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Jun 4, 2009 | 2:37 PM EDT

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RIP David Carradine. You'd try anything, you old hippy.



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ALONG WITH the tastelessness of this {{on account of he JUST died}} it was just plain boring and really.....a dick tie?


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this was wrong


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IM not just blaming this becuase of D. Carridine's death but bcuase of (-3) for bad flash art. (-4) boreing (-3) i think it could've gone without the dick tie and cut part. Maybe make a stickman hangman where he dies different ways. Like you lose and he falls to spike or gets shot BUT PLEASE no more celebrity crap like that WHAT IF a person made a mouse avoider kinda game of steve erwin avoiding manta ray tails?!

And why P-G? Why'd you have to be involved?


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You get a 4 beacause...

I'm not taking into account the tastelessnes of it. The artwork wouldn't have been passable 7 years ago when people here were more willing to stomach amateur work -6 points. Hangman is a game you play on a long car ride not something you make a fash game out (its boring) -4 points. The audio was slightly clever +2 points. Now that all of that is out of the way. David Carradine was an alright guy and a good actor. To some of the people who commented on here saying that they "cant watch" Kun Fu or Kill Bill ever again because of the way he died, you are all idiots and have probably done worse things behind your closed doors yourselves. Oh and finally, Altr I'm going to blam this long and hard.


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this is shitty and predictable

its shitty and unrespectful to someone who did a great job and he was a god actor his private life was his problem, you shouldnt meet with it.
predictable cause i nearly never losed, i losed only for curiosity