are REALLY hard without practice, the witch is sooo anoying,
but the gameplay, the finishing moves are awesome!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

PERFECT....sept one thing.

The damn space bar, everything, EVERYTHING IS SPOT TO THE FUCKING ON...except the space bar, but hell, This should be on Xbox Live arcade...shit this should be its own damn game. You did a good job but you should have added a grab bar or something...if it makes the controls sketchy then *imo* it diminishes the great pearl you have here. But other than that, you gave me and almost everyone here a nerd-gasm to the max. Good Job.